With an incredible history, breathtaking Mediterranean views, orange trees, warm people and a distinctive cuisine, Spain can be the perfect wedding destination for you and your other half. And if you want to know the roots of this fascinating country, then Valencia is the place to start. For a Spanish wedding by the book, here’s what you need to know about the customs and beaches of this surprising city!


1. Weddings in Valencia: Interesting customs to know about

If you want to get married in this beautiful country, you have the opportunity to charm your wedding guests with the bright sun, fabulous warm evenings, and unforgettable landscapes. In short, an excellent start to a long happy married life. If you want a lively experience, then opt for a wedding in Spain organized by one of our experienced wedding planners. This way, you’ll have an impressive selection of places to have your ceremony and the possibility to combine the experience with a honeymoon!


Also, this Mediterranean country has many interesting wedding customs you should know about, such as:

  • Women wear their wedding rings on the right hand – in contrast to Western culture, women in Valencia have a very nice habit when it comes to wearing their wedding rings. When they get engaged, they wear it on their left hand, but when they officially get married, the ring, which is usually in a simple gold pattern, will be kept on their right hand. This exchange symbolizes unity and commitment.
  • The wedding dress should be black – traditionally speaking, the bride must wear a black dress and veil. This symbolizes a lifelong devotion to one’s partner, “until death do them part”. Modern brides do not fully preserve this tradition, but many of them choose to keep this habit alive by wearing a white dress, but with a black veil or other element in this colour. The veil, symbolic especially for the southern part of the country, is called “mantilla” and is made of lace.

The wedding dress should be black - Weddo Agency

The wedding dress should be black 2 - Weddo Agency

  • No wedding without paella – the first dish was cooked more than one thousand years ago, in the region known today as Valencia. Because Paella is Spain’s national food, you’ll find it on every wedding table all over the country. Made out of seafood, rice and tomatoes, this traditional dish can get a party started!

No wedding without paella - Weddo Agency

  • The groom must give up his tie – as a symbol for the material well-being of the married couple, the groom’s friends will cut his tie and try to sell it to the guests in order to raise money for the newlyweds.


2. Valencia wedding venues: Best beaches for a charming ceremony

Valencia is one of the most famous cities in Spain and, apart from being home to one of the most popular football teams in the world, this city is also associated with gorgeous beaches, white sand, savory food and a warm atmosphere. Moreover, in this charming city you don’t have to look for the perfect angle for photos – in here, everything is worth being photographed. Moreover, the beaches of Valencia are known as being very clean and eco friendly. 

Valencia wedding venues: Best beaches for a charming ceremony - Weddo Agency

Malvarrosa, Cabanal and Alboraya are the beaches in the north, being a more active place, with a colorful night life and daily events. Those who prefer to get away from the city center and the promenade, should pick one of the beaches of southern Valencia, such as Pinedo, El Saler, El Garrofera or La Devesa. The southern shore is surrounded by gorgeous, wild nature and is less crowded than those in the north. 


So, the most beautiful beaches of Valencia are:

  • El Cabanyal – Las Arenas

It’s located near the port of Valencia, the shore being surrounded by fine, golden sands. Being the closest to the city center, it’s more of a family place, being perfect for a big wedding, with children. During the April-October season, El Cabanyal becomes one of the busiest places in Valencia. 

Best beaches for a charming ceremony - El Cabanyal - Las Arenas - Weddo Agency

  • La Malvarrosa Beach

Located north of the port of Valencia, next to Cabanyal Beach, Malvarrosa is the most famous beach in the city, being bordered by a promenade aligned with palm trees, shops, bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to taste the local cuisine, such as paella, tortilla, gazpacho and tapas, and choose the perfect Valencian menu for your dream wedding.

Best beaches for a charming ceremony - La Malvarrosa Beach - Weddo Agency

Best beaches for a charming ceremony - La Malvarrosa Beach 2 - Weddo Agency

  • Pinedo Beach

Pinedo Beach can be found in the south of the city, being surrounded by an area of ​​dunes and wild vegetation. Even if it’s close to the city center, the area is not very crowded during the week. It’s the perfect spot for a spectacular wedding with a panoramic view over the port of Valencia.

Best beaches for a charming ceremony - Pinedo Beach - Weddo Agency

  • El Saler Beach

This gorgeous beach is in the heart of the Albufera Natural Park, being a favorite among tourists who prefer a more quiet setting. Moreover, it’s perfect for adventurous couples who are watersports fans. Also, it’s a good match for newlyweds who want to elope – the place has many intimate spots, so you can have a charming beach wedding in a more private setting. 

Best beaches for a charming ceremony - El Saler Beach - Weddo Agency

  • La Devesa beach

Formerly known as Malladeta, Devesa is a long and wide beach, being the wildest of Valencia’s shore. It is located on the edge of the Albufera Natural Park, in a gorgeous, natural place, with a pine forest and colorful flowers, home to a diverse wildlife. This place is perfect for bohemian couples, who want a natural, wild setting for their special day. 

Best beaches for a charming ceremony - La Devesa beach - Weddo Agency

Best beaches for a charming ceremony - La Devesa beach 2 - Weddo Agency

In short, the natural and wild beaches, clear blue waters and warm weather most of the time, combined with the urban energy and nightlife, make Valencia a wonderful destination for an exceptional wedding, with all the elements for a dream story to remember for a lifetime! Is a wedding in Valencia what you’re looking for? Then let us help you make your experience unique – get an offer now and be a guest at your own wedding!


Photo sources: Shutterstock.com, Pexels.com.