Are you a couple who likes to have fun, and entertaining your guests is the main goal? Then, a Dubai venue is an excellent option in this regard. The city has many things to offer, from incredible buildings to magnificent coastlines and beaches. Moreover, the weather is always warm, water sports are all over the place and the city is dynamic and multicultural, making it one of the most wanted wedding destinations in the world. 

1. Dubai wedding destination: Why is this city the best choice for a dream wedding?

A destination wedding in Dubai is the perfect option for those who want either a small and private gathering, or a large wedding, with dozens or even hundreds of guests. But one of the reasons so many people choose Dubai for their special day is that most of the venues can be rented at affordable prices, without giving up the top services and luxurious decors. Most of the venues are in hotels or on the beach, mostly because these are the only places where alcohol is legally served. 

Here are a few of the reasons why Dubai makes the perfect wedding destination for anyone who likes to have fun:

  • Multicultural heritage. Dubai is the epitome of diversity, many nationalities and religions living along in harmony for decades. The city’s population is largely foreign, more than 80% of its inhabitants being from other parts of the world; 
  • Unique venues. Due to its amazing cultural diversity, Dubai is home of some amazing and affordable venues that can make your wedding a dream come true! Depending on your style as a couple, you can opt for one of the many exquisite places – boat parties, dessert or beach weddings and underwater ceremonies for those who are seeking adventure; 
  • Luxury everywhere. If a luxurious wedding is something you’ve always dreamed of, Dubai is the perfect place to be! Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world and Dubai Mall – the largest shopping center in the world are just some examples on how an opulent wedding would look like;
  • Non-stop adventures. Dubai is home of fun and adventurous activities, such as water sports, camel riding, desert safari and so much more. The city is home of some of the largest and most impressive water adventure parks, perfect for a one of a kind honeymoon; 
  • Perfect place for memorable pictures. Dubai is known for its glamorous facade,being the perfect place for some timeless photoshoots. Being so dynamic and full of life, the city in itself represents the ultimate wedding decoration – sleepless city lights, sunny beaches and breathtaking skyscraper views are just a few of the things that represent the exotic beauty of Dubai. 

Dubai wedding destination - Weddo Agency

Destination wedding in Dubai - Weddo Agency

2. Destination wedding in Dubai: themes for inspiration

With so many amazing venues and fun activities to find in Dubai, it’s hard to make a final choice. Of course, an international wedding means much more than just organizing the wedding in itself – it implies lots of paperwork and other legal formalities that can sometimes be a hassle for those who don’t have experience in the field. This is why the best choice for you is to hire a destination wedding planner – Weddo Agency offers you the best services to suit your needs. Everything will be in the hands of an experienced team that will take care of everything you need and even more! 

2.1. Best wedding destination in Dubai: Desert rose

The desert is the perfect setting for amazing and memorable pictures. Moreover, the dunes of Dubai are set under a warm sun, surrounded by impressive skyscrapers seen in the distance and very silent spots most of the day. If this is your choice, you can change vows in a tent placed in the middle of the dunes and, if you wish, during the colorful sunset lights. Also, for an oriental vibe, the couple can make their entrance by riding camels. This will certainly be a surprise for your guests!

Best wedding destination in Dubai - Weddo Agency

Best wedding destination in Dubai - Weddo Agency

2.2. Wedding destination in Dubai: Modern sunset

Umm Suqeim or Sunset Beach, as it’s popularly known, is the perfect place to say ‘I do’ if you are fascinated by sunsets. The best thing about this place is that it combines the beauty of nature with the glamorous look of modern lifestyle. Being placed behind the Dubai Mall makes this wedding theme even more attractive to newlyweds. 

Wedding destination in Dubai: Modern sunset - Weddo Agency

Wedding destination in Dubai: Modern sunset - Weddo Agency

2.3. Dubai wedding destinations: Underwater love

If adventure is your middle name, then an underwater ceremony is the perfect idea for you! All you have to do is to take some scuba diving classes and leave the preparations in the hands of Weddo’s team of professionals that will make sure your experience is exactly the way you have always pictured it. 

But, if you’d like something less risky and more on the luxurious side, another option is to get married at the Atlantis The Palm, located on the iconic palm-shaped island, which is an artificial, man-made structure. No room in this luxury hotel will disappoint you, but the two underwater apartments here are truly remarkable. With floor-to-ceiling windows, these rooms offer views to thousands of sea creatures living among the ruins of the “lost city of Atlantis”, making it the perfect place for a unique wedding experience. 

Dubai wedding destinations: Underwater love - Weddo Agency

So, why choose a wedding venue in Dubai? An exotic destination with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, this Asian city combines the comfort and brilliance of the West with the unique charm and hospitality of the Arab world: specific cultural aspects, museums, relics and many other historical places. 

Dressed in an aura of mystery and unsuspected pleasures, Dubai is the epitome of luxury, being much more than just a beautiful city. With so many advantages, this glamorous city is the perfect setting for a unique wedding experience. Therefore, if you think this is the wedding you’re looking for, contact Weddo Agency right away and ask for an offer that will suit your needs!

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