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Picnic wedding – A fairytale setting for nature lovers!

The wedding is an extremely important event, and the day of the party must be really special, both for the bride and groom and for the guests. However, the main […]


Bridgerton wedding, an enchanting soiree: How to capture the elegance of Regency romance + The perfect venues for a timeless wedding

  The allure of the Bridgerton TV series has taken the wedding world by storm. With its opulent Regency-era setting, lavish costumes and compelling romantic narratives, Bridgerton has become a […]


Pink wedding theme – unleash your creativity for the sweetest event in your life

A pink-themed wedding is the right way to embrace romance, symbolizing love, tenderness, and youthful joy. The pink color is multifaceted, with various shades representing everything from innocence to passion. […]


Weddings in Spain – facts everyone should know about planning the most important day in this Iberian paradise

Spain, a country brimming with passion, music, vibrant colors, and a deeply rooted respect for tradition, manifests all these characteristics in its wedding celebrations. From the Andalusian South, the cosmopolitan […]


Wording for wedding invitations – steps into crafting the perfect design for your special day

A wedding invitation is a formal written or digital request for someone’s presence at a wedding ceremony. The role of a wedding invitation is to provide all the essential details […]


Yellow wedding theme – the ultimate list of elements you should consider on your big day

As you embark on the exciting journey of planning your wedding, one of the earliest and most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting a theme. A wedding theme not only […]


Purple wedding theme – a short guide for the perfect themed romantic event

Purple is a shade that signifies passion, luxury, creativity, and nobility, which has emerged as an increasingly popular choice for wedding themes. Its versatility, running from soft lavender shades to […]


Boho wedding theme – Freedom, creativity and uniqueness!

Boho weddings are more and more appreciated and loved, thanks to the special vibe they have. If you want to organize such a wedding, you should know that there are […]


Intimate wedding – How to choose the perfect venue for your event?

Do you want an intimate wedding that has a special and original vibe? There are several things that you have to take into account if you want to organize such […]


Unique wedding ideas, from invitations to decorations + unusual themes to break the status quo and have a truly special ceremony

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, modern couples are always looking for something more than just a custom ceremony and venue. They seek to create an extraordinary experience […]


Wedding theme: Gold and white extravaganza, a royal affair of elegance and opulence + 20 pictures and ideas

The white and gold theme has become a bold and sophisticated choice for couples who want to turn their wedding day into a true spectacle of beauty. A story in […]


Rustic wedding theme: How to embrace the rural beauty and create a charming and trendy setting for your special day + 20 pictures and ideas

Love is in the air, hearts are full of love and the long-awaited moment is about to happen – your wedding! And if you want to bring a touch of […]

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