The bachelorette party has become an essential step before getting married. Organized most often by the best friend (or best friends) of the future bride, this gathering of best friends is a real ritual, which can take many forms. Marriage remains an important decision, both for women and for men, and it represents a radical change, the promise of a new life. Preparations for the wedding gradually lead the bride and groom to become aware of all the changes that this union entails. It will then be the moment to celebrate this new beginning. Bachelor party or bachelorette party – this is the party to organize that will mark the prelude that should lead to the best day of your life. Traditionally, the future bride does not take care of the organization of this party herself. The latter should, ideally, remain an unsuspected surprise. However, since the bachelorette party has become an essential step in the celebration of marriage over time, the surprise effect remains less obvious to maintain until the end. It is often up to the bridesmaids of the bride, the wedding witnesses or even the best friend (or best friends) to take care of this bachelorette party. Obviously, this organization and this preparation will always be done by following the preferences and desires of the star of this moment: the future wife. Depending on these preferences and desires, but also depending on the budget, the bachelorette party can stretch over a weekend, just as it can focus on an evening. Bringing together the friends of the bride to experience a last moment as a single woman, the key word of this particular event guides the organizers in the choice of activities, and there is no shortage of these.

1. What Is a Bachelorette Party – must haves

The bachelorette party is an important celebration since it is a question of celebrating the last moments of single life (administratively, of course!) before the big wedding day. The bachelorette party is organized by your wedding witnesses or by your wedding planner and therefore takes place a few days before your wedding ceremony. This is an opportunity to fully enjoy a day, an evening, or a weekend, surrounded by your closest friends. The origin of the bachelorette party dates back to the 1970s. At that time, the tradition wanted the future bride to gather several memories in a box and bury it. It represented the end of her single life. Two years later, or after the birth of a first child, the young bride unearthed her treasure to reminisce about its contents with her friends. For all these years, things have changed a lot and even if the ritual of the box is still practiced from time to time, more festive activities have taken over. From now on, this celebration can last a whole weekend (even longer for the most valiant). On this occasion, you can opt for a short trip, book a moment of relaxation in a spa or prefer to discover strong sensations to make your guests vibrate. The possibilities are many and the most original ideas are welcome as long as the cheerfulness is at the rendezvous!

2. Who to Invite to a Bachelorette Party

It is the future bride who establishes the guest list for her bachelorette party. Know that your bachelorette party team can be mixed. It’s up to you to invite your best friend or that cousin you’ve always had a good time with. Here are 3 rules to follow:

  • invite only girls that will be present at your wedding – a basic rule but not always considered: it’s not okay to tell friends “come to my bachelorette party” if they won’t be invited to your wedding. It’s a bit like showing a piece of ham to a dog and eating it in front of its nose: they will be disappointed (and risk biting you). So even if you want to shout your happiness to the whole world, it’s not worth taunting ordinary mortals either;
  • you are not obliged to invite the friends of your friends to your bachelorette party – just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to deal with each other’s halves. And for your bachelorette party it’s the same, your friends invites her friends, you invite your girlfriends, and if you don’t know well or you don’t appreciate the friend of one of them more than that, don’t force you to invite her, it’s your day, you do what you want. People often find themselves in the situation where they feel “forced to”, but they must not. Be selfish, she’s been invited to the wedding, that’s not bad;
  • the number of people you can invite to your bachelorette party – if at your wedding you will be forced to deal with strangers or even people you don’t like, no way to worry about these stories for your bachelorette party. At worst, if ever you do not want to invite certain people, get in league with your witnesses so that they take the side of saying that they made the list of guests themselves and that you were not at the running. If you are only 2, it will be just as good as if you are 20. The important thing on the day of the bachelorette party is to have fun!

Finally, contrary to popular belief, the bachelorette party can be shared with that of the future groom. So instead of organizing a bachelorette party on one side, and a bachelor party on the other, the party can be collective.

3. Who Organizes the Bachelorette Party

Traditionally, it is the witnesses of your wedding who are designated as the official organizers of this star day. They can then plan a totally surprise celebration, or follow your precious indications. And even if you want to be amazed, give them some clues, because you will certainly regret your bachelorette party if it is missed. There is also the idea of a wedding planner. These regulars can take charge of your bachelorette party and offer you a whole catalog of decoration and activities, each more unusual than the next. Finally, you can choose to organize your celebration yourself. In this case, you will be sure to have the moment of your dreams. Organize yourself well so you don’t feel stressed, in addition to the preparations for the wedding, which is fast approaching! Whatever happens, you can count on the help of your witnesses or bridesmaids and groomsmen. Remember they are there to support you!

4. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is not organized to please the witnesses, but rather so that it is the bride-to-be who has fun. Nor is a bachelorette party (or bachelor party) an anarchic hazing that the bride will regret having entrusted to you. Finally, a bachelorette party is not a simple evening in a club where everyone goes about their business, or even worse, an outing where you allow yourself to bring your new boyfriend!

4.1. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party – A PhotoShooting

4.1. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party - A PhotoShooting

As for a bachelorette party, this idea constitutes more than a simple stage but a real rite of passage. In a few weeks, you will be married and your celibate life will only be a memory, of which you want to keep a memorable imprint. Because couldn’t the bachelorette party just be called bachelorette party. Why not call on a professional photographer or even a videographer to immortalize this unique moment. You will need to find an original frame unless you prefer to keep snapshots of your daily life. Let yourself be guided by these recognized shooting professionals. Photo shoot in the studio, or go bar hopping or go dancing while taking your professional photographer with you? The choice is yours, but in any case, these shots will have their place in the preamble of the wedding album, which will focus your attention in a few weeks.

4.2. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party – A Workshop to Learn and Live a New Experience

4.2. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party - A Workshop to Learn and Live a New Experience

For a weekend, there is no shortage of activity ideas to experience a unique moment. And among the original ideas, workshops are in a good place to spend some time in a good atmosphere while learning or deepening one of your favorite activities. A make-up workshop, to prepare for the party that your best friend has prepared for you or even for the wedding itself. A cooking or pastry workshop, to make this moment of sharing the promise of being able to take advantage of this workshop once the wedding is pronounced. An oenology workshop or for sexier ideas, why not a striptease workshop. All ideas are possible, so let yourself be, because after all your friend in charge of organizing this bachelor party know you better than you might think.

4.3. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party – A Change of Scenery for a Weekend

4.3. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party - A Change of Scenery for a Weekend

The bride and groom are preparing for a drastic change in a few weeks. Why not anticipate this change by changing scenery for a weekend, taking only your best friends with you? Forget the groom for a day or two. There is no shortage of activity ideas, and depending on everyone’s preferences, you can then choose the ideal destination. No need to cross the planet to ensure a complete change of scenery. A trip to Budapest or even the Camargue, and you are already transported to a new universe. All you have to do is take full advantage of it. Find out more and simply let yourself be guided by your own desires. After all, it is you who are single and preparing to get married.

4.4. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party – Thrills Before the Big Thrill

4.4. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party - Thrills Before the Big Thrill

You are about to live the most beautiful day of your life, and will therefore experience the great thrill of marriage. Isn’t this the perfect time to let loose on those thrilling previous weekends. Most often experienced in the open air, these intense sensations will be to share with your friends, and there will be something for everyone. Isn’t bungee jumping or a parachute jump the best way to let go and feel that adrenaline rush. As with bachelorette parties, you may prefer freefall jumps or even a first flight. And to say goodbye to your single life, why not choose other outdoor sports, such as zip-lining, canyoning or rafting. Laughter and thrills guaranteed.

4.5. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party – A Treasure Hunt

4.5. Ideas for a Successful and Original Bachelorette Party - A Treasure Hunt

It is not a question of organizing a classic or traditional treasure hunt, but of leading the future bride to rediscover the places she has frequented. The organizers will be able to decide on familiar destinations (the old high school, the neighborhood bar, the convenience stores) while deciding on disguises or not. Good humor will be the big winner of this treasure hunt, the first prize of which is to share moments with friends. If you are in charge of these organization ideas, then it will take you time but also rack your brains to take the bride-to-be through all the places that are dear to her.

All in all, this ultimate single woman’s evening will leave you with an unforgettable memory. A memory, for which all your friends gathered on this occasion will show you their affection and their wishes of happiness for this new stage of your life, which is coming.

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