If you are ready to organize your wedding, you must decide when to make it. The season you will choose is very important, because it influences many aspects, such as the outside temperature, the natural setting, the availability of locations, and other essential factors. Even though some couples prefer spring or summer because it’s warmer outside and there’s less chance of precipitation or cold temperatures, don’t be afraid to consider the possibility of a fall wedding. Autumn is a gorgeous season that offers you not only sensational colors but also a special vibe. So, discover more details about the reasons why it is worth organizing such an event.



1. What are the advantages of an autumn wedding?


There are several advantages that you can enjoy if you choose to organize a wedding in the fall. If you consider them, you will surely be convinced that autumn is a wonderful season for a memorable party. Here are the most important things when it comes to organizing an autumn wedding:


The nature

Even if you will decorate the location with the help of those you will choose to collaborate with, the natural setting has its own unique magic. Nature is the perfect setting for a special moment, because it enhances the atmosphere. Autumn is special and it has an unique chromatic variety – shades of yellow, orange, copper or red truly stand out and can transform any location into a real fairyland.


The temperatures

Even though many people fear rain or cold temperatures, it is actually much more comfortable to have a pleasant climate that is neither too cold nor too hot. Summer weddings, for example, can be uncomfortable, as summer days can be hot and humid. In autumn, however, you can enjoy the specific scent of autumn nature and, if it rains, you will certainly have some wonderful memories. You can choose to organize an outdoor party if you are bold and brave enough, but it is recommended to have a back-up plan in case of rain. If you want to be fully prepared for anything, you can choose indoor locations that will provide you with shelter regardless of the weather. In September, October and November, the weather is extremely changeable and even if the forecast looks good, you can have surprises along the way. Therefore, it is better to be prepared ahead of time and take into account all these details, whether you choose an indoor or an outdoor autumn wedding.


Party theme

If you want to organize an autumn wedding, you can also choose an autumn theme. Thus, you will be able to use many elements like pumpkins, apples, grapes, leaves, delicious fruits and a lot of other details that can make a difference. You can be inspired by nature or you can come up with your own ideas – to organize a special autumn wedding from all points of view. An autumn wedding theme will impress everyone.  If you’ve decided that fall is the perfect season for your wedding, don’t be afraid to bring its spirit into all aspects of your wedding and celebrate the beauty of nature. Try to celebrate the wonders of autumn by bringing them closer to you and your guests. Your wedding party can become a wonderful fall story.


The budget

The budget is really important for any wedding. Even if you have a low budget or a high one, you need to make a list of all the things you want for your wedding. With the help of the wedding planner, you will, of course, manage to put all the details in order. However, the advantage of an autumn wedding is that the prices are lower, considering that everyone generally prefers to organize the party in spring or autumn.

2. Autumn wedding ideas – Locations


The location is the most important element when it comes to organizing a wedding. To find the perfect location, you need to pay attention to the details and take into account as many aspects as possible. Autumn is a beautiful season, and it can offer you extraordinary landscapes, if you select the right place. Here are some location ideas you can consider:

  • At the Bran Castle

Bran Castle is a very popular place due to its history and wonderful scenery. Tourists from all over the world (from Europe, from USA, etc.) come to visit this special castle in Romania, wanting to see the place where the well-known legends about Count Dracula were born. You can have a unique wedding at Bran Castle, in the heart of Transylvania. If you are passionate about the legends of Count Dracula or if you want to organize your wedding in a noble place, full of history, then this castle is perfect. You can choose a medieval theme, a royal theme, or even a Dracula’s wedding theme – whatever you choose, the atmosphere will surely be special and unique at your Bran wedding! The castle looks amazing during the day and also during the night, because the natural setting surrounding it is truly unique (with trees, rocks, leaves, etc.). The fortress has been known since 1377, so it has a wonderful architecture and historical vibe. 

  • In the mountains

In autumn, the mountains are spectacular and unique, thanks to the multitude of colors nature offers us. The smell of autumn leaves is very special, and the landscape is truly one of a kind. If you love mountains and if you dream of organizing your wedding in such a place, don’t hesitate! Your dream can come true with a little help from a wedding planner. Whether you want to opt for a cozy, isolated, rustic and welcoming cabin in the woods, where you can find blankets and fireplaces, or whether you want to choose a luxurious wedding venue placed in the heart of the mountains, you will surely find all these options together with your wedding planner. The landscapes will take your breath away, and your guests will remember these unique and unrepeatable moments for a lifetime.

3. Autumn color wedding – Decorations & Design


Decorations and design are essential elements for any wedding, regardless of the season in which it takes place. If you like autumn and you want it to become part of your wedding, you can choose unique decorations that will stand out. Here are some great ideas you can try for a fall-autumn themed wedding:

Table decorations

If you want to decorate the tables in an autumn spirit, you can use specific flowers, but also fruits or other aesthetic details. For example, you can use grapes, autumn leaves, tree branches, natural tree bark or any other elements that you can find in a fall-like natural setting. You can decorate each table in a different style – perhaps one table will be decorated with seasonal fruits, another will be decorated with autumn vegetables, and another one will be full of colorful leaves, arranged in a creative way. Be free and creative –  think that you have complete freedom to do whatever you want. You can also choose wooden tables, which give the feeling of a natural setting, or you can choose classic tables, which you can decorate with autumn details.


Colors are very important when creating a decoration, because the color schemes that you use must be harmonious and special. Autumn gives you many colors to play with – yellow, copper, red, garnet, orange, etc. These can also be used for creating the decorations, but also for tablecloths, napkins, and other details. Fall colors can bring freshness, richness and abundance to any space – so don’t hesitate to use them at your wedding!

The invitations

Wedding invitations can be made in accordance with the autumn theme. You can collaborate with specialists who will help you create an original autumn design. If you don’t have any ideas, you can find your inspiration in designs made by other creators – research several options and, by combining them, you will find the perfect option for you.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your autumn wedding favors. These will be taken home by your guests and will remain a pleasant memory for all of them. So, you have to think of some beautiful objects, easy to make and simple to keep. You can choose to create small and special objects that will surely stand out or you can choose objects with a meaning. You will surely find incredible ideas if you are looking for inspiration everywhere you can (in art, design, etc.). 

Walking down the leaves 

If you want to do something really special and unique, the aisle can be full of autumn leaves. The result will be gorgeous, you will be walking on a natural colorful carpet, and all the photos taken will be great and wonderful. The richness of colors, the sound of autumn leaves under your feet and the wonderful design and the moment itself will be special, and walking down the aisle will definitely become a long lasting and lovely memory that you will keep close to your heart forever.

Candy bar 

The candy bar is a place that everyone loves. Here you can find the most delicious desserts, which everyone is waiting to try. If you choose to organize an autumn themed party, it is a must to have a matching candy bar. You can choose to have seasonal fruit tarts, autumn colored cookies, caramelized apples, pumpkin or apple pie and other tasty desserts. All guests will appreciate it and they will really enjoy your unusual candy bar!

All these things can be easily obtained if you choose to collaborate with a professional wedding planner. If you want a special wedding, it can be a real challenge to organize it on your own. But, with the right support, you will be able to use all the ideas you have. A wedding planner will advise you throughout the process, providing you with different types of wedding services. He will ensure that all your requirements are met and he will take care of the actual planning and everything else (food, set-up, accommodation, documents, transport and other elements that need to be managed, especially if you choose a special location). The expert will also provide you with personalized services to suit all of your needs and wishes. For example, if you want to organize a cultural wedding, with customs and traditions that are important to both of you, this can be achieved regardless of the location where you choose to organize your wedding party. Even if your wishes may seem impossible to achieve in the first place, communicate with your wedding planner and you will see that everything is possible if you have the necessary resources at hand.

In conclusion, if you are looking for great ideas for an autumn wedding, research as many options as possible to see what your preferences are. Take your inspo from everywhere and talk to your wedding planner and analyze various options, from several points of view. Thus, you will be able to create a plan and you will be able to start all the necessary actions. Choose a special location that gives you the atmosphere you want, and after selecting the ideal place, you will be able to start imagining more and more things that you can create in that particular space (ideas of decoration, theme, etc.) . An autumn wedding party is a daring choice that has a truly special charm. Your love story can be celebrated in such a unique setting, in connection with nature and the wonders it offers you. The wedding is an extraordinary event, which must be exactly as you imagine it. You don’t have to make any compromises – everything has to work out perfectly! You will surely manage to organize a gorgeous wedding, which will bring you unforgettable moments to share with your loved ones, on a wonderful autumn day!


Photo source: pixabay.com