Boho weddings are more and more appreciated and loved, thanks to the special vibe they have. If you want to organize such a wedding, you should know that there are a multitude of ideas and options that you can consider. The chosen location, the decor, the dress code and all the other elements can have an impressive and spectacular effect if they are chosen well. So, if you want to choose this theme, keep reading this article to see what tips, secrets and tricks you can apply when it comes to planning a boho wedding!

1. Bohemian wedding theme – Venues, decor and design

Boho style can be defined as a stylistic trend that combines trends and elements specific to the 60s-70s with modern and contemporary elements. However, bohemian style gives you the freedom to use a lot of unique decorations and themes, not being an extremely restrictive style. The most important thing is that the boho style is about the freedom to express your ideas, your beliefs, your passions and your own style. Boho weddings can have a hippie-inspired, artsy, festival-like air, but also a spiritual or magical air, oriented towards nature, universe and art. This style allows you to create things on your own, to put your own stamp on the whole event, through DIY projects, vintage objects, prints, art pieces, textures and other interesting objects and decorations.


There are several ideas that are worth considering if you want to plan a boho wedding. The bohemian style combines earthly and divine elements and numerous other aesthetic details that can bring extra elegance, mysticism and magic. So, get inspired by the following ideas and see which elements you would like to have at your wedding:


As for the venue you want to choose, there are several criteria you need to consider. First of all, you need to think about the budget you have available. Thus, you will be able to make a first selection, depending on this aspect. Second, you need to consider the design of the space. If you want a boho wedding, you can opt for a space that gives you this feeling right from the start. For example, there are couples who want to organize the party in the forest or in the mountains, in the countryside or even on the beach. Beach weddings are very loved and appreciated because they are very romantic and special, thanks to the natural setting and gorgeous scenery. A beach party can be a great option, especially if you want a bohemian and special atmosphere. In such a setting, you can even set up a specific decoration, to be created based on a marine theme – sand, sea, sun, shells are just some of the natural elements that will take part in your event, helping you to create a really special and unique decor. You can choose a more exotic or remote destination for your boho chic wedding. For example, a Mexico wedding or a wedding in Spain are very popular options among those who want to organize a wedding on the beach. In these unique places, not only the landscapes are gorgeous, but also the culture and atmosphere that are specific to them. So, if you are tempted by such an idea, do not hesitate to work with a wedding planner experienced in beach weddings, who will know exactly what advice to give you to guide you in the right direction. Your guests will surely be impressed and will enjoy, together with you, all the beautiful things that you can only find on the beach, near the sea.


Regarding the colors used for the design of the space, there are several options that you can consider. You can choose earth tones (beige, brown, etc.) and a neutral color palette, if you want a more classic and rustic setting. But, if you want to approach everything with more originality and creativity, you can add vivid and intense colors, which give a hippie air.


Flowers are an important thing in any kind of wedding decoration – but for a bohemian wedding, they are even more important, because natural elements are specific to the boho style itself. So, depending on the season and according to your preferences, you can decorate the entire space with flower bouquets, garlands made of natural flowers, but also with other similar decorations. For example, if you organize your wedding in the spring, you can choose flowers specific to this season and, certainly, the whole space will have a special and inviting fragrance. If you organize your wedding in autumn, for example, you can combine the flowers with fruits or arrangements specific to this season (made of leaves, branches, etc.). You have absolute freedom to decide which flowers you prefer and what kind of design you want to create with them. If you want something elegant and extravagant, you can ask for help from a florist designer, who will give you some creative ideas and help you put them into practice and get the result you want. In addition, you can create crowns made of flowers, which you can give to the ladies who will take part in the wedding – it will certainly be an appreciated accessory, which will turn into an unforgettable memory that can be taken home after the end of the event.


Geodes have a natural touch that will create a truly magical feeling. Whether you use them as decorations or give small crystals or rough stones to your guests at the end of the event, it will surely be an original detail that will impress everyone.


For a more bohemian feeling, you can choose different light sources, which will give a magical touch to that space, especially after the evening comes. Thus, you can be inspired by different designs and boho chic decorations or you can create the visual concept yourself. You can opt for light bulbs, lanterns, candlelights and other types of installations. For example, some brides and grooms want to create the feeling of a magical space, of a fairy tale, in a certain area of the venue or even on its entire surface. You can also include lighting decorations that have the main theme of the moon, stars, galaxies, constellations and other elements that can add an extra touch of mysticism to the whole design.


The bar is an important place that can become the main character of the venue, if you know how to set it up. As a rule, it is made in a classic way, without having anything special or original. But, in the case of a boho design you have the freedom to use a multitude of decorations and elements that can completely change the vibe that the bar has. For example, you can have wine barrels or beer barrels, which give the whole space a rustic air. You can also make a selection of special and original glasses that match the theme you have chosen. You can also create an even more special and original design for the bar. For example, you can make a bar made exclusively of wood, or you can arrange the bar in a retro mini-truck. This one-of-a-kind visual creation is sure to make a major impact and will remain an important item in the memory of all your guests.


You can also add dreamcatchers or drapes for added symbolism and elegance. It is said that dreamcatchers have sacred charms that can protect you from negative energies. They can be placed in any kind of space, both outdoors and indoors. By the way, mandalas are also an excellent choice, if you are fond of this geometric pattern. Mandalas symbolize the cosmos and the connection that is created between all elements in the universe.



















2. Boho chic wedding theme – Creative ideas for your special day

If you are looking for creative ideas for your boho chic theme wedding, not only the decor is important. There are other things you can do if you want to create a truly bohemian atmosphere, combining, at the same time, modern and vintage elements. It is simple to do so if you manage to let your imagination flow – it will guide throughout the process and it will be a wonderful experience. Here are some creative ideas you can try on this special day:


For a boho chic decor, cushions and hammocks can be a part of the decor. You can create a relaxing space that includes these elements – so your guests will be able to relax whenever they want to, enjoying, at the same time, this special space that will bring extra comfort. Also, you can use linen rugs, arches, macrame items, wildflower arrangements, old-fashioned tableware and dishes and a lot of other lovely objects. 


Also, the smell is a detail you can play with, if you want to create a really special and interesting atmosphere. You can opt for various scented candles, diffusers, perfumes, scented sticks, palo santo and many other unique options. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one main scent, which can define the entire event from an olfactory point of view, or you can choose several scents, which you can integrate into the decor, in different areas of it. For example, maybe you want to divide the space according to this aspect – so you can set up an area that has a floral smell, an area that has a fruity smell, one that has a tobacco or musk smell, and another area where you can light up palo santo, sage or incense. Also, if you want to create a harmonious design from both a visual and an olfactory point of view, you can decorate these areas according to a certain theme. For example, in the floral area you can use floral arrangements, which can be placed throughout the space (placed on tables, suspended, placed on the walls, etc.), and in the fruity area you can even organize a fruit bar, where the guests can come any time, to taste the most delicious fruits.


You can organize some fun activities for everyone even if you choose a boho theme. Your guests will have the opportunity to participate in these games and it will be a lot of fun involved! If you are planning your bohemian wedding on the beach, everyone will have a great time playing and wandering around in the sand, participating in the most original games. You can organize a treasure hunt, a race, a quiz, a dance challenge, a drinking game and many other activities, perfect for everyone, no matter the age! If you want to be a surprise for everyone, you can also send an invitation to these games, during the wedding – you can use a digital app, or you can send an official message on everyone’s phones. So let the games begin! 














In conclusion, boho weddings are an excellent choice, especially if you like to adopt a free and creative style, full of imagination and originality. If this stylistic direction is right for you, don’t hesitate to implement the bravest ideas you have – your wedding planner will be with you and support you throughout this process. Your bohemian wedding will surely remain not only in your memory, but also in the memory of all your guests, as a unique and special event, created exactly as you wanted. Trust in your vision and you will surely succeed in materializing all the things you imagined. The wedding is an important event, and the party must be exactly as you wish. The boho style promotes the freedom to be you and the ability to express yourself freely, without thinking about what others say about you – so express yourself freely and organize the most beautiful wedding party! Everyone will feel wonderful and fall in love with the bohemian setting that you and your team have created. Be boho chic and show those around you how special this style is!


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