Congratulations! You have finally decided to declare your love for your partner by asking for marriage! But, as the feelings for your other half are special, you want the marriage proposal to be as such. Depending on your partner’s preferences and personality, you can choose to do something fun and truly memorable. Are you out of ideas? This article is here for your inspiration!

1. Original ways to propose: What you should avoid when popping the question

You have probably been together for some time, and your relationship is very good precisely because you feel comfortable with each other. But, for such a special moment, it is advisable to get out of the comfort zone and make a little effort to impress your partner. And that means you should avoid certain situations, such as:

  • Choosing a random day

The marriage proposal is, for most, a unique experience in life, so it would be ideal if you did not choose a day at random but one that symbolizes something for your relationship. For example, on the anniversary of your relationship, when you first kissed or any other day that has a meaning for you. Make sure, though, that you won’t spill the beans!

  • Sharing it with too many people

When you tell too many people that you are planning to marry your partner, anyone can give it away! You don’t want anyone to ruin your plans, so it’s best to keep it a secret until you ask the big question. It will be more exciting for the two of you to share the great news with family and friends!

Original ways to propose: What you should avoid when popping the question - Weddo Agency

  • Trying to prank them

Maybe your partner is a person with a sense of humor, but that doesn’t mean you can prank them. It’s not a very good idea to lie and tell them that you are not interested in marriage or that you have received a job offer in Spain, just to “surprise” them by doing the opposite. So, if you don’t want the marriage proposal to have unwanted consequences, it would be best to avoid such scenarios.

  • Not hiding the evidence

Beware of texting, social media conversations with friends, emails, websites, reservations and especially the engagement ring. Pay attention to these details and don’t let your e-mail opened on your desktop or your phone out in the open. Also, make sure to hide the ring well or keep it somewhere other than at home, especially if you live together.

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2.Original ideas to propose: 5 ways to impress your partner

The marriage proposal is a moment that you and your future spouse must fully enjoy. Even if you choose to ask for their hand in a private context or if you want to have your loved ones with you, the moment has to be a memorable one! And because everyone loves a good proposal story, here are a few fun and original proposal ideas:

  • Home proposal

Proposing at home is a very good idea if your partner prefers intimate settings. To create a romantic atmosphere, you need a few things, such as a bottle of champagne, scented candles and many, many flowers! Wait for your partner at home when they don’t suspect a thing. You can also play a little scavenger hunt, just to make things more exciting!

  • Board games proposal

If you have a sense of humor and your partner truly appreciates it, organize a gathering with your best friends, where you can play a fun board game that can help you ask the big question in an original way. There are big chances your partner will love your initiative and the fact that you chose to share that with close friends. 

  • Sunset proposal

There’s no doubt that one of the most beautiful moments of the day to propose is the sunset, not only because of the picturesque scenery it creates, but also because of the significance it has. The twilight signifies both endings and beginnings. It is a symbol of a new chapter in your lives – one in which you unite your destinies forever!

Original ideas to propose: 5 ways to impress your partner (1) - Weddo Agency

  • Movies proposal

Is your favorite movie or sequel running at the cinema? Then plan a proposal right in the movie theater! Give them a much more thrilling show than the movie running on the big screen by asking the big question right there! For an extra touch, you can use an even more original idea: rent a movie theater and run your love story on the screen. That’s what we call a twist!

  • Beach proposal

The sea breeze, the warm sun, the waves sound – the perfect combination for an unforgettable moment. If you both love the beach and plan a vacation there, then turn it into a truly memorable moment for you and your half. Choose the ring, buy the flowers and start putting everything in order! Remember: it’s not the price of the ring that matters, but the way you offer it! Our experienced wedding planners can help you find the best way to propose on the beach, in one of our favorite exotic destinations, such as Thailand or Mexico

Original ideas to propose: 5 ways to impress your partner (2) - Weddo Agency

A marriage proposal must be a unique moment, full of romance and passion! That’s why you shouldn’t propose to your partner in the kitchen or dressed in pajamas. The engagement is a promise of love and union, so the first step into a life together should be truly special. Therefore, an unforgettable marriage proposal to remember for the rest of your lives requires creativity, a little effort and research – only this way you’ll get the best reaction from your other half! Request an offer now and let us make your marriage journey truly unforgettable!

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