A wedding ceremony is a memorable event for both the couple and all those who share this special moment with them. Therefore, the wedding day should include elements that can help create the ‘wow factor’ to amaze your guests and take breathtaking pictures. So, what would make your ceremony memorable? A wedding in the air, of course! Check out this article to find out how to say ‘I do’ in such a unique way!

1. ‘Love is in the air’ wedding theme – the best option for adventurous couples!

For some couples, planning a wedding is an adventure in itself. Others, on the other hand, do not feel that the adrenaline is triggered unless they celebrate the big moment in a hot air balloon or somewhere high in the sky. If you are one of those couples and you’re looking for inspiration, Weddo Agency has some unique ideas for a one of a kind wedding – a romantic ceremony in a hot air balloon, an adventurous experience through skydiving or a glamorous party in an airplane. 

But, as exciting as it sounds, it’s important to take into account the fact that having a wedding in the air is not an easy business. The paperwork and legal formalities can be a hassle if you’ve never done this before. That’s why it’s crucial to collaborate with an experienced ‘love is in the air’ wedding planner. 

The air events organized by Weddo Agency are designed to combine romance with the beauty and intimacy that couples feel for each other. Even though the ceremony is not official, you will receive a unique symbolic marriage certificate that mentions the latitude and longitude where it took place. The services can also include a professional flight team and a photographer to capture the moment. Because it’s not that easy to take so many people with you in the air, the agency can also throw a party, where you can share your special ‘love is in the air’ wedding favours – hot air balloon shaped cookies, candies with the ceremony’s coordinates or a decoration with a couple skydiving. 

When it comes to the location of the air wedding, you can choose any place you want, either in Romania or Greece or above exotic lands, such as Thailand or Mexico. No matter what you choose, keep in mind that the most important thing is to be together and to have your wedding the way you’ve always pictured it!

‘Love is in the air’ wedding theme - the best option for adventurous couples - Weddo Agency

2. Love is in the air wedding ideas

When you float in the air, either in a balloon or by skydiving, you can feel like time stands still. There’s no doubt that the choice of such a ceremony will mark the big day as one of the most romantic moments in your lives. Therefore, check out some of the options that you’ve got when organizing an adventurous air wedding!

2.1. Romantic in a hot air balloon

A balloon wedding is perfect for couples who are looking for opportunities to take their special day to the next level. The view can be absolutely spectacular, and the pictures will look amazing, especially during a magnificent sunrise or a beautiful sunset, in an exotic place, elements that can definitely make the whole event much more romantic. Also, the colours of the balloon are very attractive and can be an exceptional background for the symbolic air ceremony


Here are a few more reasons to have your wedding in an intimate hot air balloon ceremony:

  • It’s the perfect elopement. There’s nothing more romantic than running off in the world to get married. And a hot air balloon is the epitome of a memorable wedding storybook. 
  • It’s adventurous, and yet elegant. Such an experience is adventurous for sure, but compared to skydiving, the advantage is that you can actually wear your perfect wedding outfits and make the experience both thrilling and classy. 
  • The pictures will look stunning. Imagine this – you and your loved one, in an intimate space somewhere in the sky, exchanging your vows, expressing your love for each other and floating into the breathtaking sunset, while a professional photographer is capturing this unique moment in your lives. Wouldn’t this be perfect and dreamy? No doubt about it!

Romantic wedding in a hot air balloon - Weddo Agency

2.2. Skydiving adventure

Undoubtedly, marriage is an adventure in itself. There is so much to think about and so many details to cover before the big event – where to organize the ceremony, the dress, the catering, the invitations and other aspects that can become overwhelming for the bride and groom. But, if you choose the parachute jump, these things will no longer be a problem, while you can still have your dream wedding.

Of course, a skydive wedding can be tricky, but with the help of Weddo’s professionals you can make sure that everything will be according to the plan. The ceremony is usually performed on the board before jumping. After exchanging the vows, you will jump off the plane and spend the first minutes as husband and wife literally floating in the air. Or, if you don’t want to exclude your guests, a party on the ground will definitely be a great idea. 

Skydiving adventure - Weddo Agency

2.3. Airplane Hollywood party

Some modern couples see their wedding as an opportunity to experience the luxurious life of Hollywood celebrities, even if just for a day. And what else can inspire luxury better than a party in a private jet? Fortunately, a plane ceremony is not necessarily more expensive than standard ones – some people are even surprised at how affordable private flights can be. In general, the price of such an experience can start from a few thousand dollars and can reach tens of thousands, depending on the requirements of the bride and groom, the number of guests, but also on the chosen flight route or the size of the plane. Couples who want a more intimate and affordable wedding can opt for a symbolic ceremony, without guests. 

If you wish for all of these things and even more, Weddo Agency can offer you a completely personalized experience that includes everything you need – a photographer, a wedding car, menus, the party venue and much more. 

Airplane Hollywood party - Weddo Agency

Nowadays, more and more couples are looking for opportunities to make their wedding day special and unique, different from the traditional ones. And rightly so – the wedding is an opportunity for the bride and groom to show their identity as a couple, but also all of their hopes and dreams for the future. If this sounds like the perfect wedding for you, contact the agency to get an offer that suits your needs!

Photo sources: Shutterstock.com, Pexels.com.