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Picnic wedding – A fairytale setting for nature lovers!

2 October 2023


The wedding is an extremely important event, and the day of the party must be really special, both for the bride and groom and for the guests. However, the main characters of the wedding are the two protagonists and, therefore, it is essential to create a story frame, in which the couple feels wonderful. One of the latest trends in themes and decorations is the picnic wedding. The picnic is a relaxed and friendly setting, perfect for a gathering with loved ones – so why not turn your own wedding into an authentic picnic, where everyone will feel good? If you are tempted by this idea, there are some things that you have to consider, but also some original and special ideas that you can implement. So, keep reading this article, to decide which is the right approach for you, if you want to have a picnic wedding!

1. Wedding picnic – How to organize a wonderful party?

The space where you choose to organize the wedding is very important, because it must include several elements. First of all, it is essential to have a relaxed and comfortable setting, for you and for your guests  – if you truly love the outdoor spaces, surely a beach would be the perfect setting for an out-of-the-ordinary wedding. The beach picnic wedding is ideal for those who want to do something unconventional – so it’s the perfect choice for someone who doesn’t want to conform to classic and conventional standards.


To create a perfect decoration, you must opt for several elements that will help you create a fairytale decoration. When you think of a beach picnic reception, you definitely imagine checkered blankets, baskets, fruits, natural scenery, flowers, seashells, and other similar decorations. However, besides the decoration, the picnic is, first of all, an intimate setting, which has a familiar, warm and pleasant atmosphere. That’s why you don’t have to be afraid to add any details that will make you feel comfortable, even if they don’t fit into the classic vision of a picnic. However, if you want to check out some ideas and some advices, here are some things you have to take into account when you want to organize the picnic party for your wedding:


The location


In order to choose the perfect location, you must think, first of all, about your wishes. Talk to your partner and make a short list that includes multiple options (but only the ones you really want to consider). Maybe you prefer a picnic wedding by the sea, on a gorgeous beach, with the breeze, sun, sand and water by your side. Everything depends on your preferences – with the help of an experienced wedding planner, you will certainly succeed in finding the ideal location for the long-awaited event. For example, many couples want to try unique wedding ideas, by choosing a unique and elegant location or venue, on a secluded  and intimate beach. That’s why many of them are choosing lovely countries to organize the reception of the picnic wedding. For example, you can consider planning a wedding in Spain, a wedding in Romania, or even a wedding in Greece , perfect for those who want to have a picnic-like beach wedding under the wonderful Greek sun. If you are choosing a foreign country you can also organize some activities that include local customs, and you can serve traditional food. So you have to choose an outdoor venue ideal for your theme and for your preferences. 


The number of guests


The number of guests is an essential element, which you must take into account regardless of which venue you choose. Depending on this total number, you will be able to orient yourself towards spaces smaller in size or, on the contrary, towards more generous spaces, which can accommodate all the guests you have. When it comes to outdoor spaces, in general they are spacious enough for a normal event, with an average number of guests. However, you must inquire about the capacity of the venue, to make sure that it is ideal for you.


The dress code


Although, in general, the dress code can be imposed when it comes to a wedding with a special theme, in the case of a picnic wedding, it is good to mention details about the characteristics of the location where the picnic will take place. For example, if you have chosen a beach for your picnic wedding, your guests must know how to dress and wear appropriate shoes (or maybe to come barefoot), so as not to have unpleasant surprises once they arrive at the location. Therefore, provide all this information right from the beginning, so that everyone is prepared and can choose the best options in terms of outfits. For outdoor weddings, light and relaxed outfits are recommended, which are not uncomfortable at all. You can write these details and you can mention the picnic style wedding in the invitations – this way, everybody will know what to expect.


The set-up


If in terms of classic locations things are simpler when it comes to places and tables, in the situation where you want a picnic wedding, the process may initially seem more difficult. However, all you have to do is choose the perfect option for you and enjoy a good organization. Take into account the comfort of your guests, but also the category they belong to (young, elderly, hippies, pretentious or elegant etc.). Thus, you have to make sure that all the guests will feel comfortable. So, how to decorate picnic tables for a wedding? Therefore, to keep the main theme without giving up comfort, you can combine specific elements, such as beds lying on the sand, with folding chairs or normal chairs, on which those who want to sit comfortably can sit. Also, if you want to create a rustic decoration, you can use different ideas, such as wooden benches, or even carpets and ottomans, if you want a more boho-chic decoration.


Weather and temperature


The weather can be unpredictable even on the hottest summer days, especially near the sea. Of course, everything depends on the season, the location and, of course, luck. However, it is good to prepare and take into account even unforeseen events, especially when choosing an outdoor venue. Therefore, carefully study the forecast, but try to include elements in the decoration that can help you in case the weather is not favorable. For example, maybe you set up a covered, spare space, to be used as a shelter, or maybe you opt for umbrellas (which can be useful both in case of rain and in case of strong sun). You can also set a patio or a tent in which you can put some chairs and tables that you can decorate as you want. If you don’t know how to manage this back-up plan for your picnic wedding, speak to your wedding planner and he will help you to pick the best options for you. 


The menu


The menu is an important thing regardless of the venue you choose. However, if you want to have a picnic wedding in the true sense of the word, it is worth including some picnic-like elements in the menu. For example, you can opt for platters of cheeses and fresh fruit, to be placed on wooden supports or in picnic baskets. If you want to make a mix between the picnic menu and the classic one, you can create different well-defined areas, which have different themes, even if the main one will remain the picnic. Also, in terms of drinks, it is essential to have several types of drinks, especially soft drinks. In terms of non-alcoholic drinks, you can opt for different types of lemonade, but also for ice tea, and in terms of alcoholic drinks, you can opt for champagne, wine, prosecco or special cocktails. In addition, you can set up a unique and original candy bar, which will impress all the guests. You can include cupcakes, pies, colorful macarons and a lot of cakes that you consider suitable for a picnic, but also an ice cream station or a sorbet station.











2. Picnic wedding ideas – TIPS & TRICKS for creating an original event

If you want to plan a picnic themed wedding, it’s important not only to know how, but to find out some TIPS & TRICKS that you can use in the process. Of course, there are many ideas that you can take into account, but you have to decide which are the most important things for you. 


There are other things you can do if you really want to have a special event. For example, to be able to put into practice the most daring ideas, it is recommended to use the services of an experienced wedding planner. It will help you to set up all the details related to the location, decoration, menu, services and other products that you will need for your picnic wedding. So, make a list of all the things you want and talk to your wedding planner to find the best solutions.


You can include in the wedding-picnic program new activities that are fun and funny. Your guests will surely have a great time if they take part in a series of original games. For example, you can play beach games, badminton, volleyball, but you can also try other special activities.


You can also create a tournament or a treasure hunt, in which all your guests can participate. In addition, you can add activities that include arts & crafts, a DIY bar (your guests can create their own favors, for example), or another type of activities.


Music is very important at a wedding party. The most beautiful weddings have wonderful music during the party. However, if you want to do something extravagant and original, such as a picnic party, it is definitely worth thinking about something special in terms of music. For example, you can opt for a live band to help create a special atmosphere. Maybe you prefer jazz music, if you want a vintage picnic themed wedding, or maybe you want a band that does covers of the most famous songs. Imagine the atmosphere you want and you can make a mix of several styles, depending on your preferences.


Also, to increase the comfort of your guests, you can add small useful things to the outdoor space, such as sunscreen, bug spray and insect repellent. Regardless of the nature space you choose, it is possible to encounter mosquitoes or other types of insects, which can be unpleasant. Therefore, it is good to prevent these inconveniences, equipping the space with the necessary things.











In conclusion, a picnic wedding can be the ideal choice for you if you love nature and if you like the specific atmosphere of a picnic. If you manage to find the perfect location and the help you need (an experienced wedding planner, for example), the rest of the things will be solved very quickly and easily, if you know exactly what you want. A beach picnic wedding may be the perfect option for those who want to create a special event, on a beautiful beach, near the sea. The decorations, the program, the menu and all other details can be set up easily, if you opt for the best and most professional suppliers. So, if you want a picnic at your wedding, don’t hesitate to choose this option – your guests will surely be impressed and feel wonderful in this special and original setting that you will create. Put into practice all the ideas you have, no matter how bold and courageous they may seem. Nothing is impossible, when you know what you want and when you have the right people with you. Therefore, start with confidence in this adventure and organize an unforgettable wedding, which you will remember forever as the most special and special day of your life and, above all, as the day when you started a new chapter of your married life.


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Bridgerton wedding, an enchanting soiree: How to capture the elegance of Regency romance + The perfect venues for a timeless wedding

2 October 2023



The allure of the Bridgerton TV series has taken the wedding world by storm. With its opulent Regency-era setting, lavish costumes and compelling romantic narratives, Bridgerton has become a source of inspiration for couples seeking a wedding that echoes the grandeur of a bygone era. But its influence extends beyond the screen, touching the realms of fashion, design and the very essence of romanticism. It’s a realm of opulence, grace, and a sense of courtly love that translates seamlessly into the world of weddings. By delving into every facet of the celebration, from decorations to venues, we aim to equip couples with the insights and inspiration needed to orchestrate a day reminiscent of a Bridgerton narrative.

1. Bridgerton wedding – setting the stage with elegance

As couples seek to infuse their special day with the splendor of the Regency era, the enchanting world of Bridgerton offers a captivating canvas of fashion, romance, and aesthetics. The period’s fashion statements, from elegant silhouettes to intricate lacework, have not only graced the characters but also embedded themselves in contemporary trends. The delicate ritual of romance, where societal norms intertwine with matters of the heart, resonates with couples seeking to paint their wedding with a brush of historical charm.



1.1. Bridgerton wedding theme – aesthetics and decorations

There are some elements that are essential for crafting a charming and romantic ambiance reminiscent of Jane Austen’s novels. By focusing on the specifics, you can establish a unified, Regency-style aesthetic that can evoke a sense of timelessness for you and your guests. Here are a few details that are mandatory in order to recreate the Bridgerton vibe:


  1. Radiant candelabras


No detail casts a spell of Regency enchantment quite like the graceful flicker of candelabras. These timeless pieces of artistry, meticulously placed throughout your venue, evoke the opulence and refinement of the era. Consider sourcing them from antique shops, infusing your celebration with a touch of authenticity. Alternatively, collaborate with a wedding planner, who can take over the decorating mission and find the perfect items for your special day. 


  1. A palette painted in pastels


Bridgerton’s heart lies in pastel hues that whisper tales of romance. A symphony of pink, peach, blue, and lavender can be effortlessly woven into every facet of your celebration. These gentle shades can grace your bridesmaids’ dresses, cascade from table linens, and adorn stunning floral arrangements. 


  1. Vintage furniture


Elevate your celebration with the regal embrace of vintage furniture: gilded mirrors, artistic frames and Victorian sofas create an ambiance that unites the past with the present. Such pieces not only serve as decorative elements, but also offer your guests a retreat into the allure of days gone by. 


  1. Floral symphony


Bridgerton-inspired floral arrangements flourish with the delicate grace of soft blooms. Imagine lush peonies, elegant roses, and dreamy hydrangeas in hues that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Infuse them with dashes of ivy or eucalyptus, lending your arrangements a touch of natural femininity. 


  1. Fabrics fit for royalty


Invite the spirit of Regency into your celebration by draping tables with fabrics adorned in delicate patterns. The touch of silk, chiffon and lace echo the era’s refinement. As your guests mingle beneath canopies of fabric and dine amidst history-inspired linens, every touch and texture will transport them to a time when grace and beauty reigned supreme.


  1. An extravagant banquet 


No Bridgerton-themed wedding reception would be complete without an extravagant banquet. A meticulously crafted plated meal, resplendent with choices such as succulent beef tenderloin or impeccably roasted chicken, will grace your formal dinner with an air of sophistication. For a more relaxed atmosphere, consider a buffet-style presentation adorned with an array of British delicacies: Shepherd’s pie, deviled eggs, game pie, Yorkshire puddings – all cooked to perfection. 


  1. Decadent desserts


As the celebratory evening unfolds, it’s essential to conclude the culinary journey with some decadent desserts that leave your guests sighing with delight. Transport them to the sumptuous realm of the Bridgerton universe with classic British confections that have stood the test of time. A delectable trifle layered with velvety custard, luscious fruit, and delicate sherry-soaked sponge cake is a harmonious symphony of flavors. The warm embrace of sticky toffee pudding, rich and indulgent, can become an unforgettable highlight, while a perfect wedding cake adorned with intricate floral designs will stand tall, mirroring the aesthetic of Bridgerton itself. 


  1. Tea party


For those who start their married life in the gentle afternoon sun, there’s a charming way to end the celebrations. Imagine a traditional British tea time, just like in the Bridgerton world. Picture a fancy selection of teas, from tasty Earl Grey to refreshing Darjeeling. As everyone comes together, they can enjoy small sandwiches with cucumber, smoked salmon, and egg salad. And then, there are scones – special bread treats – topped with yummy jam and thick cream. It’s like a taste of fancy old-time luxury.



  1. Beautiful invitations and notes


Handwritten invitations are a splendid and unique wedding idea for a Bridgerton-themed wedding, giving your guests a sense of what the event will be like. Table notes, similarly crafted, add a touch of intimacy and authenticity, immersing guests in the romantic world of Bridgerton. These handwritten details resonate with the show’s aesthetics and create a unique experience that guests will cherish, transporting them to a time where every detail was created with care.



  1. It’s waltz time!


Stay authentic to the Regency era with classical melodies, string quartets, and operatic acts. Elevate it further with a live harpist. A traditional waltz is essential for the reception, epitomizing the wedding theme’s charm. Hire a choreographer and engage guests in ballroom dances. 

1.2. Bridgerton style wedding dress – essential details and accessories

With its inherent romanticism and refined elegance, there’s no wonder why Bridgerton is slowly evolving into a wellspring of creative motivation for those who want to orchestrate their matrimonial ceremonies along with a touch of history.


Bridgerton-style wedding dresses can be characterized by the use of natural fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton. These exquisite materials gracefully adorn modern brides in gowns that are both delicate and ethereal. The choice of these textiles not only transports you back to a time of timeless sophistication, but also ensures a gown that is airy and luminous, making every step down the aisle a celestial dance. 



A signature feature of Bridgerton dresses is the harmonious combination of light fabrics and soft, pastel hues. Conjuring visions of soft pink sunsets, serene blues, and the palest shades of dawn, these colors transform the gown into a canvas of romance. Their gentle presence brings out the bride’s natural allure and envelops her in an aura of ethereal charm, as if she has stepped straight out of the pages of a classic romance novel. 


Floral accents play a pivotal role in adorning the gowns with both subtlety and vibrancy. From delicate blooms to vibrant blossoms, the gowns draw inspiration from nature’s tapestry and bring a sense of freshness and vitality. 



Featuring a fitted bodice around the waist, the flowing skirt, gently cascading in an A-line silhouette, captures the essence of Regency-inspired elegance. This blend of fitted and flowing elements creates a harmonious symphony of design that embodies both the bride’s unique beauty and the era’s romantic sensibility. 


Delicate Regency-era details are a mark of elegance and opulence. Lace, tulle, and intricate beading provide tactile dimensions that breathe life into the fabric. 



The groom’s attire is just as important, in order to recreate the elegant atmosphere of the era. The groom’s outfit starts with a fancy tailcoat that’s well-fitted and looks formal. The coat should have special buttons and lapels that make it unique. Under the tailcoat, there’s a clean white dress shirt with a special front, dedicated to a fancy tie that matches the wedding colors. According to the era’s fashion, the outfit should also consist of a vest and well-fitted pants. When it comes to accessories, a pocket watch and cufflinks are bold and timeless choices. 


2. Bridgerton wedding venues – the perfect places for a dream wedding

A Bridgerton-inspired wedding theme demands a setting that resonates with timeless allure and a hint of opulence. Here’s an exclusive selection of venue options that possess the ability to encapsulate the very essence of a Bridgerton-themed wedding: 


  • Historical estates – opting for a historic estate or manor house graced with intricate architecture, lush gardens, and resplendent interiors will transport your guests straight into the world of Bridgerton. These venues often feature luxurious ballrooms, sweeping staircases, and elegant salons, all impeccably aligned with the theme. 


  • Ballrooms and chateaus – a source of inspiration for lavish parties of the ‘20s and a central element for a Great Gatsby themed wedding, majestic ballrooms adorned with crystal chandeliers, gold accents and intricate detail provide the perfect backdrop for a Bridgerton-style celebration. So, in case you want to bring a unique perspective into your event, ballrooms are the perfect venues for a fusion wedding between the dynamic atmosphere of the swing era and the enchanting aesthetics of the 1800s. 


  • Botanical gardens – the allure of gardens with blossoming flowers, cascading fountains, and pathways brimming with romance can effortlessly recreate the enchanting ambiance of Bridgerton. Such venues are tailor-made for outdoor ceremonies and receptions amidst the embrace of nature’s beauty. 


  • Historical hotels – high-end historical hotels boast architectural grandeur, lavish interiors and an unmistakable old-world charm. These venues often feature ballrooms of unparalleled elegance, luxurious suites, and event professionals that can bring the Bridgerton theme wedding to life. 


  • Country estates – nestled in the countryside or on the outskirts of a city, country estates exude both elegance and seclusion. With sprawling lawns, enchanting terraces, and picturesque vistas, these venues can effortlessly weave a dreamy atmosphere reminiscent of the series. 


  • Mansion gardens – an intimate mansion garden becomes a canvas for enchantment in a Bridgerton-style wedding. Guests can enjoy the allure of well-tended lawns, meticulously sculpted hedges, and fragrant blooms, enveloped in an atmosphere of sheer romance. 


  • Castles – a fairytale vision comes to life as a Bridgerton-themed wedding unfolds within the majestic walls of a castle. A wedding in Romania, for example, is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the allure of historical charm, and when set against the backdrop of Bran Castle, it’s a dream transformed into reality. A Bran Castle wedding is an enchanting journey into the world of Regency-inspired celebrations, where the castle’s stone turrets and picturesque courtyards provide a captivating stage for the celebration. 


  • Vineyards – for an elegant rustic themed wedding, vineyards and wineries offer expansive landscapes draped in vines. The simple, yet charming setting, combined with sophisticated decorations and details, resonates well with the Bridgerton theme, evoking a countryside allure. 


  • Historical museums – some museums welcome events within their historically rich spaces. Depending on the museum’s collection and architectural features, this can lend a distinctive and captivating backdrop to your wedding.

3. Bridgerton inspired wedding – interesting facts about weddings in the Regency era


Weddings in the Regency era were characterized by a blend of tradition, social protocol, and practicality. Brides wore their best dresses, and rings with colored gemstones were exchanged. While the actual ceremony was straightforward, lively celebrations included dancing, feasting, and toasting, culminating in newspaper announcements that solidified the newlyweds’ social status. 


Here are a few interesting facts about weddings in the Regency era:


  • Morning weddings were common and often held earlier in the day and followed by a breakfast feast. This was a reflection of the social norms and practicalities of the time, allowing for celebrations without interfering with the day’s routines. 


  • Simple ceremony – regency wedding ceremonies were generally simple affairs, focusing on the exchange of vows and rings. They were often conducted in churches, and there were fewer elaborate decorations and processions compared to modern weddings. 


  • Wedding attire – brides during the Regency era often wore their best dresses rather than specific bridal gowns. The idea of a white wedding dress, popularized by Queen Victoria later in the 19th century, wasn’t as prevalent during this time. Brides might choose dresses in various colors. 


  • Rings were exchanged during Regency weddings, but it wasn’t until later in the Victorian era that diamond engagement rings became the norm. Jewelry was essential to the bride’s attire and often included pearls and precious stones. 


  • Wedding breakfast – following the wedding ceremony, this was a substantial meal, much like a brunch or lunch, that marked the first meal shared by the newlyweds and their guests as a married couple. 


  • Carriages played a crucial role – the bride and groom would often travel to the church or the venue in separate carriages, accompanied by their families and attendants. After the wedding, the couple would depart together in a “wedding carriage.” 


  • Festivities and celebrations – while the actual wedding ceremony might be a more subdued affair, the celebrations that followed could be quite lively. Dancing, feasting, and toasting were important aspects of Regency wedding receptions. 


  • Announcements – the announcement of a wedding often appeared in newspapers, detailing the names and backgrounds of the bride and groom. This served as a way to inform the broader social circle about the union and solidify the newlyweds’ status.



In the end, the charm of a Bridgerton-themed wedding is in how it creates a captivating atmosphere of romance and nostalgia. It invites you to step into a world where lavish elegance, romantic love and magnificence take center stage. It’s like an invitation to relive the romance of the Regency period – a place where dances happen under shining chandeliers, where little secrets hide behind fans, and where every moment is a piece of a love story that’s part of history. 


So, dear readers, if this is your dream wedding, it’s the right time to take the first step in organizing a perfect event, Bridgerton style. Contact us now for exquisite wedding services and get in touch with one of our experts, who will make sure that every detail is well thought out and that your special day will be as you have always wanted!


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Pink wedding theme – unleash your creativity for the sweetest event in your life

29 September 2023


A pink-themed wedding is the right way to embrace romance, symbolizing love, tenderness, and youthful joy. The pink color is multifaceted, with various shades representing everything from innocence to passion. This theme invites you to explore different shades of pink to create a wedding day filled with elegance, charm, and a touch of playfulness. If you have already decided this is the theme you want for your big day, you should also consider some aspects during the planning.

1. Pink wedding theme – the main tips and tricks that will guide you to the perfect event

Planning an outstanding rustic pink wedding theme event might seem a challenge. However, considering a few recommendations, the full organizing process will be easy and joyful.

  • Understanding the theme


Pink is often associated with femininity, compassion, playfulness, and love. Understanding these connotations will help you weave these elements into your pastel pink wedding theme, creating a resonant event that touches the hearts of all your guests.

  • Selecting the perfect shade



Pink offers a vast array of shades, ranging from light pink wedding ideas, even soft blush to hot magenta tones that can be included. You may consider the following:

  • Blush pink: Subtle and elegant, great for a classical romantic theme.
  • Rose pink: Rich and warm, perfect for vintage settings.
  • Hot pink: Bold and lively, suitable for a more modern and energetic vibe.
  • Mixed shades: Combine different shades of pink to add depth and dimension.

  • Invitations

Your invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of your pink wedding reception and party:

  • Design: Think of floral prints, watercolor backgrounds, or even embossed textures.
  • Font: Elegant and whimsical fonts can complement the theme.
  • Materials: Consider using pink paper or pink ink.

  • Venue



Choosing the right venue is essential. For example, indoor venues are places with natural light that accentuate the pink decor, while the outdoor ones, like gardens and or even beach weddings offer a natural setting that can be enhanced with pink flowers and textiles.

  • Entertainment and favors


When it comes to the right melody of your event, you may choose romantic songs that fit the mood. While designing your beautiful favors, try to inspire from hot pink wedding ideas and think of pink-packaged goodies, such as candles or sweets.

  • Photography

Hiring a photographer who understands your theme is essential. If you want your big day to be very special, consider having a pink-themed pre-wedding shoot. On the rose pink wedding theme day, the photographer will capture the various pink elements throughout the day.

  • Collabs

If you have already fallen in love with the pink motif for a wedding, but have problems in planning the event, you can ask for a helping hand from the experts. At the Weddo Agency, specialized teams are ready to listen to everything you want for your big day, even if you’re willing to plan a wedding in Romania or any place, and of course, to make it come true.

2. Pink wedding decorations – ideas for a wonderful wedding party

Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment, and the decor plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for the entire event. Among the multiple themes available, a pink-inspired wedding stands out for its romantic and enchanting aura. Moreover, pink wedding venues are perfect for the celebration of the two main “actors”, especially when the decor is done with a lot of love.

  • Choosing the right shades of pink

Before diving into the decor details, it’s essential to select the right shades of pink for your wedding. Pink comes in a wide range of shades, from soft pastels to vibrant fuchsias or even pink orange wedding theme ideas. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a monochromatic approach using varying shades of pink, or you can pair pink with complementary colors like gold, silver, or white for a more sophisticated look. Soft blush pinks create an ethereal and romantic atmosphere, being perfect for a Greece wedding, while deeper shades like magenta or raspberry add a touch of drama. Maintaining a balance between different pink tones is crucial to avoid overwhelming the space.

  • Entrance and foyer decor


As guests enter the wedding, create an immediate impact with an awe-inspiring entrance. Consider a grand archway adorned with cascading pink flowers, draped curtains in shades of pink, or even a floral tunnel. Oversized pink flower arrangements and strategically placed pink uplighting can add a plus of elegance and create a seamless transition from the outside world into your pink wonderland.

  • Lights

If you are looking for decor ideas for a pink wedding theme then include pink lights. They are perfect for a rustic wedding theme, to cast a warm and romantic glow throughout the event. Twinkling fairy lights intertwined with pink tulle can add a touch of magic to the ambiance, especially during the evening reception.

  • Chairs and seating arrangements



Enhance the elegance of the wedding by adorning chairs with pink satin or tulle chair covers. You can tie pink satin ribbons around the chairs or use chair sashes with delicate pink embroidery. To further personalize the seating arrangement, consider adding name cards with pink accents, ensuring every detail contributes to the overall theme.

  • Photo booth

Create unforgettable moments for your guests by setting up a dedicated photo booth area. Craft a backdrop using a combination of pink-hued flowers, cascading vines, and fairy lights. Incorporate a vintage mirror frame with pink accents for a touch of whimsy. Supply your guests with fun pink-themed props like feather boas, hats, and oversized sunglasses for playful photographs.

  • Sweetheart table


Elevate the sweetheart table—a central point of the reception—by decorating it with luxurious pink linens, floral arrangements, and intricate tableware. A cascading table runner made of pink blooms can serve as a breathtaking centerpiece. Adding subtle touches like pink champagne flutes or rose-colored candles enhances the romantic aura of the space.

Inspiring from a few pink wedding theme ideas will provide a captivating canvas to weave together romance, elegance, and enchantment. From the entrance to the dance floor, every aspect of the decor can be infused with the soft allure of pink hues. By carefully selecting shades, harmonizing with complementary colors, and incorporating creative ideas, you can transform your wedding into a dreamy haven that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of love and the magic of the moment.

3. Blush pink wedding theme – how can the couple integrate the theme?

A pink wedding theme exudes romance, softness, and timeless elegance, perfect for couples looking to show off these feelings on their special day. The bride can embrace the theme by choosing a pink rose wedding theme dress, shoes or even hair accessories. Her bouquet can feature various shades of pink, from the lightest rose to a deep magenta. The groom can subtly integrate the theme with a pink tie, boutonnière, or pocket square. Together, they can extend the theme to their wedding décor with pink centerpieces, tablecloths, candles, and even a pink-themed wedding cake. When done with a careful balance, a pink theme can transform a wedding into a dreamy, fairy-tale affair.

 3.1. Pink wedding venues – the perfect bride’s bouquet ideas

A wedding bouquet is more than just a bundle of flowers; it’s a symbolic representation of love, beauty, and the bride’s personality. In a pink theme wedding, the bouquet becomes a stunning central point, echoing the theme’s romantic and enchanting ambiance. The pink shades, with their diverse range of shades, offer countless possibilities for crafting a bouquet that perfectly complements the bride’s vision.

  • Including various flowers



To achieve a truly captivating bouquet, let yourself discover unique wedding ideas to get you inspired. Roses, the epitome of romance, are a popular choice for a pink-themed bouquet. Peonies exude a soft, ethereal quality, while tulips bring a sense of classic beauty. Sweet-smelling carnations, delicate ranunculus, and elegant hydrangeas also offer splendid options. By combining these blooms, you can create a bouquet that’s visually interesting and pleasing to the touch.

  • Textures

Texture plays a crucial role in adding depth and character to the bouquet. Introduce elements like feathery astilbe, velvety lamb’s ear, or spiky sea holly to create a captivating contrast against the softness of the flowers. Eucalyptus leaves or trailing ivy can be added for a touch of natural greenery that beautifully complements the pink blooms. The combination of different textures not only adds visual interest but also creates a bouquet that feels rich and diverse.

  • Ribbons


Enhance the bouquet’s elegance by choosing ribbons and embellishments that match the pink color wedding theme. Satin ribbons in varying shades of pink, delicate lace, or even sequined variants can be used to tie the bouquet together. Personalize the bouquet by incorporating sentimental elements such as a piece of lace from a family heirloom or a locket containing a photo of a loved one. These embellishments add a unique touch to the bouquet and make it even more special.

  • Bouquet shapes and styles

The shape and style of the bouquet contribute significantly to its overall aesthetic. Consider different bouquet styles that align with the pink theme. A classic round bouquet creates a timeless look, while a cascading bouquet adds drama and flair. For a more modern and minimalist wedding theme, opt for a hand-tied bouquet with loosely arranged blooms, giving it an effortless and organic feel. The bouquet’s shape should complement the bride’s gown and body type, enhancing her overall bridal look.

  • Monochrome vs. Mixed bouquets



When designing a bouquet for a pink-themed wedding, you have the choice of going for a monochrome or mixed bouquet. A monochrome bouquet focuses on variations of pink, creating a stunning look. This approach can be elegant and striking, especially if the bouquet is carefully composed with different shades and textures. On the other hand, a mixed bouquet combines pink blooms with complementary colors, creating contrast and visual interest. For instance, pairing pink with shades of white or cream can highlight the pink blooms even more.

The bride’s bouquet is a cherished accessory that reflects her style, personality, and the theme of the wedding. In a pink-themed celebration, the bouquet becomes an exquisite representation of love, romance, and elegance. By carefully selecting shades, blooms, textures, and personal touches, you can craft a bouquet that is not only visually captivating but also deeply meaningful.

3.2. Pink wedding ideas – outfit inspiration for the celebrated couple

A pink-themed wedding is a celebration of romance, elegance, and femininity, and selecting the perfect outfits for such an occasion is an essential part of bringing this enchanting theme to life. Whether you’re the bride, groom, bridesmaids, or guests, the choice of attire plays a pivotal role in creating a cohesive and visually stunning atmosphere. In this article, we’ll explore ideas for crafting the perfect outfits that seamlessly blend with the pink theme, ensuring a memorable and harmonious wedding experience.

  • The bride’s outfit


For the bride, the wedding dress is the star of the show and sets the tone for the entire event. In a pink-themed wedding, there are several ways to incorporate this romantic color into the bridal attire:

  • Blush-colored gown: Opt for a gown in a soft blush pink hue, embodying grace and elegance. This subtle touch of pink adds a touch of romance while remaining true to the classic bridal aesthetic.
  • Pink accents: Choose a traditional white gown but accessorize it with pink details, such as a pink sash, a delicate pink veil, or pink floral appliqués on the dress. These accents infuse a pop of color without overshadowing the timeless white dress.
  • Ombre effect: For a bolder statement, consider a wedding dress with an ombre effect, transitioning from white to pink. This unique choice adds a touch of modern flair while staying true to the pink theme.
  • Pink accessories: Complement the bridal ensemble with pink accessories like shoes, jewelry, or a bridal bouquet featuring pink blooms. These subtle touches tie the entire look together.


  • The Groom’s outfit


While the groom’s attire often leans toward traditional black or navy, a pink-themed wedding allows for some playful and sophisticated deviations:

  • Pink accents: Incorporate pink into the groom’s ensemble through accessories such as a pink tie, pocket square, or boutonniere. These small details harmonize with the pink theme without overwhelming the look.
  • Light-colored suit: Choose a light gray or pale pink suit for a modern and stylish appearance. A light-colored suit exudes a sense of lightness and complements the romantic atmosphere of the pink-themed wedding.
  • Coordinated ties: If the groomsmen are also wearing pink accents, coordinate their ties or accessories to create a cohesive look that ties into the overall theme.


To conclude, a pink-themed wedding offers the perfect occasion for the expression of romance and elegance, allowing for a diverse range of outfit choices that align with the theme. From the bride’s stunning gown to the groom’s dashing attire, and from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the guests’ ensembles, every outfit contributes to the overall visual harmony of the event. By incorporating shades of pink, coordinating with the wedding’s color palette, and considering individual styles, you can ensure that everyone in attendance becomes a part of the beautiful tapestry that is your pink-themed wedding.


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Weddings in Spain – facts everyone should know about planning the most important day in this Iberian paradise

1 August 2023


Spain, a country brimming with passion, music, vibrant colors, and a deeply rooted respect for tradition, manifests all these characteristics in its wedding celebrations. From the Andalusian South, the cosmopolitan heart of Madrid, to the Catalan North, each region brings its unique flair to this deeply cherished institution. A Spanish wedding is more than a union of two people, but it is a captivating blend of customs, folklore, gastronomy, and of course, unyielding love. This is the main reason many couples choose to celebrate their love and unite into a family in this wonderful country. 

 1. Weddings in Spain – rituals and traditions that you should consider for the big day


The matrimonial rituals in Spain have been influenced by various cultures that have graced this country, from Roman and Visigothic periods to the Moorish era, culminating in a rich tapestry of customs. Early Spanish weddings were simple home affairs. As the Catholic Church grew more influential in the 16th century, ceremonies became more grandiose and started taking place in churches.

The significance of marriage in Spain can’t be understated. It’s not just a joining of two individuals, but also the fusion of two families. It’s a coming together of two souls and their families, all joining in a commitment of unity, loyalty, and mutual respect.

  • The pre-wedding rituals


The preparations for a Spanish wedding start several months in advance, with the engagement announcement made to family and friends. Traditionally, the bride’s father would give a “pedida de mano” or hand request to the groom’s family, symbolizing the union of the two families. Today, many Spanish couples opt for a more modern engagement proposal, but the spirit of familial unity is still strong.

There’s an emphasis on personally involving everyone in the celebrations. Invitations are sent, often hand-delivered, and include details about the ceremony, reception, and the request for a “traje de etiqueta”, which is a formal dress code. In Spain, there’s a high regard for appearances on such occasions. Guests, along with the bridal party, present themselves in elegant, classic attire.


  • The wedding day: Ceremonies and traditions

Most Spanish weddings are held in the late afternoon or early evening to avoid the country’s searing heat. They typically take place in a Catholic church, symbolizing the country’s deeply rooted Catholic traditions, though civil weddings have been gaining popularity lately.


One of the most enduring customs is the exchange of thirteen coins, or “arras”, from the groom to the bride, symbolizing the groom’s promise to provide for the family. The bride, in accepting them, pledges to use these resources wisely. The coins are kept in a small box or tray and are blessed by the priest before the exchange, signifying the couple’s commitment to sharing their worldly goods.


The bride’s entrance is a spectacle in itself. She’s joined by her father, with a trail of little flower girls and page boys following, who sometimes bear the long train of her dress. Her veil, or “mantilla”, made of lace or silk tulle, is held in place by an ornate comb, “la peina”, a gift from the mother or grandmother. Spanish brides often wear black, symbolizing their till-death commitment to their groom. However, white has become popular recently, influenced by Western practices.



One unique tradition involves the bride’s garter. During the reception, the groom removes it and tosses it into the crowd, mirroring the Western tradition of the bride tossing the bouquet. It’s said that whoever catches the garter will be next to marry.

  • The fiesta: Spanish wedding reception


If you thought the ceremony was spirited, the Spanish wedding reception, or “la fiesta”, is a feast of fun, laughter and dance that often continues till dawn. The newlyweds open the dance floor with a traditional dance called “el vals”. Family and friends join in, and soon, everyone is twirling to the rhythm of Spanish music.

Spanish gastronomy takes center stage at the reception. Regional cuisine and world-renowned Spanish wines are abundant. From an assortment of tapas, Iberian ham, paella, to a variety of seafood dishes in coastal regions, it is a culinary delight.

A Spanish wedding cake, traditionally almond-based, is cut by the newlyweds and shared with everyone. Recently, candy bars or dessert tables with a variety of sweets have become a trendy plus.



  • Post-wedding rituals

Spanish wedding celebrations often extend to the next day, with a post-wedding brunch or lunch for family and close friends. This gathering is a more relaxed affair, allowing the couple and their families to unwind, recount experiences from the wedding and thank the guests for their attendance.

Spanish weddings artfully blend tradition, modernity, and regional influences, creating a celebration that’s deeply personal, emotionally charged and utterly memorable. While changes are happening, like the rise of destination weddings, selecting white wedding gowns or eco-friendly wedding trends, the essence is kept. It’s an experience that embodies the Spanish spirit of unity, familial ties, deep-rooted customs, and, above all, an unwavering dedication to love.

In the heart of Spain, a wedding is more than just a ceremony. It’s a vibrant fiesta, a solemn promise, a culinary festival, a dance marathon and a heartfelt celebration of love and unity. Spanish weddings, like the country itself, are a testament to the power of love, family, and tradition, all coming together in a spectacular festival of joy. So, be prepared for the destination for the wedding in Spain!

2. Spain wedding venues – key elements that will emphasize the beauty of your event


In the world of weddings, themes have become more than just an aesthetic choice. They provide a sense of coherence, serve as a reflection of a couple’s personality, and add an element of uniqueness to the celebration. One such theme, inspired by the vivacious and vibrant culture, along with the wedding destinations in Spain, offers a captivating blend of passion, tradition, elegance, and flair. From bullfighting and flamenco dancing to stunning coastal landscapes and intricate Moorish architecture, Spain’s cultural wealth provides a plethora of ideas for a wedding organized in this Iberian beauty.

  • Spanish wedding venue and decor



Whether you’re planning a wedding in your backyard, a local event space, or an actual villa, the venue and decor play a significant role in setting the Spain-themed wedding. Start by choosing a location that can capture the Spanish essence. An outdoor venue with sprawling gardens, a courtyard, or a venue with unique architecture would be ideal.

The decor should echo Spanish aesthetics, known for their warm colors, rustic elements, and careful details. Incorporate colors like red, orange and yellow, combined with earthy shades. Use traditional Spanish elements like colorful tiles, ornate rugs and vintage lanterns. Set up a Spanish-style lounge area with rustic furniture for guests to mingle and relax. The tables can be adorned with low floral arrangements featuring flowers common in Spain, such as roses, carnations, and lilies.



For a plus of style, consider having a beautiful archway designed to resemble those found in Spanish architecture. This could serve as the focal point for your wedding ceremony, resembling the authentic Spanish charm.


  • Flamenco-inspired attire


Spain is synonymous with flamenco and this can be a source of inspiration for your wedding attire. Brides might consider a flamenco-style wedding dress, characterized by ruffles, lace details, and often a mermaid silhouette. Spanish veils or mantillas made from lace or silk tulle can replace the traditional ones. Grooms can opt for a stylish black suit or even a Spanish-inspired wedding outfit (like a matador) if they’re feeling adventurous.

Encourage guests to embrace the Spanish spirit as well and come to the Spanish destination for wedding, recommending women wear long, flowing dresses with floral prints or vibrant colors, while men could opt for light-colored linen suits for a summery, Mediterranean feel.


  • Gastronomy and entertainment

The best wedding venues in Valencia and other remarkable cities are incomplete without a feast of traditional foods. Tapas for starters, a paella for the main course and churros or flan for dessert would make for a delightful menu. Sangria and Spanish wines are a must.




The entertainment should keep the Spanish vibe alive. Hire a flamenco band or a Spanish guitarist to set the mood. A live flamenco performance would certainly keep guests entertained and uphold the Spanish atmosphere.

Moreover, if you are currently dreaming of your perfect big day in Spain, you could opt for specialized wedding planner. Weddo Agency is a professional team formed in order to listen to all of your wishes and especially, to make them come true. Plus, asking for help, you won’t have to worry about details because the team is one step ahead thing Spanish for the wedding, reading your thoughts and planning everything carefully.

 3. Getting married in Spain – the perfect locations you should consider for the happiest day of your life

Spain, with its warm Mediterranean climate, stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is the perfect setting for your fairy-tale wedding. The charm of Spain’s captivating cities, idyllic beaches, romantic vineyards, and ancient castles offer a diverse range of stunning wedding locations. Let’s discover the perfect places in Spain where you can celebrate your union in style. 


  • Valencia: The historic haven


Valencia combines historical charm with the allure of the Mediterranean coast. The city’s cathedral, with its blend of architectural styles, is an exquisite wedding venue. For the reception, the City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic complex, offers an exciting contrast. At the same time, wedding venues in Valencia are very different, so if you dream about a beach wedding or a more formal event, this city is perfect and for sure, it will make you choose Spain for the wedding.

  • Barcelona: The coastal charmer


Located on Spain’s northeastern coast, Barcelona is a city where Gothic architecture meets modernist charm. The city’s stunning seaside views, cobbled streets, and vibrant atmosphere make it an unforgettable wedding destination. The Santa Maria del Mar, a majestic 14th-century church, is a breathtaking venue for your ceremony. For the reception, consider one of Barcelona’s beachfront hotels, offering both top-notch service and captivating Mediterranean views.

  • Granada: The romantic refuge


Granada, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, boasts rich history and enchanting landscapes. The Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers a stunning backdrop for a wedding. Alternatively, consider saying your vows in the Carmen de los Martires, a beautiful 19th-century mansion surrounded by lush gardens.

  • Ibiza: The island paradise


Known for its nightlife and beautiful beaches, Ibiza offers a perfect blend of party and paradise for couples looking for a lively, unique wedding. Venues like the Atzaro, a rustic luxury hotel surrounded by orchards and gardens, provide a breathtaking setting amidst the island’s soul. If you’re looking for an intimate beach wedding, consider the Cala Jondal Beach, renowned for its crystalline waters and natural beauty.

  • Mallorca: The mediterranean marvel


Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, offers a diverse array of wedding venues from luxury beach resorts to rustic countryside fincas. For a dreamy beach wedding, Purobeach Palma provides an exclusive, stylish setting. Alternatively, the historic Son Marroig, perched on a hill with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, offers an unrivalled romantic setting.

  • Madrid: The royal city


Spain’s capital, Madrid, with its royal palaces, grand squares, and beautiful parks, offers a sophisticated urban wedding setting. The Crystal Palace in Retiro Park is a popular venue, with its exquisite glass and metal structure reflecting beautifully off the adjacent pond. For those seeking a royal touch, the Parador de Alcalá, a 17th-century monastery turned luxury hotel, will make you feel like royalty on your special day.

  • Basque Country: The gastronomic gem


The Basque Country, known for its culinary scene, is perfect for foodie couples. Tie the knot in a traditional Basque farmhouse, or “caserío”, followed by a reception featuring the region’s world-class cuisine. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, an architectural masterpiece, provides an alternative urban venue that offers both style and cultural appeal.

  • Seville: The soulful city


Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is renowned for its vibrant culture, magnificent architecture and flamenco flair. The city is marked by romanticism, making it an excellent choice for your nuptials. The Alcazar of Seville, a palace renowned for its Mudéjar architecture, provides a perfect setting for a wedding in Spain ceremony. For a truly unique experience, consider a reception on a riverboat cruise down the Guadalquivir river under the stars.


From cultural hotspots to beach paradises, Spain offers many wedding locations for every type of couple. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of ancient architecture, the charm of rustic vineyards, or the peace of the coast, you’ll find the perfect venue to celebrate your special day in Spain.


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Wording for wedding invitations – steps into crafting the perfect design for your special day

1 August 2023


A wedding invitation is a formal written or digital request for someone’s presence at a wedding ceremony. The role of a wedding invitation is to provide all the essential details about the event, such as the date, time, and location. It may also include additional details like the dress code or information about any pre-wedding or post-wedding events. The style, wording, and overall design of the invitation can give guests a sense of what to expect at the wedding. It can hint at the theme, formality of the event, and even the personalities or tastes of the couple. Moreover, it’s the first tangible piece of your wedding that your guests will receive. Hence, it sets the first impression of your wedding and generates excitement and anticipation for the big day.

 1. Wording for wedding invitations – importance and impact


Invitations provide the necessary details that the guests should consider. Moreover, they are responsible for setting the tone for the event. The style, design, and wording of the invitation offer your guests a hint of the event’s formality, the theme, and what they can expect at the wedding.

In addition, these help establish an emotional connection with the guests. They are a means of telling the invitees that their presence is valued and the couple wishes to share their special moment with them. For many couples and guests, the wedding invitation is a keepsake, a tangible reminder of a significant event. Some couples frame their invitations, and guests often hold on to them as mementos.

Wedding invitations are important for several reasons:

  • Information: They provide all the necessary details about the wedding, such as date, time, venue, dress code, along with other information that help the guests attend the wedding properly prepared.
  • First impression: The wedding invitation is the first glimpse that guests have into the style and theme of your wedding. It sets the tone for what attendees can expect at the event, whether it’s casual, formal, traditional, modern or any other style.
  • Personal touch: Wedding invitations are a way of personally reaching out to family and friends and expressing your desire for them to be a part of your special day. This gesture adds a personal touch and makes the invitees feel special and included.
  • Tradition: For many, sending out physical wedding invitations is a cherished tradition. It marks the beginning of your wedding journey and can serve as a beautiful keepsake for both the couple and the guests.
  • Etiquette: It’s also considered good etiquette to send wedding invitations. It gives your guests enough time to plan, arrange for travel and accommodation (if necessary), and prepare for the event.
  • Organization: Wedding invitations are a great assistant in organizing the event. Knowing the number of attendees aids in tasks such as venue selection, food, and drink planning, arranging seating and many other aspects.

  2. Wedding invitation message – the information that is usually mentioned


Traditionally, it is sent by the couple or their families to their chosen guests. A typical wedding invitation includes the names of the people hosting the wedding, traditionally the parents of the bride and the groom, along with the happy couple’s names, the date and time when the wedding is scheduled, together with the address or name of the venue where the wedding will be held. Moreover, it should also offer details for guests to confirm whether they will attend, usually via a reply card included with the invitation or through a website. If you are currently planning your wedding day, you should consider creating a unique design for the invitations.

Optional information may include:

  • Dress code: If there is a specific dress code for the wedding.
  • Wedding reception details: If the reception is at a different location or at a different time, those details may also be included.
  • Other events: Some couples may choose to include details of other wedding-related events, such as rehearsal dinners or post-wedding brunches.
  • Accommodation details: For destination weddings or when many guests are coming from out of town, information about local hotels and accommodations can be very helpful.

In addition to these, the design and wording of the invitation often reflects the couple’s personal style and the formality of the event. This can range from traditional and elegant to casual and fun, or anything in between. It’s a way for the couple to set the tone for their wedding and give guests a preview of what to expect.

3. Wedding invitation writing – unique design ideas to inspire you

A wedding invitation is far more than a mere formal announcement of your wedding date and venue. It is the first peek your guests get into the theme, style, and vibe of your wedding. A well-thought-out and creatively designed wedding invitation can set the tone for your big day, and it can create anticipation and excitement amongst your guests. Whether you favor minimalism, elegance, rustic charm, or extravagance, your wedding invitation can be a reflection of your personality and a window into your unique love story. Here are some design ideas that can make your wedding invitation a perfect representation of your style and your special day.

  • Minimalist design


In an age where “less is more”, minimalist wedding invitations are gaining more and more popularity. This design focuses on the basics: clean lines, simple typography, and wide white space. Despite the lack of complex decorations, minimalist invitations can be striking in their elegance and sophistication. A monochromatic color scheme with accents of metallic shades, such as gold or silver, can add a touch of luxury. A simple serif or sans-serif typeface can keep the design in the modern and chic field. This style is perfect for couples who appreciate simplicity and want their message to be the central point.

  • Vintage inspired


For those with a love for all things retro, vintage-inspired designs can be a great choice. These designs often feature script typography, parchment-style paper, and traditional elements like intricate lace detailing, wax seals or romantic watercolor flowers. They induce a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance.

  • Boho chic


Boho chic is an aesthetic that combines natural elements, vibrant colors, and a laid-back, artistic vibe. A boho-themed invitation could include elements such as feathers, dream catchers or hand-drawn floral motifs. Earthy colors and textures, mixed fonts, and a casual layout can be great ideas for beach wedding cards, further emphasizing the free-spirited feel of a boho themed event. Recycled paper or Kraft paper can add an eco-friendly touch.

  • Modern geometry


Modern geometric designs are all about bold shapes and lines. They can range from subtle, with just a few geometric accents, to extravagant designs where geometry is the main feature. Metallic colors, such as rose gold or copper, can complement geometric designs beautifully. This style, combined with a bold, modern typeface, results in a contemporary and unique design, perfect for a Greece wedding or even a white-themed event.

  • Watercolor artistry


Watercolor designs lend a soft and romantic feel to wedding invitations. Whether it’s a touch of pastel colors, a landscape scene, or delicately painted flowers, watercolor adds a handcrafted feeling to your invitations. This design pairs well with calligraphy and organic, flowing fonts. Watercolor invites work perfectly for spring or summer weddings and can be tailored to suit various color schemes.

  • Photo invitations


For a personal and intimate choice, one example for wedding cards messages may be incorporating your engagement photos. This makes your invitations uniquely yours and provides an excellent opportunity to share your favorite pictures. These can be combined with modern typography and color overlays to ensure all the necessary information is easy to read.

  •  Rustic charm


Rustic wedding invitations often feature elements like wood textures, mason jars, floral garlands, or twine. The color palette tends towards natural, earthy tones. Texture plays a big role in rustic designs. Consider printing on wood, using a burlap envelope, or adding a lace wrapper to enhance the rustic look.

  • Luxury and glamour


For a high-end look, consider luxurious details like foil stamping, letterpress printing, embossing, or the use of vellum and silk ribbons. Rich colors like burgundy, navy, emerald green, or classic black and white can provide a unique backdrop. Elegant typefaces, monograms, and crest designs also add to the luxurious feel.

  • Eco-friendly invitations


In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, more couples are looking for sustainable wedding invitation options. Consider using recycled paper or seed paper, which can be planted and will grow into wildflowers. You can also make a digital invitation to minimize the environmental impact.

The design of your wedding invitation is an opportunity to give your guests a glimpse of what’s to come on your special day. It’s more than just conveying information. It’s about expressing your personal style, your shared story and the tone of your wedding event. By considering these design ideas, you can create an invitation that not only delights your guests but also becomes a cherished keepsake of your memorable day.

4. Unique wedding invitation wording – the elements that you must consider when creating your cards


Here are the key elements that every wedding invitation should contain:

Host’s name: The host’s name should be at the beginning of the invitation. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are the hosts, but this could also include the groom’s parents, both the bride and groom, or even other family members or friends.

Invitation to attend: This is typically a phrase like “request the honor of your presence” for a church wedding or “request the pleasure of your company” for a non-religious venue.

Couple’s names: The bride’s name typically goes first, followed by the groom’s name.

Date and time: The wedding date and time need to be clear. Traditionally, these are spelled out rather than written in numerals, although modern invitations often break with this tradition.

Location: The venue, city, and state should be included. If it’s a well-known location or a private residence, the street address isn’t necessary. For less well-known venues, the full address should be included.

Reception information: If the reception is at the same location, you can simply say “Reception to follow.” If it’s at a different location, you’ll need to include the address and possibly the start time, if it’s not immediately following the ceremony.

Dress code: This is optional, but if you’re having a black-tie event (or if your venue has specific dress requirements), it’s good to let your guests know.

Confirmation: Include a date by which guests should respond to let you know if they will be attending. This could be via a response card, a phone number or an email.

 4.1. Ideas for wedding cards – wording done properly


Besides the information that should be included in your invitation, another aspect is not to be forgotten: the wording. This serves more than just a utilitarian purpose of conveying necessary information. It also sets the tone for your wedding, offering guests a glimpse into the formality, ambiance, and personal style of your big day. While the specific language might change with evolving trends and traditions, the ultimate goal remains the same – to invite your loved ones to join you in celebrating a significant milestone in your life. Here’s a guide to establishing the right tone of voice and writing style in your wedding invitation.

  • Establishing tone

The tone of your wedding invitation should mirror the formality and theme of your event.

  • Formal: Traditional weddings often use formal language in the invitations. The phrases are more structured, and the language is often third-person. This tone reflects a sense of dignity and respect for the event. For example, for a wedding in Romania, you may opt for a phrase like “Mr. and Mrs. Dumitru would like to invite you to…”
  • Informal: Informal or casual weddings allow for more flexibility and creativity in the used language. First-person language is more commonly used, and the invitation can even include playful or humorous tones. For example, “Join us as we tie the knot in a sunset ceremony…”
  • Semi-formal: A semi-formal tone strikes a balance between the two. It maintains respect for the occasion’s seriousness, but in a more relaxed, conversational manner. For instance, “Together with their families, Jane and John invite you to celebrate their wedding…”

  • Choosing the writing style

The writing style of your wedding invitation can be as unique as your love story. However, there are some general styles that can serve as a guide.

  • Classic: This style leans towards formal language, using full sentences and often incorporating traditional phrasing. There’s a focus on etiquette, like listing the bride’s name first and spelling out words in full. 
  • Modern: A modern style invitation is typically more concise, with less formal language. It can involve creative typography, unconventional wording, and sometimes even incorporates a bit of humor. The order of names, the use of numerals or abbreviations is flexible in a modern style. Moreover, you can also adapt to modern wedding wording for invitations, so as to include your style to the smallest detail.
  • Romantic: Flowery language, poetic quotes or lyrics from a favorite song can make your invitation feel more romantic. This style is often paired with soft colors, elegant fonts and traditional etiquette.
  • Themed: If your wedding has a specific theme (for example beach, rustic, vintage), your invitation can reflect this. Fonts, layout and what wording to use for wedding invitations can all align with the theme. For instance, a beach wedding invitation might say, “Join us for a barefoot celebration on the sandy shores…”
  • Cultural or religious: Certain cultural or religious ceremonies have traditional phrasing that’s important to include.

4.2. Examples of wedding card messages – extra tips to guide you to creating the perfect invitation

  1. Always proofread: No matter the tone or style you select, always proofread your invitations before they’re printed. Check for spelling, grammar, and ensure all the essential details are correct.
  2. Maintain consistency: The tone and style used in your invitation should be consistent throughout all your wedding stationery, including save the dates, confirmation details, ceremony programs, and thank-you cards.
  3. Personalize: The most memorable invitations often include a personal touch, like a unique quote, a line of poetry or even a brief anecdote about the couple.

Crafting your wedding invitation is a deeply personal task. The tone and style you choose will set the stage for your wedding, providing a peek into what guests can anticipate. Whether you opt for formal, informal, classic, modern, romantic, or themed, make sure that your invitation resonates with your individual tastes and the uniqueness of your love story. And remember, the ultimate goal is to extend a warm invitation that echoes the joy and excitement of your upcoming nuptials. As you design, remember that the best invitations are those that reflect the couple’s personality and love for each other. So, be authentic, be creative, and most importantly, have fun with it!


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Yellow wedding theme – the ultimate list of elements you should consider on your big day

1 August 2023


As you embark on the exciting journey of planning your wedding, one of the earliest and most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting a theme. A wedding theme not only sets the tone for your special day but also gives a unique expression of your shared style and personality as a couple. If you’ve chosen the cheerful and optimistic shade of yellow as your theme, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it seamlessly, creating an enchanting setting for your big day.

 1. Yellow wedding theme – why should you consider such a motif?

The first aspect to consider is the symbolism behind your chosen color. Yellow, traditionally associated with happiness, joy, and enlightenment, is a color that signifies optimism, energy, and warmth. It’s a powerful color that can bring a sense of vitality and spontaneity to your event, even if it’s a wedding in Romania or in any other place. The meaning and impact of yellow align beautifully with the joyful celebration of love and the start of a new, shared journey, as a married couple.

 1.1. Pastel yellow wedding theme – how can you incorporate this color in your event?


Yellow is an incredibly versatile color, with a spectrum that ranges from soft pastel shades to vibrant and energetic tones. Consider the season, location, and overall feel you want your event to have when selecting the right shade of yellow, whether it is a beach wedding or a classic restaurant celebration. Soft, buttery yellows can induce a vintage or rustic feel, while bold, vibrant hues express modernity and excitement.

An impactful way to incorporate yellow is within the wedding party’s attire. The bride could opt for a dress with yellow accents, a yellow bouquet, or even shoes in this shade for a pop of color. Bridesmaids’ dresses in yellow can be a bit striking, or you could opt for subtile touches like yellow accessories or corsages. The groom and groomsmen can include the theme with yellow ties, pocket squares, boutonnieres, or even funny socks.




You can create a beautiful light yellow wedding theme, whether it’s through floral arrangements, table settings, or venue decorations. Use it in your centerpieces, seating cards, table runners, or drapes. Lighting also plays an important role in setting the ambiance. Through your yellow wedding theme ideas should be considered fairy lights or candles to provide a warm, inviting glow to your venue.

1.2. Yellow wedding invitations – tips and trick to take into account for a great event

When it comes to wedding invitations, using the colour yellow is a great way to ensure that they stand out. From little yellow insertions to all-the-way yellow designs, there are many great ideas that you can choose from! You can, for example, opt for a white card that you can decorate with yellow flowers, such as daisies or sunflowers. If you want to go all the way, you can even choose bright yellow envelopes! 


Here are some other tips & tricks that you can use in order to create the yellow wedding of your dreams:

  • Yellow floral selections



Flowers are an essential part of any wedding and an excellent way to showcase your theme. Marigolds, sunflowers, yellow roses, and daffodils can be part of your yellow wedding decoration ideas, making striking floral displays. For a softer touch, consider daisies, tulips or even pale yellow roses. Don’t forget to include the selected flowers in the accessories worn by the bride, groom, bridesmaids and best men.

  • Food and drinks





Another fantastic way to bring your yellow gold motif for wedding to life is through your menu. You could offer lemonade, mango cocktails, or a signature yellow-themed drink. Consider dishes that naturally incorporate yellow ingredients, like corn, saffron rice or lemon chicken. Desserts can also suggest the golden yellow wedding motif with options like lemon tarts, banana pudding or a stunning theme wedding cake.

  • Yellow-themed wedding invitations and stationery


Your wedding invitations are the first taste your guests will get of your wedding theme. In this case, you may opt for stylish yellow designs that evoke the mood of your wedding. Keep the theme consistent across your other wedding stationery, including your menus, seating cards, and thank-you notes.

  • Wedding favors


Choosing a golden yellow motif for wedding favors is a lovely final touch to your theme. Consider miniature honey jars, custom yellow candles or packets of sunflower seeds. Personalize them for an extra special touch.

  • Professional guidance

While planning a themed wedding can be exciting, it can also feel overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if needed. Wedding planners and decorators have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life, ensuring each element is tastefully executed. Whether it is a Greece wedding or an event organized in another country, wedding planners are prepared to give you the helping hand you require.

  • Balancing your theme

While yellow is your central theme, remember to balance it with complementary colors. Too much yellow can be overwhelming, so choose secondary colors that harmonize, such as soft white, gray or even a contrasting color like navy blue or deep green.

A yellow and gold wedding decor is a cheerful and lively option that promises a memorable celebration. It’s a theme that induces happiness, optimism and love to your special day. By considering the key points above and infusing your personal touch in each detail, you can create an event that’s as bright and wonderful as the color yellow itself.

2. Yellow wedding decor – ideas for a wonderful bride’s bouquet

The bridal bouquet is more than an accessory, as it carries a historical significance. Traditionally, bouquets were made of herbs and spices believed to ward off evil spirits. Over time, they evolved into an expression of love and fidelity, with each flower type and color symbolizing different emotions. Choosing a yellow bouquet communicates joy, warmth, and new beginnings, making it an ideal choice for your wedding day.


  • Knowing your flowers: yellow varieties

Before you begin planning your bouquet, it’s essential to know your flower options. Yellow blooms come in various types, each carrying unique beauty and meaning.

  • Sunflowers: Symbolizing adoration and loyalty, their vibrant yellow petals and large size make a bold statement. Moreover, these can be easily incorporated in different wedding themes for summer, regardless of the place.


  • Roses: Yellow roses signify friendship, joy, and caring. They come in various shades, from soft buttery hues to beautiful vibrant gold.
  • Tulips: Symbolizing cheerful thoughts and sunshine, tulips are a beautiful choice in a yellow wedding color theme.
  • Daffodils: Known for symbolizing new beginnings, daffodils are perfect for a bouquet celebrating the start of a marriage.
  • Calla lilies: Representing magnificent beauty, these elegant flowers add a unique touch.
  • Gerbera daisies: These bright and cheerful flowers symbolize innocence and purity.
  • Marigold: Known for their vibrant colors and symbolism of the sun, marigolds are a unique choice.
  • Contrasting flowers

While your bouquet’s dominant color is yellow, introducing complementary or contrasting colors can enhance its visual impact. Consider pairing yellow with:

  • White: A classic combination that conveys simplicity and elegance. White roses, lilies, or baby’s breath work beautifully.


  • Purple: A contrasting color that creates a bold and vibrant bouquet. Try adding purple irises or violets.
  • Green: Foliage and greenery like eucalyptus or ferns give a natural, fresh look.



  1. Bouquet styles

Bouquet style significantly impacts the overall look and feel of your floral arrangement. Select a style that complements your dress, venue, and puts into the center your lemon yellow wedding theme.

  • Round: Classic and elegant, this style suits traditional weddings and a range of dress styles.
  • Cascade: A waterfall-like spill of blooms and greenery that gives a dramatic, lavish look.
  • Posy: Small and compact, perfect for minimalist brides or those opting for lighter, simpler dresses.
  • Hand-tied: A casual arrangement tied together with a ribbon, offering a “just-picked” feel.
  1. Seasonal considerations

Remember, the availability of flowers often depends on the season. For example, daffodils are abundant in spring, while sunflowers are more common in late summer and autumn. Speak with your florist about what’s in season during your wedding month to ensure you get fresh, vibrant blooms.

  1. Personal touches

Add a personal touch to your bouquet to make it even more special. You could include a family heirloom, a charm, or a locket with a picture. The stems could be wrapped in a piece of fabric from your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress.

  1. Preserving the bouquet

After the wedding, many brides opt to preserve their bouquets as keepsakes. Consider professional preservation services or research DIY methods, such as pressing or drying.

  1. Working with a professional florist

A professional florist can provide valuable guidance on flower choices, arrangement styles, and bouquet care. Share your vision, preferences and the golden yellow wedding theme ideas you have with them to co-create a bouquet that truly reflects your personality and style.

  1. Budget considerations

The cost of a bridal bouquet can vary greatly, depending on flower types, sizes, and design complexity. Ensure to discuss your budget with your florist upfront and explore ways to achieve your desired look within it.

  1. Bouquet care

To keep your bouquet fresh, store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Hydrate the stems if possible, and handle it gently to prevent bruising the flowers.

Your yellow gold wedding theme bridal bouquet is an emblem of your love and joy, manifesting in a personalized, beautiful floral arrangement. As you select your flowers, consider their meanings, styles, your wedding’s season, along with your personal style. With careful thought and attention, your bouquet will not only complement your yellow theme but also become a cherished accessory on your unforgettable day.

 3. Yellow motif wedding – outfit suggestions for the couple and close ones

When planning a yellow-themed wedding, the attires of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and best man hold a central role in visually communicating your chosen theme.

  • The Bridal Outfit

The bride is undoubtedly the star of the wedding. In a yellow color wedding theme, she has several ways to incorporate this sunny color into her ensemble.

  • The dress: While the traditional white wedding dress is timeless, brides these days are not shy about experimenting with color. Consider a dress with yellow accents or details, like a sash or embroidery. If you’re daring, consider a full yellow dress for a bold and unique look.
  • Accessories: If a yellow dress feels too much, accessories like shoes, jewelry, or a hairpiece can subtly incorporate your theme.

  • The groom’s outfit

The groom also has numerous ways to express the yellow theme.

  • Suit/tuxedo: A yellow tie, pocket square, or boutonniere can add a dash of color to a traditional suit or tuxedo.
  • Socks: For a fun hidden detail, consider wearing yellow socks.
  • Cufflinks: Yellow cufflinks can be a subtle yet effective way to include your color scheme.
  • Waistcoat: A yellow waistcoat can make a bold statement, especially if paired with a navy or grey suit.

  • Bridesmaids’ outfits


Bridesmaids’ outfits are an excellent opportunity to make a strong yellow theme statement.

  • Dresses: Yellow bridesmaids’ dresses can create a bright, happy ambiance. Remember to consider various shades to suit different skin tones.
  • Accessories: If a yellow dress feels overwhelming, you may select neutral dresses paired with yellow accessories such as shoes, jewelry, even hair pins.
  • Bouquets: Yellow bouquets for the bridesmaids can bring the theme together.

  • The best man’s outfit

As the groom’s right-hand man, the best man’s outfit should be coordinated with the groom’s attire while reflecting the yellow theme.

  • Suit/tuxedo: Similar to the groom, the best man can incorporate yellow through a tie, pocket square, or boutonniere.
  • Socks/cufflinks: Yellow socks or cufflinks can add a fun and playful touch.
  • Waistcoat: If the groom is sporting a yellow waistcoat, the best man could mirror this or opt for a subtler yellow detail to keep the focus on the groom.


Remember that yellow is a color that comes in various shades. From pastel yellow to mustard to golden hues, it’s crucial to choose a shade that complements everyone’s skin tones. Consider your wedding season as well, as some shades of yellow may suit certain seasons better.

You may balance this shade with neutrals like white, grey, or navy. Pastel hues, like pale blue or blush pink, can also complement yellow beautifully.

While adhering to your theme is important, so is the comfort and personal style of the wedding party. Ensure the outfits are not just theme-appropriate but also comfortable and flattering to individual body types.

Moreover, consulting with a professional stylist or wedding planner can be helpful in coordinating outfits for your yellow-themed wedding. They can provide expert advice on suitable styles, colors, and accessories.

Finally, remember the goal is a harmonious visual effect. The yellow theme should be visible throughout the wedding party’s outfits, tying everyone together in a cohesive look.


Planning a yellow-themed wedding is an exciting endeavor that allows you to showcase your creativity and personal style. By considering all the aspects mentioned above, you can harmonize your vibrant theme with complementary colors, you can create a stunning visual impact that will make your special day all the more memorable. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s about celebrating your love and starting a new chapter in your shared journey, so ensure your chosen theme represents you and brings joy.


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Purple wedding theme – a short guide for the perfect themed romantic event

19 July 2023


Purple is a shade that signifies passion, luxury, creativity, and nobility, which has emerged as an increasingly popular choice for wedding themes. Its versatility, running from soft lavender shades to deep royal tones, ensures an aesthetic design that can be both whimsical and elegant. Even if the planning process appears to be complicated, in this article you may find the perfect solutions that will embark you and your partner to a journey of love.

 1. Purple wedding theme – the main points you should consider when planning


When planning a wedding, there are many aspects to be taken into account.

Firstly, your wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of your celebration. For a purple-themed wedding, consider incorporating shades of purple in your invitations. Lavender shades or rich plum borders can set the tone in an elegant way for these purple theme wedding invitations. Nevertheless, purple isn’t a one-size-fits-all color. From the soft, romantic shades of lilac to the bold and regal hues of violet, each variant offers a different vibe.

Choosing the right shade is important in setting the tone for your wedding. A lavender-themed wedding may be more suited for a garden or springtime setting, while a deep eggplant-like purple might hint at a formal or even an autumnal event. Foil-stamped or embossed gold details can complete the purple hues perfectly, adding a touch of luxury and contrast. Alternatively, you could opt for purple calligraphy on a white or cream base for a chic and romantic look.

While purple is set to be your dominant color, it doesn’t have to be the only chosen one. You can pair it with complementary colors to make your whole event visually appealing. Purple pairs well with grey determining a sophisticated look, green for a nature-inspired palette, or even gold or silver for a touch of glamour and style.

When planning a purple-themed wedding, you should consider your preferred purple shade, invitation style, complementary colors, and even other aspects. Although, with careful attention to detail, your event will give your guests an enticing glimpse into your beautiful purple-themed wedding right when they see the invitation’s envelope.

1.1. Purple wedding decor – the best ways in which you can include purple shades


When planning the perfect design for your big day, you should start by looking for the right flowers. Purple blooms are plentiful, providing a wide variety of options for your wedding florals. Lavender roses, lilac hydrangeas, and deep purple irises are all beautiful choices and perfect for weddings. Don’t forget about accenting greenery: eucalyptus or dusty miller can create a breathtaking contrast. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets can feature these florals, as can centerpieces, archways, and decorative accents throughout the venue.


Purple can be incorporated into your wedding venue decor in numerous ways. Consider draping the ceremony arch in flowing purple fabric, lining the aisle with violet petals, or hanging purple lanterns from trees in case of an outdoor ceremony. Table linens, chair sashes, or napkins in purple shades can bring your reception to life. Additionally, purple uplighting can lend a soft, romantic glow to any venue.

1.2. Purple theme for wedding – a short list with organizational points

The bridal party can bring the purple wedding colors to life. Bridesmaids could wear dresses in shades of lilac or amethyst, creating a visual contrast to the bride’s traditional white or ivory dress. Grooms and groomsmen can show the purple motif of the wedding wearing purple ties, boutonnieres, or pocket napkins. The bride herself can also introduce hints of purple through accessories, such as a lavender or violet-stone jewelry.


The cake presents another opportunity to feature your purple wedding theme colors. A white cake can be adorned with cascades of purple sugar flowers, or perhaps a hint of purple icing. For a more modern twist, consider a purple ombre cake, where shades gradually change from darker at the base to lighter at the top. Alternatively, you could opt for a naked cake adorned with fresh, edible flowers that respect your light purple wedding colors.


Moreover, your wedding photos can be made memorable with the incorporation of the purple theme. Plan some of your couple and group shots around the purple flowers or decor that you have opted for. If you’re having a spring wedding, a field of blooming lavender would be a stunning background. Alternatively, a dramatic night shot with a purple sky or city lights can add a unique touch to your light purple theme for the wedding album.

Wedding favors can be another delightful way to incorporate your purple theme. Jars of homemade blackberry jam or lavender-infused honey, little pouches of purple candies, or even succulents in purple-tinted pots can be wonderful gifts that extend your wedding purple colors. Remember to include a personalized thank-you note with each favor, perhaps written in elegant purple ink.


A purple-themed wedding provides the proper opportunity to inject creativity, passion, and luxury into your big day. From invitations to attire, florals to venue decor, and food to photography, there are countless ways to incorporate this versatile shade of color.

 2. Purple wedding colors – suggestions for the perfect location


When organizing the perfect day, some points may seem too difficult to think about. In this case, specialists in this field are ready to give you the helping hand you need. WedDo Agency is the team that listens to you and your partner, offering you the perfect solutions to any thought you may have. Starting from the invitation and different services and to decoration, this agency can make any of your wishes come true. What is more, WedDo Agency gives you the opportunity to celebrate your love in unique locations.

Greece, renowned for its dazzling sunsets, azure seas, and clear beaches, is an idyllic location for a purple colour wedding theme. Combine this with the rich, luxurious, and romantic shades of purple, and you have the recipe for a Greece wedding and an unforgettable celebration.

The first step in organizing your wedding is selecting your Greek location. For example, Santorini is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and white buildings, while Corfu offers stunning beaches. Crete, the largest Greek island, is the home of beautiful coastlines and cultural sites, while quieter islands like Limnos and Skopelos provide more intimate settings.


A beach wedding calls for a venue that showcases Greece’s natural beauty. A venue along the Aegean Sea, for example, provides stunning blue waters that beautifully contrast the soft purple wedding theme. Consider venues that offer comfort and facilities for guests. It is highly recommended that you check the weather conditions for your big day, in order to be prepared.

Your invitations should reflect your Greek beach wedding and your purple theme. Consider designs that incorporate elements like watercolor seascapes, purple seashells, or lavender sprigs. A map of the Greek island you’ve chosen or illustrations of iconic local architecture can also set the tone in a wedding invitation with a purple theme, also including an original design idea.


Beach weddings have a naturally beautiful backdrop, so your decor can be minimalistic, yet impactful. Consider a white draped archway completed with purple orchids, a lilac aisle runner, or amethyst glass vases filled with white sand and candles for table centerpieces. Hanging purple lanterns can add a romantic, soft lighting as the sun sets.

Choose florals in various shades of purple, including lavender, lilac, and violet. Hydrangeas, roses, or orchids are perfect choices that thrive in Greek weather. These florals can also be incorporated into bouquets, boutonnieres, table centerpieces, and hairpieces.


Greek culinary traditions with a touch of purple. Appetizers might include traditional Greek meze served on purple platters. Main dishes could feature local Greek seafood, while desserts could incorporate purple hues, such as lavender honey drizzled baklava or fresh blackberry sorbet. Purple signature cocktails, like a lavender-infused gin and tonic, can be a refreshing addition.

When talking about the wedding cake, you should consider a white type completed with edible purple flowers or a purple ombre design. If you want a more traditional Greek beach wedding, consider a tiered Baklava cake dusted with crushed, candied violets.

Gift your guests a piece of Greece with a purple twist in order to form a lifetime memory of your event. Locally made lavender honey, olive oil in violet bottles, or handcrafted purple soaps make for beautiful, authentic favors.

Planning a purple-themed beach wedding in the most beloved Greek islands involves thoughtful selection of location, understanding of local customs, and creatively incorporating your color theme. With careful planning, your Greek beach wedding will not only be a purple paradise but an unforgettable celebration of love.

 3. Purple motif wedding – menu recommendations to satisfy your guests

A wedding is an extraordinary event, filled with love, joy, and celebration. It’s also an opportunity to delight the senses, particularly through food and drink. A color-themed wedding adds an extra layer of complexity but also creativity to the occasion.

  1. Appetizers


Start your wedding with an array of beautiful, bite-sized appetizers, where purple ingredients occupy the center stage. Purple potato topped with cream and chives make for a savory and visually striking dish. Beetroot hummus on rye crackers is also a perfect example of a vibrant purple splash. For a hint of luxury, consider blueberry and brie or prosciutto-wrapped figs.


  1. Starter Course


For a sit-down meal, an elegant starter might include a beetroot and goat cheese salad, with the rich purple of the beet contrasting the creamy white cheese. Alternatively, consider a purple cauliflower soup, served with a swirl of cream and a sprinkling of chives. For seafood lovers, a tuna tartare with purple radish could be a great option.


  1. Main Course


The main course offers the perfect occasion for a subtle presence of purple shades, depending on your preferences. A hearty option might be braised beef in red wine reduction, served with purple roasted potatoes and asparagus. For poultry lovers, a duck breast with blackberry sauce is an elegant and flavorful option. If you prefer fish, consider a seared salmon with a blueberry balsamic glaze.


  1. Vegetarian and Vegan Options


It is important to provide equally delicious options for vegetarian and vegan guests. A stuffed bell pepper with quinoa, black beans, and purple corn can be a great dish. A purple carrot and chickpea mix offers warming, aromatic flavors with a beautiful purple hue.


  1. Desserts




Purple desserts are an opportunity to set your creativity free. Consider lavender-infused macarons, purple velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, or blackberry and apple tartlets. A mixed berry pavlova or parfait, with layers of blueberries and blackberries, can be a lighter option. Don’t forget about the traditional wedding cake: an elegant white cake could feature cascades of edible purple flowers, or perhaps a surprise purple sponge interior.


  1. Cocktails



A purple-themed wedding requires some innovative cocktails. A lavender gin and tonic can be refreshing and elegant. For a more decadent option, consider a blackberry bourbon smash or a blueberry Moscow mule. Non-alcoholic options could include a lavender lemonade or a blueberry and mint infused water.


  1. Wines


Select wines that complement your food choices and subtly include your theme. Consider serving a rich, purple-toned red wine, like a Malbec or a Shiraz. If you prefer the white wine, a deep golden-hued Chardonnay can pair well with many dishes and will complement your color palette.

In conclusion, a purple wedding theme offers many options to excite your guests and contribute to a memorable party. From starters to desserts, and wines to cocktails, there are countless ideas to infuse your wedding menu with this vibrant, romantic color. Remember, the key to the perfect wedding is balance – between design, flavors, textures, and, in this case, colors.


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Boho wedding theme – Freedom, creativity and uniqueness!

19 July 2023


Boho weddings are more and more appreciated and loved, thanks to the special vibe they have. If you want to organize such a wedding, you should know that there are a multitude of ideas and options that you can consider. The chosen location, the decor, the dress code and all the other elements can have an impressive and spectacular effect if they are chosen well. So, if you want to choose this theme, keep reading this article to see what tips, secrets and tricks you can apply when it comes to planning a boho wedding!

1. Bohemian wedding theme – Venues, decor and design

Boho style can be defined as a stylistic trend that combines trends and elements specific to the 60s-70s with modern and contemporary elements. However, bohemian style gives you the freedom to use a lot of unique decorations and themes, not being an extremely restrictive style. The most important thing is that the boho style is about the freedom to express your ideas, your beliefs, your passions and your own style. Boho weddings can have a hippie-inspired, artsy, festival-like air, but also a spiritual or magical air, oriented towards nature, universe and art. This style allows you to create things on your own, to put your own stamp on the whole event, through DIY projects, vintage objects, prints, art pieces, textures and other interesting objects and decorations.


There are several ideas that are worth considering if you want to plan a boho wedding. The bohemian style combines earthly and divine elements and numerous other aesthetic details that can bring extra elegance, mysticism and magic. So, get inspired by the following ideas and see which elements you would like to have at your wedding:


As for the venue you want to choose, there are several criteria you need to consider. First of all, you need to think about the budget you have available. Thus, you will be able to make a first selection, depending on this aspect. Second, you need to consider the design of the space. If you want a boho wedding, you can opt for a space that gives you this feeling right from the start. For example, there are couples who want to organize the party in the forest or in the mountains, in the countryside or even on the beach. Beach weddings are very loved and appreciated because they are very romantic and special, thanks to the natural setting and gorgeous scenery. A beach party can be a great option, especially if you want a bohemian and special atmosphere. In such a setting, you can even set up a specific decoration, to be created based on a marine theme – sand, sea, sun, shells are just some of the natural elements that will take part in your event, helping you to create a really special and unique decor. You can choose a more exotic or remote destination for your boho chic wedding. For example, a Mexico wedding or a wedding in Spain are very popular options among those who want to organize a wedding on the beach. In these unique places, not only the landscapes are gorgeous, but also the culture and atmosphere that are specific to them. So, if you are tempted by such an idea, do not hesitate to work with a wedding planner experienced in beach weddings, who will know exactly what advice to give you to guide you in the right direction. Your guests will surely be impressed and will enjoy, together with you, all the beautiful things that you can only find on the beach, near the sea.


Regarding the colors used for the design of the space, there are several options that you can consider. You can choose earth tones (beige, brown, etc.) and a neutral color palette, if you want a more classic and rustic setting. But, if you want to approach everything with more originality and creativity, you can add vivid and intense colors, which give a hippie air.


Flowers are an important thing in any kind of wedding decoration – but for a bohemian wedding, they are even more important, because natural elements are specific to the boho style itself. So, depending on the season and according to your preferences, you can decorate the entire space with flower bouquets, garlands made of natural flowers, but also with other similar decorations. For example, if you organize your wedding in the spring, you can choose flowers specific to this season and, certainly, the whole space will have a special and inviting fragrance. If you organize your wedding in autumn, for example, you can combine the flowers with fruits or arrangements specific to this season (made of leaves, branches, etc.). You have absolute freedom to decide which flowers you prefer and what kind of design you want to create with them. If you want something elegant and extravagant, you can ask for help from a florist designer, who will give you some creative ideas and help you put them into practice and get the result you want. In addition, you can create crowns made of flowers, which you can give to the ladies who will take part in the wedding – it will certainly be an appreciated accessory, which will turn into an unforgettable memory that can be taken home after the end of the event.


Geodes have a natural touch that will create a truly magical feeling. Whether you use them as decorations or give small crystals or rough stones to your guests at the end of the event, it will surely be an original detail that will impress everyone.


For a more bohemian feeling, you can choose different light sources, which will give a magical touch to that space, especially after the evening comes. Thus, you can be inspired by different designs and boho chic decorations or you can create the visual concept yourself. You can opt for light bulbs, lanterns, candlelights and other types of installations. For example, some brides and grooms want to create the feeling of a magical space, of a fairy tale, in a certain area of the venue or even on its entire surface. You can also include lighting decorations that have the main theme of the moon, stars, galaxies, constellations and other elements that can add an extra touch of mysticism to the whole design.


The bar is an important place that can become the main character of the venue, if you know how to set it up. As a rule, it is made in a classic way, without having anything special or original. But, in the case of a boho design you have the freedom to use a multitude of decorations and elements that can completely change the vibe that the bar has. For example, you can have wine barrels or beer barrels, which give the whole space a rustic air. You can also make a selection of special and original glasses that match the theme you have chosen. You can also create an even more special and original design for the bar. For example, you can make a bar made exclusively of wood, or you can arrange the bar in a retro mini-truck. This one-of-a-kind visual creation is sure to make a major impact and will remain an important item in the memory of all your guests.


You can also add dreamcatchers or drapes for added symbolism and elegance. It is said that dreamcatchers have sacred charms that can protect you from negative energies. They can be placed in any kind of space, both outdoors and indoors. By the way, mandalas are also an excellent choice, if you are fond of this geometric pattern. Mandalas symbolize the cosmos and the connection that is created between all elements in the universe.



















2. Boho chic wedding theme – Creative ideas for your special day

If you are looking for creative ideas for your boho chic theme wedding, not only the decor is important. There are other things you can do if you want to create a truly bohemian atmosphere, combining, at the same time, modern and vintage elements. It is simple to do so if you manage to let your imagination flow – it will guide throughout the process and it will be a wonderful experience. Here are some creative ideas you can try on this special day:


For a boho chic decor, cushions and hammocks can be a part of the decor. You can create a relaxing space that includes these elements – so your guests will be able to relax whenever they want to, enjoying, at the same time, this special space that will bring extra comfort. Also, you can use linen rugs, arches, macrame items, wildflower arrangements, old-fashioned tableware and dishes and a lot of other lovely objects. 


Also, the smell is a detail you can play with, if you want to create a really special and interesting atmosphere. You can opt for various scented candles, diffusers, perfumes, scented sticks, palo santo and many other unique options. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one main scent, which can define the entire event from an olfactory point of view, or you can choose several scents, which you can integrate into the decor, in different areas of it. For example, maybe you want to divide the space according to this aspect – so you can set up an area that has a floral smell, an area that has a fruity smell, one that has a tobacco or musk smell, and another area where you can light up palo santo, sage or incense. Also, if you want to create a harmonious design from both a visual and an olfactory point of view, you can decorate these areas according to a certain theme. For example, in the floral area you can use floral arrangements, which can be placed throughout the space (placed on tables, suspended, placed on the walls, etc.), and in the fruity area you can even organize a fruit bar, where the guests can come any time, to taste the most delicious fruits.


You can organize some fun activities for everyone even if you choose a boho theme. Your guests will have the opportunity to participate in these games and it will be a lot of fun involved! If you are planning your bohemian wedding on the beach, everyone will have a great time playing and wandering around in the sand, participating in the most original games. You can organize a treasure hunt, a race, a quiz, a dance challenge, a drinking game and many other activities, perfect for everyone, no matter the age! If you want to be a surprise for everyone, you can also send an invitation to these games, during the wedding – you can use a digital app, or you can send an official message on everyone’s phones. So let the games begin! 














In conclusion, boho weddings are an excellent choice, especially if you like to adopt a free and creative style, full of imagination and originality. If this stylistic direction is right for you, don’t hesitate to implement the bravest ideas you have – your wedding planner will be with you and support you throughout this process. Your bohemian wedding will surely remain not only in your memory, but also in the memory of all your guests, as a unique and special event, created exactly as you wanted. Trust in your vision and you will surely succeed in materializing all the things you imagined. The wedding is an important event, and the party must be exactly as you wish. The boho style promotes the freedom to be you and the ability to express yourself freely, without thinking about what others say about you – so express yourself freely and organize the most beautiful wedding party! Everyone will feel wonderful and fall in love with the bohemian setting that you and your team have created. Be boho chic and show those around you how special this style is!


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Intimate wedding – How to choose the perfect venue for your event?

19 July 2023


Do you want an intimate wedding that has a special and original vibe? There are several things that you have to take into account if you want to organize such a party. Intimate weddings are increasingly in demand as couples no longer want to listen to the demands of those around them and what others before them have done. A small wedding is also perfect for those who don’t have a very big budget at their disposal. Therefore, there are various reasons why this type of wedding may be the perfect choice for you. But, for that, you need to find the ideal location, but also creative ideas that you can put into practice for better and more efficient planning. Keep reading this article to learn some useful TIPS & TRICKS!

 1. Intimate wedding – TIPS & TRICKS

The wedding is an important event for any couple, so choosing the venue is a very important step along the way. But, even if you want to have a perfect event, you have to take into account the fact that the importance of this day is not measured in the number of guests or in the dimensions of the space you choose. So, don’t be afraid to opt for a small wedding – it will be cozy, beautiful, lovely and truly original.


First of all, when it comes to choosing your guests, it can be difficult to decide who you want to invite to your wedding. If you want a small wedding, you should invite only the closest people. Make a selection and choose the most important people among your relatives, friends and acquaintances. You have two options: you can choose the space according to the number of people, or you can adjust the number of people according to the space where you want to organize your wedding. It all depends on your priorities – balance these aspects and choose the option that suits you.


Also, another advantage of an intimate wedding is that you won’t need many invitations. That’s why you can opt, for example, for a simpler option – you can make the invitations yourself (especially if the number of guests is small enough) or you can create an online invitation, or you can call all the guests by yourself. Thus, it can be an advantageous thing for your budget, considering that you will no longer invest that amount of money in making classic invitations.


With fewer guests at your wedding, you will be able to organize a multitude of interesting activities. Being with a smaller group, you will be able to set up games or interactive moments. For example, you can do quizzes, dance challenges, karaoke, drawing challenges or you can even choose board games or other fun activities. Also, if your wedding will be outdoors, you can even make some entertainment areas available to your guests, for activities such as badminton, ping pong, archery, drinking games or maybe even a video game station. In addition, you can even organize a treasure hunt for all your guests to participate in. Whether you choose familiar games or activities, or invent new things and put your wildest ideas into practice, your guests are sure to have a blast and a great time. Thus, your wedding will be not only fun, but also innovative – everyone who will attend the party will definitely enjoy taking part in such activities.


If you will have few guests, you can opt for a special setting, and not for the classic one. For example, instead of standard tables (round or rectangular), you can opt for an L or U design – thus, the interaction between the guests will be much easier, and the connection between them much more efficient and simple.


The cake is also an important element – as a rule, it must be large enough to fit all the guests. But in the case of a small wedding, it can be smaller and therefore even more special. You can also opt for an original design or a combination of different creams and layers. Most of the time, in the case of large cakes, there are restrictions regarding the composition of the cake, because the bigger it is the heavier it becomes, and the ingredients in the composition must last throughout the event (even if the cake will be refrigerated). But when it comes to smaller cakes, there is more flexibility in this regard and you will certainly have more options available that are worth considering.


Therefore, there are many things you can do in an intimate wedding. All you have to do is set your priorities and see which elements are more important to you. You can always consult with your wedding planner, to see if you want to use the money saved to invest in certain products or services, or if you want to rely on a budget as limited as possible, so that the final investment is as small as it can be.


















2. How to choose small and intimate wedding venues?

There are many reasons why it is worth choosing an intimate venue – you can find many special places, especially when the number of guests is not very large. For example, you can opt for nonconformist spaces. You can choose a small outdoor or indoor restaurant or you can experience something even more extravagant, which will surely turn into an unforgettable memory. For example, a beach wedding is an excellent choice for a small wedding – this type of setting is not only intimate and secluded, but also romantic and special. You can also opt for a special location that suits your taste, maybe in a wonderful country – a wedding in Greece or a wedding in Romania could be the perfect choice for you. The good thing is that with few guests, you will have less difficulty in terms of accommodation or transport – so things will be much simpler and can be done much more easily.

If you want to choose an intimate venue, there are several things worth considering. First of all, in order to make sure that you plan everything down to the smallest detail, it is recommended to work with an experienced wedding planner. He will support you throughout the entire process, providing you with useful tips and secrets, as well as resources that you can use in organizing the event. However, to give you an idea of what to consider, here are the things you shouldn’t ignore when you start looking for the ideal venue for you:



The chosen location is very important, not only from the point of view of how it looks, but also from the point of view of distance. Whether you’re choosing a destination closer to home, or you’re aiming for a more special destination (if you’re planning a beach wedding, for example), it’s important to consider the distances. Depending on the chosen place, you can opt for various methods of transport – take into account both your comfort and that of your guests, as well as the costs involved in each variant.


Transport and accommodation

Transport and accommodation are essential factors. Regarding transport, you can research several options: renting cars, minibuses or coaches, or buying plane tickets or train tickets. There are also situations where the bride and groom choose not to pay for the transport of the guests – in this case, you must inform all guests from the beginning, making them aware of these conditions. Also, depending on the number of guests and the chosen place, you will be able to research several accommodation options. Whether you opt for a guesthouse or a villa, or you go for a hotel, you have to think about both the budget you have available and the comfort of your guests. You have to consider the distance from the venue, the services offered (additional meals, check-in and check-out hours etc.), and all the other details that you consider important and that can make a difference. If you choose to work with an experienced wedding planner, he will know what to recommend, depending on the location you choose. If that venue is part of the options offered by the organizing team, you will certainly have accommodation options available to consider for your event.



The prices of the services and products that you will select for your wedding are very important, because they must fit within the budget that you have proposed. When you want to choose the perfect venue, you will definitely take this essential aspect into account. But even if you have set indicative limits for your budget, you must always pay attention to everything that the location has to offer. Thus, even if you have several options at your disposal, you must weigh all the advantages and disadvantages in order to evaluate everything correctly. The advantage of an intimate wedding venue is that the budget required will be smaller, especially in terms of accommodation, transport, food and all other aspects that are influenced by the number of people. Thus, if you choose to have a more economical wedding from this point of view, you will be able to use the remaining money to add new things to the program of the event (perhaps a band of performers, a group of singers, experiences for guests etc.), or even to invest in such things as decor, arrangements, decorations, flowers, lighting, etc.


The setting

In order to choose an ideal location for your wedding, you must also consider the visual element. You certainly want to have the party in a special and original setting, which is not only intimate, but also quiet, romantic and beautiful. Thus, when you start looking for the right venue, you must also take this into account. The most important thing is to feel good in the chosen setting and feel that it is the perfect setting for such a special event. Don’t be afraid to look for special and extravagant places – with the help of your team you will surely find the best solution for you. All you have to do is write down on a piece of paper all the wishes you have and what is the setting you imagine. Then, you will analyze the available options to see which option is closest to your vision. After choosing the venue, you will be able to create an original and unique design that will fully embellish the location, giving it a personal and special vibe. You can also do a little research online to see if you want to opt for an already existing and decorated venue, or if you want to create your own location, in a special destination.













In conclusion, if you are looking for perfect ideas for your intimate wedding, do not be afraid to do a thorough research, to discover what your preferences, tastes and desires are and, if necessary, ask for an expert’s advice and consult with your wedding planner. You will certainly have only advantages if you choose to organize a small intimate wedding. Those who are close to you will be happy, and among the guests you will find only the people who are really important to you. If you are searching for venues, you will also have many options, as small and medium-sized spaces are easier to manage than large ones. Therefore, you will surely find a unique place that suits your taste and that can become the perfect setting for the most special day of your life as a couple. If you put into practice all the original and creative ideas you have and if you let your imagination work, you will surely not regret choosing to opt for such an intimate wedding venue. Your loved ones will enjoy it with you and the wedding will be a success, regardless of the number of guests or the size of the venue.


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Unique wedding ideas, from invitations to decorations + unusual themes to break the status quo and have a truly special ceremony

23 June 2023


When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, modern couples are always looking for something more than just a custom ceremony and venue. They seek to create an extraordinary experience that reflects their unique personality and style. From unusual wedding themes such as yacht adventures to underwater ceremonies, explore some of the most original wedding concepts, giving you the inspiration to create your own unique love story in an exceptional way. So, get ready to be inspired and let your imagination run wild – thus, your wedding day will be a truly authentic experience!

1. Unique ideas for wedding – aspects that must be taken into consideration

Although classic weddings have their charm and are still popular among young couples, most of them prefer to break traditional barriers and have a wedding according to their own preferences. That’s why original themes are in great demand today. If you too want to have an experience that will have a positive impact on your guests, explore some unique ideas that will inspire you in organizing the wedding of your dreams.

1.1. Unique wedding memorial ideas

Weddings are a joyous celebration of love and unity, but they can also serve as an opportunity to remember those who have passed away. Incorporating a memorial element into your wedding can be a beautiful and meaningful way to pay tribute to loved ones who are no longer with us. Here are some unique wedding ideas to incorporate a memorial element into your wedding:


  • Remembrance table: Create a dedicated remembrance table adorned with photographs, candles, and personalized mementos. Display cherished items that reflect the personalities and passions of those being honored. Consider adding a guestbook or note cards for attendees to share their fondest memories and messages of love. 


  • Memorial photo display: Designate a wall or corner at your wedding venue to display a collection of photographs capturing moments with your departed loved ones. Arrange the photos creatively, perhaps in the shape of a heart, tree, or other symbolic form. Then, you can encourage guests to take a moment to reflect and appreciate the memories shared. This is a unique wedding photo idea that deserves consideration.


  • Sky lanterns: Light up the evening sky with small hot air balloons, which guests can personalize with a message of their choice. During a designated moment, release the lanterns into the air, watching as they float away and symbolically carry the memories of your loved ones. 


  • Candle lighting ceremony: During the reception, include a special moment for a memorial candle lighting. Set up a table with individual candles and invite close family members or friends to come forward, light a candle, and share a few words or a special memory. This act of remembrance can bring a touching and intimate element to your wedding. 


  • Personalized charms: Create personalized memorial charms to attach to your bouquet or boutonnieres. These charms can feature the initials, names, or photographs of the departed loved ones. This subtle yet significant addition ensures that they are always close to your heart on your wedding day. 


These unique wedding ideas offer meaningful ways to incorporate the memory of your loved ones into your special day. By honoring their lives, you create a heartfelt celebration that showcases the enduring power of love and remembrance.




1.2. Unique ideas for wedding invitations

The wedding invitation serves as a first impression of your special day, setting the tone and giving guests a preview of what to expect. So why not make this experience even more memorable by incorporating some original ideas? Have a look at some outside the box and unique ideas for wedding invitations that will captivate the recipients in a very special way:


Puzzle fun

Turn your wedding invitations into an intriguing game for your guests. Print the invitation text and design on separate puzzle pieces and send them in elegant boxes. This unconventional approach will spark curiosity and encourage interaction, making guests feel special right from the start. 


Scroll invitations

Create a medieval atmosphere with rolled parchment invitations. Artfully wrapped in delicate cord or elegant ribbon, scroll invitations will evoke the charm of old stories and add a touch of mystery to your special event. 


Invitations with personalized audio recordings

Add a touch of excitement and surprise by recording a personalized message and embed an audio chip in the invitation. Thus, when opening the invitation, guests will be greeted with a familiar voice that will invite them to the celebration. 


Flower seeds 

Give your guests the opportunity to plant a flower seed and watch your love blossom. Pack the flower seeds in a stylish envelope with the invitation and include simple care instructions. This way, your guests will have an interactive experience to remember for a lifetime. 


Vinyl Invitations

Why choose ordinary patterns, when you can turn your wedding invitations into a personalized vinyl record? Print the invitation text and design on a miniature vinyl sheet, accompanied by themed packaging. This is the perfect idea for a retro themed wedding.


Unique wedding invitations are a wonderful way to impress your guests and convey that your event is a special one, created from wonderful ideas. Finish the invitations with a touch of your personality as a couple and get ready to start your wedding story in a remarkable way.

1.3. Unique wedding bouquet ideas

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important accessories of a wedding. It’s an expression of the bride’s style and personality. So, take a unique and original approach to choosing your unique wedding bouquet with these distinctive ideas:


Dried flowers: A boho chic bouquet of dried flowers and leaves, combined with protea, eucalyptus, autumn lilies will add a rustic and natural feel. It’s the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding. 


Crystals and pearls: Turn your bouquet into a gem with a sparkling accent. Integrate small crystals or pearls in the middle of the flowers or on thin threads around the bouquet. 


Waterfall style: Let yourself be carried away by the grandeur of a cascade-style bouquet. Opt for flowers with long stems, such as orchids, carnations or roses, and let them flow elegantly across the bouquet. This dramatic approach will add a touch of sophistication. 


Intense and vibrant tones: Stand out with a bouquet of flowers in intense and vibrant tones. Dahlias, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums or anemones, in colors such as bright red, orange or electric purple, are perfect choices. The bouquet will create a strong visual impact and bring a touch of positive energy around you. 


Exotic flowers: Create a tropical experience with a bouquet of exotic flowers. Choose flowers such as orchids, passionflower, bromeliads or protea for an exotic allure. 


Fruit: Add an original touch by integrating fresh or dried fruit! Blueberries, raspberries, grapes or pomegranate beads can be combined with delicate flowers, for a joyful and delicious result. 


Unconventional arrangement: Break traditional patterns and create an unconventional bouquet by arranging flowers in a different shape or structure. You can opt for a fan-shaped bouquet, a spiral or even a geometric one.


Your bridal bouquet is an expression of your style and personality, so it’s worth considering unique and original ideas that stand out. So, do not hesitate to be brave in choosing colors and unexpected combinations, and create one that reflects your essence and would be a delight to everyone’s eyes.





1.4. Unique wedding decoration ideas

If you want to stand out and take a unique approach to your wedding decor, here are some innovative ideas that will turn the event into a very special experience:


  • Ceremony under a canopy of hanging flowers: For an unforgettable ceremony, create an impressive canopy of hanging flowers in the place where you will say your vows. Choose delicate and colorful flowers, such as orchids, freesias or hydrangeas, and hang them with transparent threads or thin ribbons. 


  • Centerpieces with succulent plants and recycled glass bottles: If you are looking for a more sustainable approach, replace traditional flower arrangements on tables with original and eco-friendly centerpieces. Succulents are a great choice because they don’t require much care and will bring a green and fresh touch to the decor. Place them in recycled glass bottles and add colored sand or pebbles for an interesting visual effect. 


  • Decorative fringed or tasseled chairs: Add a touch of fun and style by opting for unconventional decorative elements. For example, you can replace regular tablecloths with vibrant or neutral colors that have long fringes or tassels attached and add an element of playfulness to the decor. 


  • Palm leaves and floating candles: This is an excellent idea for an exotic beach wedding. To add a more special vibe to the event, you can place the palm leaves on the surface of the water in clear containers and add the candles on top. 


  • Special photo booth: Organize a special and interactive photo session with the help of mirrors to create unique wedding photos. Place large mirrors in a specially designed setting and invite guests to play with the reflections and optical effects. This setup adds a playful and creative element to your wedding design and offers your guests an exciting way to socialize and have fun.





1.5. Unique wedding outfits

If you’re looking for unique wedding outfits ideas, here are a few suggestions that can help you stand out on your special day:


  • Non-traditional colors: Consider opting for a wedding outfit in a color other than the traditional white or ivory. You can choose a gown in a pastel shade like blush pink, mint green, or lavender, or go bold with a vibrant color like red, emerald green, or royal blue.
  • Two-Piece ensembles: Instead of a traditional wedding dress, you can try a two-piece outfit combination. Pair a crop top or a lacy blouse with a skirt, tailored pants, or even culottes for a modern and stylish look.
  • Jumpsuits or rompers: For a chic and contemporary look, consider wearing a jumpsuit or a romper. These one-piece outfits can be both elegant and comfortable, perfect for a non-traditional bride who wants to move freely and dance the night away.
  • Mix-and-Match: Experiment with mixing different fabrics, patterns, and textures to create a unique ensemble. Combine a lace top with a tulle skirt, or pair a sequined jacket with a satin gown. Mixing elements can add visual interest and make your outfit truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Bohemian-inspired attire: If you prefer a more relaxed and boho vibe, opt for a flowy, ethereal dress with lace details, floral prints, or crochet accents. Consider adding accessories like flower crowns, layered necklaces, or fringe details to complete the bohemian look.
  • Vintage-inspired styles: Look to the past for inspiration and choose a vintage-style wedding outfit. Explore designs from the 1920s, 1950s, or 1970s and find a dress with unique features like intricate beading, retro silhouettes, or dramatic sleeves.
  • Cultural influences: Incorporate elements from your cultural background into your wedding attire. Explore traditional outfits like a colorful saree, a Chinese cheongsam, a Scottish tartan dress, or a Romanian folk costume. Infusing your heritage into your outfit can make it truly special and personal.


Remember, your wedding outfit should reflect your personal style and make you feel confident and beautiful. Don’t be afraid to break away from tradition and embrace something unique that resonates with you.

2. Unusual wedding themes – skydiving, on a yacht or underwater?

Planning a wedding with an unusual theme can add a touch of adventure and originality to your special event. If you are looking for unique ideas for wedding themes, here are some suggestions that can inspire you:


On a yacht


Imagine getting married on an elegant yacht, sailing on the blue waters of an ocean or lake, under the clear summer sky – wouldn’t this scenario be dreamy? With marine settings and a picturesque view, your yacht wedding will be truly memorable and will give your guests a sense of adventure to remember for a lifetime. 



In the air

For adventurous couples, an aerial wedding theme can be a great choice. You can hold a unique wedding ceremony in an airplane or opt for tandem skydiving with your guests. This special idea will create unforgettable memories and provide spectacular photos. 



If you are passionate about the sea and love scuba diving, an underwater wedding may be the most suitable theme for you. This way, you can have an underwater diving ceremony or even a beach ceremony followed by diving in the crystal clear waters along with other adventurous guests. This experience will provide a unique setting, with stunning underwater visuals caught on camera. 


In the garden

Turn your wedding into a Mediterranean paradise by choosing a botanical garden as your location. Some of the most beautiful gardens are in Crete, Greece. With stunning views, colorful flowers and fields of olive trees, a Greece wedding is always a great idea – the natural setting will create a magical and vibrant atmosphere, bringing nature to the center of your event. Other impressive destinations for a garden wedding are Cote D’Azur, Spain and exotic places, such as Thailand and Bora Bora. These destinations are known for their breathtaking landscapes and impressive flora, being popular choices for couples who are looking to break the norm and elope in amazing places around the world. 




Under the stars

For couples who are passionate about astronomy and the mystery of the universe, a celestial wedding is the ideal choice for you. Organize the ceremony and reception in an astronomical observatory or in a place with a perfect panorama of the starry sky, such as Iceland or Zanzibar – these destinations are famous for their impressive night sky, with colorful lights and a clear view of the stars. 


Bran Castle

A wedding in Romania at the beach or at the famous Bran Castle can provide a one of a kind experience for you and your guests. It offers the opportunity to indulge in a fairytale-like ambiance, transporting everyone into a different era and making them feel like characters in a romantic novel. The castle’s unique atmosphere and the majestic mountains surrounding it will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on everyone present. It is definitely one of the best and unique wedding ideas for guests and of course for lovers who are looking for something special for the big day.


Ultimately, what makes a truly unique wedding is not just the details or the decoration ideas, but the energy and love you share with your loved ones. So, let your imagination bloom and create a wedding that will last forever. May your wedding be an extraordinary experience and bring you the happiness and fulfillment you deserve!


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