For many romantic couples, the wedding day must be like a fairy tale, either in the heart of nature or in an enchanting castle, reminiscent of the royal tales of golden times. If you are also fascinated by classic love stories and natural and charming decorations, then a romantic wedding theme is what you are looking for. When it comes to the ideal location, the choice depends on each couple’s preferences. Are you in need of some inspiration? Continue on reading this article!


1. Romantic places to get married, according to the theme wedding

Choosing a theme for your romantic wedding is very important if you want to have a personalized experience. If you and your partner are determined to get married through a ceremony inspired by romantic aesthetics, then you need to understand exactly what such a theme entails. 


Here are the main wedding themes for a romantic ceremony:

  • Rustic themed wedding. The rustic weddings became very popular in the last few years, mostly because this theme is reminiscent of a relaxed lifestyle, being perfect for couples who prefer a more private setting. But, even so, such an event can enjoy the grandeur of an exquisite ballroom – all you need to do is to make the boldest choices to fit your needs. The perfect destinations for a rustic themed wedding are Spain, Greece and Romania. 

Rustic themed wedding -

  • Boho themed wedding. Perfect for those who want a different experience than the traditional one, the boho theme embraces a relaxed vibe, with romantic details that inspire everyone to enjoy the moment: lightweight materials, wild flowers, feathers, hats and wreaths. This style is for the creative and free-spirited couples who want to have an unconventional wedding. Most of the people who choose such a theme prefer to organize the wedding somewhere outdoors, in nature, either on a secluded beach in Mexico or Bora Bora, or in the wilderness of Zanzibar

Boho themed wedding -

Boho themed wedding -

  • Vintage themed wedding. Would you like your wedding to be inspired from your favourite romantic movie? If yes, then look no further – the vintage themed wedding is the best choice for you! This style has started to grow lately, being a very popular choice for many couples. It is inspired by the trends of the 1920s and 1970s, being a combination of both old-fashioned and modern elements, which makes it the perfect style for those who want a fairytale-like wedding. When it comes to the perfect venue, you can opt for destinations such as Cuba or Cote D’Azur, due to the luxurious, yet old-school vibe that surrounds these places. 

Vintage themed wedding -

2. Romantic wedding destinations

A romantic wedding means that the focus should be on the bride and groom and their love story – that’s why it’s important to choose a destination that represents the particularities of your relationship, but also those little things that you adore to each other. 


2.1. Most romantic place to get married – On an exotic beach

There’s nothing more romantic for a wedding than to say “I do” on an exotic beach. Today, dozens of resorts in the most beautiful places on the planet help engaged couples around the world to exchange vows in a gorgeous setting. Here are some amazing locations can make your romantic wedding come true, such as:


  • Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a gem in the Pacific Ocean, with turquoise lagoons and lush tropical landscapes. It’s a dream destination for romantic couples who want to elope or have an intimate ceremony, far away from daily life. You can extend your stay and have your honeymoon in this amazing place, where you can swim among colorful fish and coral reefs or relax in a bungalow under the tropical sun. 

Romantic wedding venues: Bora Bora -

Romantic wedding venues: Bora Bora 2 -

  • Thailand

Thailand is one of the jewels of Asia, being gifted with stunning beaches, fine sand and unique flora and fauna, but also with ancient places that make this country such an interesting destination. Moreover, Thailand is one of the friendliest places in the world, being also known as the “land of smiles”. So, if the idea of ​​having a romantic beach wedding would be a dream come true for you, this Asian country is the perfect place to have the time of your lives!

Romantic wedding venues: Thailand -

2.2. Romantic wedding location – In a castle

A fairytale wedding can only take place in a castle worthy of princes and princesses. And, although today most castles have become museums, there are some places that organize lavish weddings for those who want to travel back in time and have the most beautiful love story ever written. 


One of these places is Bran Castle – a medieval construction, placed in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, which has an impressive history behind it, shrouded in mysticism. The superbe architecture, the elegant interior and the impressive view make the perfect ingredients for a royal-like wedding at Bran Castle. 

Romantic wedding location - In a castle -

If you want to combine the grandeur of a castle with the beauty of the sea, then Cote D’Azur might be a better fit for you. The famous Mediterranean coast of south-eastern France includes many charming towns, such as Nice, Canne, Saint Tropez and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula. The art deco style architecture, the colorful boats, lavish yachts, the walks on La Croisette or the narrow streets of the old town are just some of the attractions that will fascinate your guests at your romantic “chateau” wedding in the French Riviera. 

Romantic wedding location -

Romantic wedding location 2 -

So, where do you envision your romantic wedding to take place? Regardless of your choice, either in a castle or on the beach, take into account that a romantic wedding can’t take place anywhere, so every detail is important. Here at WedDo Agency we are aware of this fact and this is why we’ll do our best to fulfill your most romantic dreams – request an offer here!


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