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Wedding in Skopelos – How to plan your wedding on this beautiful Greek island?

The wedding is an extremely important event, and therefore it must take place in a unique and original setting. If you are in love with Greece, do not hesitate to […]


Engagement party: a fantastic way to share the good news with family and friends. Tips to organize a memorable event!

Nowadays, more and more couples want to share the news of their union in a magnificent setting, so that everyone can enjoy and celebrate together. Of course, in order for […]


Winter wedding colors: a big part of the planning process. Tips to create the event you always dreamed of!

Although winter is probably the most underrated wedding season, no couple should exclude it for good when it comes to the biggest day of their lives. In order to make […]


Valentine’s Day wedding: the reason why couples should take the big step on February 14 + tips on how to organize an amazing event

In recent years, more and more lovers get married on Valentine’s Day, and it’s no wonder why. February 14 is the famous date when romance and love are celebrated all […]


Wedding godparents and their symbolic role nowadays: how to choose them?

A wedding is a succession of memorable moments from the beginning to the end of the day. Whether civil or church, it does not matter if the ceremony is small […]


Hand in marriage: what you need to know about this old custom before you pop up the big question?

The marriage proposal and engagement mark a couple’s first step towards marriage when a person asks for the hand of their soulmate! Although it comes from an ancient tradition, engagement […]


Silver wedding anniversary: how can soulmates organize such an unforgettable event? Tips that every long-term couple must follow!

In a marriage, every anniversary must be celebrated by the partners, even more if they have united their destinies 25 years ago or maybe even more. The silver wedding anniversary […]


Winter wedding bouquet: bring the magic into your perfect day

Do you dream of a winter wedding? Getting married in the colder months can seem like a complete adventure in shaping the details. Although the main piece of any bridal […]


How to propose on Christmas – A useful guide for a magical moment!

Christmas is a special and a lovely holiday that many people love, due to the fact that, during those days, love is in the air and meeting loved ones becomes […]


Boho Wedding Dresses and How to Organize a Wedding in a Unique Style

Boho is a bohemian style that developed as a result of the impoverishment of artists after the French Revolution. Before that, all painters, sculptors and artists were under the protection […]


Crete wedding – The perfect place for the most special day of your life!

Crete is the southernmost Greek island and it is the largest island in Greece. It is a gorgeous island, perfect for a wonderful vacation, but also for a lovely wedding. […]


Wedding in Corfu – Discover a wonderful place in Greece! 

Corfu is a special island, being one of the most beautiful Greek islands. So, if you want to find a destination in Greece that is perfect for your wedding, you […]

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