Boho is a bohemian style that developed as a result of the impoverishment of artists after the French Revolution. Before that, all painters, sculptors and artists were under the protection of the nobility and the bourgeoisie. After 1789 and subsequent events, there was no one to sponsor their activities and lives, and this contributed to the creation of a new style of clothing. Initially, it was closely intertwined with gypsy clothes: as a rule, they wore things 1-2-3 sizes larger, that were worn and sloppy. At the end of the 20th century, it mixed with the hippie style, and now such a bohemian style has been ennobled and made neater. 


Nowadays, boho weddings have become especially popular, because this style perfectly conveys the naturalness of the newlyweds, their love, lightness and happiness. There are a lot of wedding styles, and each of them is unique in its own way. But, if some styles are directly related to the design, such as rustic, then there are styles that are associated, first of all, with the character and worldview of the couple. That’s what boho style is all about. Boho style wedding: the choice of free personalities!


1. The Aesthetic and Style of a Boho Wedding

Despite the fact that boho is the direction of the counterculture, weddings in this style turn out to be unimaginably gentle and beautiful. There are a few main points that must be taken into account:


  •  natural fabrics in décor and outfits;
  • simple flowers and an abundance of greenery in bouquets and décor;
  • layering and abundance of accessories;
  • rustic elements;
  • color details of deep shades;
  • vintage;
  • patterns on tablecloths, napkins, dining sets.


Boho aesthetics suit creative, artistic and free spirits. This is not a cheeky hippie or gaudy gypsy, but bohemian-style jewelry tells about the skillful combination of these trends with the addition of ethnicity and vintage. It is worth noting that the main thing in boho is moderation and impeccable taste. It is important to skillfully distribute all the elements, creating a single picture of the entire celebration. If you choose dishes with patterns for table decoration, then the tablecloth and napkins should be harmonious in color. Vintage porcelain and lace are welcome. 


In classic weddings, flowers in pastel colors are used in bouquets, table decorations and arches for painting or weddings. Boho uses all the riot of colors that nature can give. A large amount of greenery, bright noble and wildflowers, dried flowers – all this can be safely used in decoration. If in doubt about whether to make additional drapery on tables or chairs, do it, and the use of contrasting colors is welcome. Tables can also be decorated with candlesticks, vintage vases, trays and other accessories. If the wedding dinner is held outside, place glass jars with candles directly on the grass, and hang low lamps on the trees.

Because the bohemian style started to be associated with something already dull and even commonplace after years of great popularity, several bridal industry experts think it has grown outdated. This is not true at all. For many people, this is a way of life rather than just a design trend. If you want to understand the complete history of how this fashion emerged, you should start with the word “bohemian.” This is the ability to honestly express your emotions (many talented artists, actors, and musicians led just such a lifestyle), to think deeply, to combine different textures (wood, metal, fur, flying fabrics, and at the same time complex prints), in other words, to shatter stereotypes while remaining approachable and charismatic. 


Boho fashion goes beyond mere fashion. This is a mental state. You may immediately claim that you are a creative, exceptional, and freedom-loving person if you decide to decorate your wedding in this manner. The bohemian style is distinguished by these characteristics.

2. The Place for a Boho Wedding

The wedding site doubles as decorations for the design concept as well as a place to celebrate. According to experts, nature makes for the best bohemian decor. However, it is frequently not practical to hold the wedding entirely outside. As a result, attempt to pick a suburban region with lots of interior wood and a good surrounding area. It will set the mood and enable you to produce a stunning themed photo shoot or on-site registration that both you and your guests will cherish.


Boho can be combined with baroque and slightly magical characteristics to create a truly unique vacation ambiance. If the weather cooperates, you may claim that the couple is exceptionally lucky because everything could happen in a genuine forest. The picture would not be complete without a variety of vintage couches and chairs, a collection of vintage candelabra and vases, which fit perfectly into the style and offer that very charm. You may decorate the clearing in the forest with garlands for the celebratory supper and bring wooden tables.


But if you are not a forest lover, don’t worry! There is also the alternative of a beach boho wedding. A Greece wedding will be an absolute dream for the spouses. The enormous sea and the infinite sky will create the idea of freedom and wilderness, which are the main characteristics of a boho wedding style. Furthermore, such a wedding landscape will allow the spouses to choose more comfy outfits and walk barefoot on the sand of the shore.

3. The Decor for a Boho Wedding

Boho is an exceptional fashion trend because it has rules. The Californian boho, which is more like hippies, will be very different from the Balkan bohemian, as seen, for instance, in the films of Kusturica, because of the plot, the landscapes, the dramaturgy, and the nature of creation. The current restriction of this notion in the wedding industry is obviously erroneous because there can be a very, very large number of such sub-directions. Weddings in the outdoors, well, there are light fixtures, poufs, various prints, a basic dress, and wine and wood tones. Boho is that.


Boho also incorporates gypsy elements, which gives the look of its naturalness, originality, and recognizable qualities. Feel free to combine various materials and textures in your attire and décor. Natural colors, quiet but rich shades, and a range of color combinations make up the decor. The pinnacle of style combines various prints and accessories. Elements that are simple to picture in the hands of nomads are appropriate for setting the mood. As an illustration, consider a bouquet that appears to have recently been picked from a field that has been burnt by the sun. Among the handmade goods are dream catchers, scarves, candles, dried flowers, and macramé. Connect with nature with boho wedding decor!

4. The Flowers for a Boho Wedding

As you probably know, floristry is one of the key elements in the design because the boho style encourages naturalness and natural influences. The aesthetic encourages unusual combinations. The floral design must resemble a wild forest, complete with ferns, various greens, and bright highlights of burgundy (popular red charm peonies) and rich blue (eryngiums, which are also well liked by people), but not without the peony roses that all brides adore. But don’t worry, your wedding planner will handle every aspect of the wedding services.

5. The Image of a Boho Bride – Dress, Hairstyles etc.

Freedom is the main principle of a boho style. Your image should be ethereal, mysterious, a little wild, independent and absolutely airy. Boho style wedding dress is simple but tastefully decorated with lace, embroidery and all sorts of ethnic elements. 

Suitable fabrics: linen, silk, cotton, chiffon. 

Color: natural shades – cream, ivory, delicate sand, pink or olive. Here you can move away from the traditional white color. 

When choosing shoes, give preference to low heels, wedges or woven sandals with flat soles. And real connoisseurs of style will most likely prefer to be barefoot. 

Your hairstyle should be slightly disheveled and careless, as if you took a walk in windy weather. Flowing curls, loose buns and all kinds of weaving – “fishtail” or small pigtails. 

Accessories play a key role, pay special attention to them. Here’s what will look impressive:


  • large unusual jewelry;
  • multilayer beads; 
  • leather bracelets;
  • pendants on long chains;
  • ethnic brooches;
  • massive earrings.


Boho is a mixture of styles and cultures, so experiment with your original look. And at the same time, emphasize your charm and natural beauty! And complete your stunning bohemian look with:


  • a wreath of spikelets, berries, flowers;
  • lace headband;
  • unusual hairpin;
  • tressoir (this is such a headband: chain, leather or beaded).

6. The Image and Suits of a Boho Groom 

It can be said that the groom will be lucky at such a wedding, since he will not have to wear a formal suit and uncomfortable new shoes… A vest, a shirt made of natural fabrics, comfortable suede boots and to complete the look – suspenders, butterflies, hats. This choice should be guided by the groom. 


The groom can choose a democratic style without a costume – the image should resemble a peasant in disguise – a set of shirts, trousers and a vest. Particular attention should be paid to the material of clothing. Cotton, linen and tweed are better. No dark colors – just pleasant natural tones. 


The groom’s wedding hairstyle is simple and carefree. Slightly disheveled hair and a well-groomed beard don’t require much effort. Suede moccasins and other eclectic shoes will suffice. He can wear leather boots, but the surface should not be too shiny. It is important that the man does not look like a serious businessman who has come to sign a contract with a business partner. Some details can be replicated in the bride’s attire, giving the couple a single image.

To conclude, be careful, because in such permissiveness it is easy to turn the decor into a flea market. It is important that the details are chosen with taste and do not burden the interior. Boho can be part of your wedding if you want to add interesting accents. For example, your wedding can have a lounge area that is decorated in a bohemian style. Hammocks can be hung, rugs with ethnic ornaments can be laid out, on which cozy pillows can be laid out. And to add atmosphere, put beautiful floor lamps with candles and place light bulbs with warm lights on the trees. As you already understood, boho is a multifaceted and complex style that can be rediscovered over and over again, coming up with different interpretations. It is advised to contact professionals who can create a stylish and harmonious story in the boho style, because the line is very thin!


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