The Mediterranean style is the epitome of relaxation. From historic landscapes to fresh and delicious cuisine, Greece, Spain and Cote D’Azur are some of the best wedding destinations for couples who appreciate the classic style and romantic atmosphere. Say “I do” on the shores of the Mediterranean sea with these interesting venues ideas for a dream wedding!


The shore of the Mediterranean sea is known for its gorgeous scenery, unique islands and specific cuisine, making it a top wedding destination for couples all over the world. Greece is famous for its ancient islands and breathtaking scenery, but also for the top services and affordable prices, making it perfect for a hellenic themed wedding. If you are a couple who wants a more passionate theme, the hot coastline of Spain may be perfect for you – in here you can combine the culture of the area with your own vision of a perfect wedding. Or, if you would like to have a movie-like experience, in a romantic and exquisite setting, Cote D’Azur is your place!

1. Mediterranean wedding venues – the Greek islands

With its beautiful collection of islands, the picturesque landscapes, exotic beaches and delicious dishes, Greece can be a feast for those who like to party like there’s no tomorrow. When it comes to the perfect venue, from churches to beaches, this destination can offer you an authentic experience for a beach wedding or a private party. 

Santorini is the perfect place if you want to have an authentic Greek themed wedding under an amazing sunrise from above the hills. You will be amazed by the volcanic landscapes, the immaculate white houses and the unique architecture of this hellenic island. 

Crete is another dream location in Greece, offering gorgeous landscapes made of mountains, olive trees, exotic vineyards and ancient ruins. The unique pink beaches, turquoise waters, refined wines and specific delicacies are the little details that will probably make you return in the near future to relive those special wedding moments!

Corfu island is best known for its impressive flora, long sandy beaches and traditional architecture. The secluded beaches are perfect for an intimate ceremony, just the two of you or a few close relatives and friends. This way you can enjoy the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the place. You can explore its island vibes by trying local fish and seafood dishes, taste the unique aromas of the famous Robola wine or watch Flamingo birds in their natural habitat. 

Whatever you choose, a beach wedding in Greece can be a truly memorable event – our experienced wedding planners can make your dream wedding come true! 

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Mediterranean wedding venues - the Greek islands - 2 -

Mediterranean wedding venues - the Greek islands - 3 -

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2. Mediterranean wedding destination – Andalusia

Andalusia is the area where the identity of today’s Spain was created. The flamenco and the medieval cities with orange trees and narrow streets are the ones that define this Mediterranean place. 

Even if it’s an area full of traditions, the futuristic influences are visible in many cities around the place, such as Malaga or Seville. Passionate couples choose to get married here due to the harmonious mix between traditional and modern – the old houses are witnessing luxurious venues, yachts and contemporary resorts. 

Marbella is one of the star cities on the Costa del Sol and it can be a truly remarkable wedding destination. Perfect for a beach holiday, but also for golf enthusiasts, the city is home of luxurious resorts, yachts and premium cars. At the same time, the small town painted in white, with colorful flowers on the balconies, shows the importance of keeping the local culture intact. 

Mediterranean wedding destination - Andalusia - 1 -

Mediterranean wedding destination - Andalusia - 2 -

Mediterranean wedding destination - Andalusia - 3 -

Mediterranean wedding destination - Andalusia - 4 -

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3. Mediterranean style wedding venues in Cote D’Azur

A charming and warm place, Cote D’Azur has that “je ne sais quoi” no one can resist. If you picture your dream wedding story holding hands with your partner on a beach full of white sand, under the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, then this heavenly place is the answer for you! This famous destination, located in the south-eastern of France, is home to many unique resorts, such as Cannes, Nice and Saint-Tropez. 

Cannes is perfect for those who want to have a movie-like experience. But, even if the best known thing about this French Riviera town is the international film festival held here every year, there are many other things to explore – it is a very quiet city and the locals are welcoming. Moreover, there are many attractions ready to be discovered here. One of these is the Cinema train that crosses the key points of the city, from the main boulevard by the sea – Promenade de la Croisette, to the highest point of the city – the Castre Museum.

Nice is the largest city on Cote d’Azur. A special holiday destination and also an ideal place for a Mediterranean wedding, the city is located at the bottom of the Maritime Alps, along the sea coast. This harmonious combination makes Nice a one of a kind wedding destination, along with the art deco architecture and luxurious modern resorts. 

Mediterranean style wedding venues in Cote D’Azur - 1 -

Mediterranean style wedding venues in Cote D’Azur - 2 -

Mediterranean style wedding venues in Cote D’Azur - 3 -

Mediterranean style wedding venues in Cote D’Azur - 4 -

Mediterranean style wedding venues in Cote D’Azur - 5 -

Mediterranean style wedding venues in Cote D’Azur - 6 -

Holidays, azure skies, hot sand, mountains and the sea together, ancient history and underwater adventures – these are just some of the elements that can describe the complexity of the tourist areas of the Mediterranean. Therefore, all you have to do is to pick your Mediterranean gem and start your wedding experience now by contacting WedDo Agency for a personalized offer!

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