An outdoor wedding does not compare to indoor options, and rightly so – the sky and nature will be basic decorations, guests can relax in the sunset, the dance floor will be much larger, and the photos will be dreamlike. But, when you want a wedding other than the traditional ones, you have to consider a few small details before deciding on your favorite park for your perfect outdoor wedding. 

1. Park weddings: Things you need to know before choosing a venue

Nature is the most beautiful venue, no doubt about it, and the park is the ideal place for an outdoor wedding, because, unlike other spots in nature, here you will have everything you need – electricity, running water and even restaurants that organize such events, so you won’t have to worry about anything. But, as dreamy as an outdoor wedding may sound, there are still a few things to keep in mind before you start the preparations:


  • Make a plan B

The wedding in the park means that the open sky will be your roof, but this also comes with chances of rain or storm. Whether you choose summer, fall or spring, the weather can be unpredictable and, no matter how idyllic it may be for guests to enjoy a cocktail or snack under the warm sun, you have to consider that the weather may change. So, if you choose to work with a venue specialized in park weddings, then make sure that you will have a tent or an indoor space where you can take refuge in case of rainfall. A plan B is a great idea if you don’t want this special day to be interrupted;

  • Insect protection

You probably didn’t think of that – beautiful outdoor moments can be interrupted by insects, such as mosquitoes. So, if you don’t want your guests to be stressed by their bites, make sure that those present at the event will have mosquito sprays on hand or that candles or other insect repellents will be placed around the area. 

  • Cold weather

If it’s cold outside, make sure that the guests will have all the necessary comforts – terrace heaters, warm blankets and even a campfire, which will relax the atmosphere and get the party started;

  • Evening lights

When evening falls and everyone wants to celebrate your union, make sure they have enough light to move and dance. After a few glasses of wine, guests will definitely need well-lit roads;

  • Religious ceremony

If you want to say “Yes!” in an idyllic park, find out that it is not possible to do this if you are an Orthodox – according to religious canons, the Orthodox can only get married inside the church. In the Catholic religion this may be possible, but the procedures can be rather complicated. Therefore, the only option would be to turn to a civil marriage officer to travel for a fee to the place in question.

Religious ceremony - Wedding in the park -

2. Wedding in a park: Themes for inspiration

The beauty of a wedding in the park is that whatever theme you choose, it will definitely fit perfectly with the green nature or, why not, with the enchanting colors of the fall. But, whatever theme you choose, don’t forget to reflect your personality as a couple in the chosen decorations and outfits.

Wedding in a park: Themes for inspiration -

2.1. Wedding park: Elegant rustic

Returning to nature, simplicity and elegance – these are the best words to describe a rustic theme wedding. In fact, such a wedding can be a very interesting experience, because you have many decorative elements at hand that represent this theme, starting from the location to the floral arrangements or wedding invitations. 


So, for a rustic atmosphere, take into account the following:

  • For the colours, choose raw shades of green and yellow, and also a little bit of pastel red or blue, mostly when it comes to floral arrangements and outfits
  • For the tables, choose embroidered materials, possibly linen, on which to place wine carafes and various fruits and wildflowers
  • Use clay pots and decorative plates that will enhance the rustic atmosphere. 

Wedding park: Elegant rustic -

Wedding park: Elegant rustic 2 -

2.2. Wedding park ideas: Tropical breeze

With this wedding theme, you can bring the atmosphere of tropical areas, such as Bora Bora or Mexico, without having to travel there. With a little imagination and patience, your wedding in the park will surely be just as exotic and enchanting. 

Cheerful colors, exotic flowers, palm trees, flamingo birds and parrots – are the elements that best describe the tropical atmosphere. And for a dream wedding with a twist, you can offer your guests a bar with elaborate cocktails, served in pineapple or coconut shells.

Ideally, the chosen venue should also have a swimming pool – this will offer an authentic tropical experience, which will delight any guest and will look absolutely admirable in wedding photos.

Wedding park ideas: Tropical breeze -

2.3. Wedding in a public park: Romantic boho

The boho style is synonymous with the freedom of expression, relaxation and romance. The boho wedding has its influences from the hippie culture, with vintage and retro elements. So, when it comes to decors, think about fairytales and mythological stories, and get your inspiration from nature.

The good part about a boho wedding in the park is that this style can be adapted to smaller budgets precisely because there are no rules – you can opt for handmade items or things that you can find in nature, such as cones, wild flowers and pine branches. 

Of course, the superstar of a boho wedding in the park should be the wedding dress. The bride’s outfit must be inspired by romantic stories, made of simple and light materials, which can highlight the natural beauty of the bride. Of course, the groom’s suit should not be inferior – an outfit inspired by the hipster culture would be ideal for a romantic boho groom.

Wedding in a public park: Romantic boho - 1 -

Wedding in a public park: Romantic boho - 2 -


Wedding in a public park: Romantic boho - 3 -

A wedding in the park is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to have a unique and memorable experience – it is close to nature and outdoors, and it also has the benefit of not being an isolated place. Thus, you can fully enjoy your wedding journey and you can reflect the style that characterizes you, whether it is rustic, boho or tropical. The experts from WedDo know how important it is for every detail to be perfectly orchestrated, that’s why we have prepared the best offers for your wedding in the park – contact our team and start your dream wedding experience now!

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