The religious ceremony is the most emotional moment in a wedding. It represents the spiritual union between two people in love and the blessings they need in order to start a new family and create a unique lifelong bond. If you are a Catholic, but want to marry on the beach, there are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to related traditions.

1. Catholic wedding on the beach

In the Catholic religion, there are some rules and canons that must be followed when it comes to marriage between two Catholic people. Many modern couples, who want to keep these traditions, have wondered if they can organize this special event outside the church. The good news is that, while things may get a little complicated here, it’s not impossible to have a ceremony outside of the church institution. Find out more, below!

1.1. Can you have a Catholic wedding on the beach?

According to canon law, marriage is a sacrament, which means that certain rules must be followed. One of these is that the ceremony must be held in holy territory, which excludes its planning elsewhere than the church. 

There are, however, two states where Catholic couples can marry outside the church – Montana and Maryland, in the USA. However, in order to give the bride and groom the opportunity to express their vows in a different setting, some churches in Mexico were built on the beach, offering stunning views. 

Can you have a Catholic wedding on the beach? - Weddo Agency

1.2. Catholic wedding on the beach – important traditions and customs

The Catholic ceremony is characterized by a series of beautiful and emotional customs, which are important for the preservation of tradition and church canons. Here are some of the most important traditions and rules specific to a Catholic wedding:

  • The father of the bride is the one who has the honor of leading his daughter to the altar, to the future husband, who is waiting for her in front of the altar – this moment is symbolizing the fact that the groom is now responsible for the happiness of his future wife. If, for certain reasons, the bride’s father cannot be present, she may be led to the altar by an uncle, an older brother, or, in some cases, even by her father-in-law.
  • The priest will ask a set of questions. After the bride and groom say “YES” to each of the questions, the priest will ask those present if there is anyone among them who knows any reasons why this union could not be concluded. Next, the bride and groom will say their vows, exchange their rings and the priest will bless them with a prayer.
  • The wedding vows can be ultra-traditional, inspired by the Bible, or written by the bride and groom. It all depends on the couple’s preferences as to what the vows will express, but many Catholics usually choose the traditional way.
  • Divorce is not recognized by the Catholic Church – if one of them was previously married, that person won’t be allowed to marry according to the canons.
  • The wedding can be held on any day, except the 40 days before Easter and 4 weeks before Christmas. The Catholic Church does not charge fees for religious ceremonies, but donations are accepted to the church if the bride and groom wish so.

2. Catholic wedding on the beach: Mexico, the ultimate destination for a religious ceremony

Every couple wants their wedding to be special. And what place can be more special than a wedding in an exotic destination, with the sea and the sky in the background? But for Catholic couples, this is not always possible. Fortunately, some churches in Mexico have found the solution – built on the beach, they offer a lovely view and an opportunity to create great memories. 

Gran Caribe Resort in Cancun, Mexico, for example, is a special place that receives thousands of Catholic couples from around the world every year. The chapel, known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, is built mostly of glass and offers future brides and grooms the opportunity to have a traditional Catholic ceremony, but literally by the sea and with a breathtaking view. 

Catholic wedding on the beach: Mexico, the ultimate destination for a religious ceremony  - Weddo Agency

The most beautiful part of a wedding in Mexico is the beautiful nature – the azure sky, the sound of the waves, palm trees and other tropical elements. The Catholic priests from Grand Sirenis Chapel have taken this into account – with a view of the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by exotic nature, this may be the ideal location for a Catholic beach wedding.

Catholic wedding on the beach: Mexico, the ultimate destination for a religious ceremony  (2) - Weddo Agency

Catholic traditions have a special allure – emphasizing the importance of tradition and respect for family, the church canons are distinguished by the fact that they combine tradition with elements that can be adapted to modern times. So, if you are Catholic, but you want a dream beach wedding, do not hesitate to contact us – we will take care of everything and do our best to fulfill your wishes, in accordance with the traditions of the Catholic Church. Ask for an offer here!

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