If you want to have a beautiful wedding in a wonderful place, an exotic destination might be the perfect choice. At first glance, this may seem like a distant dream, but such an event can be set up easily, if you have a good plan. So, if you like this idea, find out which are the most popular places you can choose, and discover what elements you need in order to take care of everything.

 1. Indian Ocean wedding – Zanzibar and Thailand

Some of the most famous exotic locations are near the Indian Ocean. If you would like to organize a beach wedding, these destinations are an excellent choice. Here are 2 options you can consider for your wedding:


Zanzibar is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean and it is a romantic place that offers beautiful and special landscapes. The weather, the water, the beach, the air and the view are just some of the most important advantages. One of the most commonly used expressions in this place is hakuna matata (which means no worries) – so if you want to have a carefree wedding on an exotic and welcoming beach, you can choose this special destination. If you live in another country, you need to make sure that all the details are set out. Therefore, it is good to collaborate with a wedding planner, who will support you by helping you find the right services for your wedding in Zanzibar.


Thailand is a country located in South East Asia and it is well known for its tradition, culture, architecture, and other wonderful things. But you should know that it is also remarkable thanks to the wonderful beaches you can find in this place. That is why many couples are in love with this destination when it comes to organizing a wedding. If you want to select a special place and to find the perfect spot, check out the possibilities and, with the help of a wedding planner, set up all the details you need in order to achieve this lovely dream. Surely, the Thai charm will impress you and you will feel it throughout the event, together with your loved ones, on a beautiful beach.

Indian Ocean wedding – Zanzibar and Thailand - Weddo Agency

2. Ideas for a beach wedding on the shores of the Indian Ocean!

If you are planning a beach wedding on the shores of the Indian Ocean, you surely want to organise this special event in a truly special place. In order to achieve that, you have to take care of some important things. First of all, you need to imagine the atmosphere: if your dream is to have a peaceful and relaxing event, all the details must go toward this direction. If you want a culture fusion or a specific cultural wedding, take that into account and start from here. After you decide what type of wedding you want to have, make a list and give it to the wedding planner. With his help you can choose a good location, elegant venues, exotic menus, special decorations, great landscapes and a wonderful wedding design. You have to know exactly what you want, in order to receive it – the Indian Ocean can offer you everything, if you ask for it!

A wedding planner will help you to manage different situations and challenges. Together you will find the providers you need and you will have a wonderful experience. An outdoor wedding can offer you an elegant setting and a romantic vibe. There are many advantages when it comes to a beach wedding:

  • You will have a truly original wedding;
  • You can stay in your honeymoon after the wedding;
  • The beach, the turquoise water, the white sand and the breeze are all yours for your special day.

Ideas for a beach wedding on the shores of the Indian Ocean! - Weddo Agency

In the end, a beach wedding is the perfect choice for sea lovers and, of course, for any romantic couple. If you want to plan your event carefully, choose your options wisely and, of course, get married in an exotic setting! 

Photo source: Shutterstock.com.