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Wedding pool party: Best destinations for a chic or cool wedding + 20 pictures, ideas

More and more couples choose to get married outdoors, as far away from the noise and bustle of the city. And a ceremony by the pool, somewhere in a quiet […]

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Kosher wedding venue: Interesting Jewish traditions + The best destination for a kosher ceremony

There are a lot of traditions and customs around the world. Some of these represent the Jewish culture – a complex heritage based on boundless faith. The Jewish wedding is […]

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Proposal ideas outdoors: Get creative with these unique proposal suggestions!

Marriage is an extremely important chapter in a couple’s relationship, so the first step should be a memorable engagement proposal. Therefore, in order to move to the next level in […]

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Where’s the nicest place to get married – on the beach, in a castle or somewhere abroad?

You popped the question and your partner said “YES” and now you are thinking about the wedding date and other details that need to be considered in order to have […]

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Wedding in French Riviera: How to be a star in your own wedding movie + Interesting things to know about Cote d’Azur

The French Riviera is one of the most famous wedding destinations in France, thanks to its beautiful beaches, sunny weather most of the year and sophisticated resorts such as Nice, […]

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Wedding in the park: Tips to know before organizing a ceremony outdoors + Creative themes for an unforgettable experience

An outdoor wedding does not compare to indoor options, and rightly so – the sky and nature will be basic decorations, guests can relax in the sunset, the dance floor […]

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Mediterranean wedding: Get married in one of these timeless destinations + 20 pictures for inspiration

The Mediterranean style is the epitome of relaxation. From historic landscapes to fresh and delicious cuisine, Greece, Spain and Cote D’Azur are some of the best wedding destinations for couples […]

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Unique destination wedding locations – Take your wedding to the next level with these amazing places!

The wedding location is one of the most important decisions that the future married couple has to make. But this can be a real challenge sometimes, especially when you want […]

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Romantic wedding venues: Ideas for a perfect wedding story + Enchanting places to say “I do”

For many romantic couples, the wedding day must be like a fairy tale, either in the heart of nature or in an enchanting castle, reminiscent of the royal tales of […]

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Bora Bora wedding venues: Start your MARRIAGE JOURNEY with an exquisite ceremony on this Polinezian paradise

Bora Bora has received many epithets over time, such as the “Pearl of the Pacific” or “Paradise on Earth”, being appreciated as “the most beautiful place on Earth”, and rightly […]

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Beach marriage proposal: Surprise your partner with these creative proposal ideas!

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and when you decide to express your desire to be with your partner for the rest of your life, it is necessary to strive a […]

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TROPICAL themed wedding: Best destinations for a sunny and elegant ceremony on the beach + 20 pictures, ideas

Have you ever imagined what your wedding will look  like on an exotic beach? You and your other half saying “I do” under the tropical sunset, enjoying the sounds of […]

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