When planning your dream wedding, one of the most exciting parts is choosing the destination. Most couples decide to go local with their special night, mostly because it’s logistically easier and maybe cheaper. But, even though a local wedding can also be beautiful, a location on the beach will definitely be something special, both for the couple and for the guests. Moreover, you can hit the jackpot by having your honeymoon in the same area!

1. Choosing the perfect beach wedding destination

Whether you’re dreaming of exotic places, such as Bora-Bora and Cuba, or the historical sites of the Mediteranean, it’s important to take some aspects into consideration, such as your budget or the transportation of the guests. A trip abroad can be logistically challenging, but your mission can become easier if you choose the destination beach wedding packages offered by WedDo – an agency where all dreams can become reality, without any obstacles!

1.1. Picking the best beach wedding location

You can’t have your perfect destination beach wedding without choosing the right location. But how can you pick the right place to say “I do”, when the world’s map is filled with so many great places to choose from? No matter the destination you’re choosing, it’s important for you, as a couple, not to do the planning alone. Keep in mind that a professional wedding planner can make this process very easy – by having so much experience in the field, a reputable agency will often negotiate with venues for the best pricing that can be included in your budget. 

1.2. Selecting the accomodation for guests

When calculating your budget, don’t forget to also include your guests’ expenses. Usually, the unwritten rules of such weddings indicate that guests must be provided with housing for at least two nights. If the budget is limited, guests can be notified in advance that they have to pay for their own transport, but not without giving them affordable options beforehand.

2. Beautiful beach wedding destinations

Have you been dreaming of eloping for a very intimate wedding, somewhere exotic and unique? Check these 5 wedding destination ideas that will give you all the inspiration you need for choosing one of the best places to have a beach wedding on. 

2.1. Beach weddings on a budget – Mexico

If you dream of planning a wedding somewhere exotic and cheap, Mexico might be the answer! This Central American country is one of the best beach wedding locations on a budget, and the reasons are countless. From the delightful weather all year round and the sandy beaches, to the amazing and fun activities and cuisine, this location is perfect for those who want to make this experience memorable. Just think about how the pictures would look like captured in the warm sunset! If you want to entertain your guests, places like Los Cabos or Cancun offer a wide variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, snorkeling or flyboarding, perfect for the adventurous types.

2.2. Best places for a beach wedding – Dubai

Dubai is the city of diversity and opulence and it has proven to be a great wedding destination. Thanks to recently adopted laws, tourists of any religion can perform ceremonies inside the city. Thus, this transformed the tourism in the area into a true industry of non-conformist weddings. For example, many adventurous couples are choosing Dubai as their wedding destination because they can have an underwater ceremony – a legit and legal act, approved by both local and international authorities.

2.3. Bora-Bora – One of the top destinations

Bora-Bora is an island paradise, famous for its crystal clear lagoons, the amazing fauna and its traditional Polynesian architecture. There’s no wonder that this place has the most beautiful beaches to get married on! The Leeward islands became an epitome for luxury, thanks to the premium services and unique surroundings, formed from wide lagoons, coral reefs and volcanic mountains.

2.4. Best beach wedding locations – Cuba

Cuba is well known for having some of the most beautiful places to have a beach wedding on. The beaches of Cayo Santa Maria and Varadero are perfect for ceremonies, because they’re not as crowded as other exotic destinations around the world. Furthermore, the weather is stunning all year round. This can be an advantage for the couples that have a limited budget for their wedding abroad. For example, August and September are the cheapest months for weddings, while the heat is still bearable – around 30°C. 

2.5. Where to have a beach wedding – Spain

Spain is one of the top beach wedding destinations in the world, and there are two main reasons for that – the unique Mediteranean scenery and the cheap venues. For a romantic experience, you can consider the beaches of Ibiza or Mallorca, but if you are into water sports and would like to jump on the surfing board after the ceremony, Zurriola Beach in San Sebastian might be the answer for you!

From the superbe lagoons of Bora-Bora, to the beautiful beaches of Spain, the world is filled with wonderful beaches that can make your special day truly unique. Therefore, your final choice depends on your budget and personal taste, and whether you’d like to have a big wedding or to elope and let the whole world witness your wedding day through the lengths of social media. No matter your choice, make sure that you’re having the best time of your lives!


Photo sources: Shutterstock.com