You popped the question and your partner said “YES” and now you are thinking about the wedding date and other details that need to be considered in order to have a dreamy ceremony. But, as exciting as this idea may seem, in reality things can be different – between having the much desired event and the stress of organization and logistics, there are many aspects to consider. So, what should you start with? Choosing the location, of course!

1. Nice places to have a wedding

Finding a wedding location is often the first step in organizing a dream party. After setting the date on which the wedding will take place, the most important decision is to find a venue to host the most beautiful event in your life. But, don’t exclude exotic destinations – although it might seem complicated, our wedding consultants can take over all the paperwork, transportation and other organizing details and make your special day come true anywhere in the world!


1.1. Nice wedding locations: On the beach

A beach wedding is a beautiful dream for many couples, and nowadays it has become easier and easier to make such a dream come true. Beach weddings or with a marine theme have become more and more popular among young couples, who want to escape the traditional route and do something different. 

There are three things to think about when deciding to have a beach wedding: the location, the number of guests and whether the place is accessible to everyone or not. When it comes to nice places to get married on the beach, you have a fairly wide range of options: from the beaches of Romania to the most exotic locations, such as Thailand or Mexico, the world awaits you to have an unforgettable wedding! 

Nice wedding locations: On the beach -

1.2. Nice wedding places: In a castle

Castles are perfect for outdoor weddings due to their gorgeous gardens and dreamy landscapes. So, if the beach would be the perfect castle view for you, Cote D’Azur may be your answer – with its luxurious venues and elegant beaches, this part of France offers you many options in this regard.

Nice wedding places: In a castle -

But, if you love the mountains, a very nice wedding location is Bran Castle, located in the Carpathians – nothing compares to the beauty and tranquility of a pine forest. You can choose this type of location especially if you are planning to have a relatively small wedding, where you can enjoy a few quiet days along with family and friends. So stand out from the crowd and choose Bran Castle to be the place of your dream wedding – with such a setting, your pictures will look like out of a fairytale!

Nice wedding places: In a castle -

2. Nice wedding destinations: Unique and exotic locations

There’s nothing like a nice wedding destination – and every modern couple knows that! Whether you choose to have wedding with guests or just the two of you, a wedding abroad is an excellent idea for several reasons – you can get rid of the patterns of traditional ceremonies, you can have your honeymoon there, the photos will look absolutely stunning and you two will step into your marriage kissed by the sun, with a holiday vibe.


Here are some recommendations for your nice wedding destination:

  • Greece 

Greece is a charming country that, due to its history, unique Mediterranean landscapes and welcoming people, is one of the most beautiful countries for a wedding destination. With its more than 6,000 islands, Greece offers a wide range of options, from beautiful beaches with stunning scenery, to ancient ruins and historical places. It’s perfect for small budget weddings, due to the fact that Greek venues are cheaper than other Mediterranean destinations.

Nice wedding destinations: Unique and exotic locations - Greece - 1 -

Nice wedding destinations: Unique and exotic locations - Greece - 2 -

  • Zanzibar

Africa is starting to become a popular wedding destination – it’s cheap, it has unique landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and the cuisine is worth a try. One of the most beautiful countries is Zanzibar –  it belongs to Tanzania and is known by travel enthusiasts as a magical place. Why not surprise your guests with such an exotic destination? Surely everyone will be looking forward to attending your wedding!

Nice wedding destinations: Unique and exotic locations - Zanzibar - 1 -

Nice wedding destinations: Unique and exotic locations - Zanzibar - 2 -

  • Thailand

Thailand is one of the jewels of Asia, being famous for its culture, interesting architecture and exotic landscapes. This gorgeous country is also known as the “land of smiles”, being one of the friendliest holiday destinations in the world. So, if the idea of ​​having a nice beach wedding puts a smile on your face, then the beaches of Thailand can be the ideal setting for your special day. 

Nice wedding destinations: Unique and exotic locations - Thailand - 1 -

Nice wedding destinations: Unique and exotic locations - Thailand - 2 -

Nice wedding destinations: Unique and exotic locations - Thailand - 3 -

Therefore, if you’d like to have your special day abroad, in a country that is meaningful for both of you, then you need a wedding planner to take care of every aspect and detail. If you choose to collaborate with us, you can experience what it’s called a “turnkey wedding” – which means all you have to do is say what you want and then just attend the event. For example, we spend no less than 200 hours with each couple to fulfill their wishes and we will also take care of all aspects – from decorative elements, to obtaining approvals from the authorities and documents legalization. This way, on your wedding day you will only have to say “YES!” and just enjoy the party! 


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