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Silver wedding anniversary: how can soulmates organize such an unforgettable event? Tips that every long-term couple must follow!

In a marriage, every anniversary must be celebrated by the partners, even more if they have united their destinies 25 years ago or maybe even more. The silver wedding anniversary is a distinctive event in the life of a pair, because they celebrate the success of being together in good times and in bad times, as they promised on the most important day of their lives, with family and friends.

This article contains all the information that a long-term couple needs to know in order to be able to organize an exceptional event, from the traditions that must be respected, ideal locations for the occasion, suitable themes for this happy day, to aspects related to the silver wedding renewal of vows. In addition, some fabulous gift ideas for both her and for him will be presented, so that the event, which has silver as its symbol, exceeds the expectations of „the bride and groom”.

1. What you need to know about organizing a silver wedding anniversar

Currently, a large part of people in a stable and long-term relationship ask themselves the following questions: „what is the 25th wedding anniversary?”, „why is this event important?” and „how many years is a silver wedding anniversary?”. But, you don’t have to worry. In this article, you will receive maybe all the answers you are searching for about this topic of interest in modern society. 

First of all, it is essential to mention that, just as in the case of gold and platinum wedding anniversaries, the silver one involves a procedure to renew the vows in a specific religious ceremony with a great significance for the two who swore eternal love. But, because of the responsibilities of everyday life, some people don’t want to celebrate main moments like this one, because they are unwilling to bother with the preparations. What is certain is that if the people in question benefit from consulting and coordination from a team made up of dedicated people, who know exactly what they have to do, it will be one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have. Therefore, you must not miss this opportunity!

Why is an event planning agency important?

Currently, there are many companies that will make your life easier, so that you can enjoy the results. One of them is WedDo, an agency that can turn your dreams into reality, so that you can have a high-level experience abroad, as you always wanted, but for various reasons you did not succeed. That being said, the team will help you with:

  • Organizing a detailed religious or spiritual ceremony;
  • Bring the presence of a representative to bless;
  • Offering a symbolic certificate of vows renewal;
  • Planning an unique party with guests;
  • Customize the event to the smallest detail, to please the couple.

But surely, there are some things you don’t know about what is silver wedding anniversary, more precisely about the actions related to its preparation. Therefore, you will collaborate with an agency with professional people, you will benefit from a superior event, that can be held on the beach or in any other environment that the couple love and in which they feel wonderful. Beside that, after the wedding ceremony, if you and your long-time love want, you can all stay on vacation to explore the surroundings, to eat traditional food and, of course, to relax in one of the most attractive places on Earth. 

2. How to create a memorable silver wedding anniversary: traditions, locations and themes for your event

Concrete, the silver wedding anniversary is a key event where the pair can celebrate their love after many years spent together. Now it’s your chance to do something different, like you saw in the romantic movies, by using the services of a professional agency, such as WedDo Agency! You won’t need to stress about wedding arrangements, just wait for the big day to come. The agency will take care of the planning of the entire event, but will also offer you the support you need from the first day of the collaboration until the guests leave.

If you are thinking of taking this idea seriously, then you have to think about the following things:


According to the traditions, the couple who have been married for 25 years must commemorate their solid relationship built in all these years. In other words, the silver wedding vows are a unique occasion in the lives of married people, because they can renew them in front of their loved ones. You will convince yourself that nothing can compare with the joy of being with the dearest people in such a special moment as this.

Also, tradition says that the gifts received must be made of silver or at least silver-colored. If you don’t have any silver wedding anniversary ideas of gifts, you are lucky, because we have some for you in the rows below.


If you had a classic wedding, most likely, this time you want to make things a little more interesting. Let yourself be carried away and choose an exotic destination for this event, such as Thailand, Bora-Bora, Mexico and Cuba, so that you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your significant other, but also with your guests. As well, there are some options closer on the map, like Greece and Spain. You only have to choose the place and the agency team will take care of the rest, including the unexpected situations that may arise. 


Every couple deserves to live the unique experience of a wedding anniversary on a beach with white sand and turquoise water. That’s why you must have some silver anniversary ideas of places to choose from.


One thing is certain: the theme of a silver wedding anniversary renewal vows, which is practically also the symbol of the event. However, it is not mandatory to select gifts necessarily made of silver. For example, you can also choose gifts that come in a silver color, so that there are more options and are easier to select.

However, if „the bride and groom” wish, the agency could organize a ceremony with a special theme, such as the culture of the location where the wedding is held or the tradition of the culture where the couple are from. As long as there is effective communication, the agency team members will do everything in their power to organize an extraordinary event.

3. Renewal of vows for 25th wedding anniversary: steps that every couple must follow

Nowadays, there are many reasons why a couple wants to organize an event of this type, in which the renewal of vows takes place. Because there are many aspects that you need to know about this occasion, the information you need to know will be explained and detailed in the following rows.

Here are some examples of situations that bring people to this point:

  • They had a traditional wedding and now they want something different or of larger proportions;
  • They went through difficult moments in their lives and now they want to reconnect;
  • They want to keep the flame of their love burning and celebrate every special moment in their lives.

Whatever the reason, this event has an important role in the couple’s life and will certainly contribute to a healthy relationship. In addition, the wife and husband will provide an example that true love does not exist only in fairytales and that even after 25 years of marriage, the necessary elements to live happily ever after are still there.


However, life is short and any important occasion must be celebrated properly and it has never been easier to do so! All you have to do is to contact an agency with persons who love to create extra special events and bring smiles to people’s faces, such as WedDo Agency, and follow a few important steps.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to create a wedding vow renewal ceremony:

Step 1: Set the date for the event;

Step 2: Look for your dream location;

Step 3: Hire a good photographer or filmmaker;

Step 4: Choose an outfit that will benefit you;

Step 5: Write your vows with sincerity and love.

Of course, you probably still have many questions about what is renewing vows. To find out the answers you are looking for, you have to click and read the article created specially for those who are about to take this step in their lives or for individuals who want to make a pleasant surprise, for example, to their parents. In this way, you will find out everything you need to know about what is the renewal of vows, so that you can convince yourself how major this circumstance is and why it’s better to leave it in the hands of people with vast experience in event planning.

 4. 25th anniversary gift ideas for her and him: the best options for this occasion

Another detail that should not be underlooked is the one related to the content of the gifts. As already mentioned in the rows above, silver wedding anniversaries are symbolized by silver, a precious metal used in manufacturing various objects. 


Because of that, some silver anniversary gifts ideas for her and him should ideally be made of silver, but there is no written rule that mentions this. Since the decision to purchase the perfect gift is, for some, a difficult mission, below you will be presented some ideas of gifts suitable for this occasion.

25 years wedding anniversary ideas of gifts for „the bride and groom”

In the years spent together, certainly, the partners know the person whom they have chosen to spend their whole life with extremely well. So, including what he or she would like to receive on a special occasion or simply as a gesture of love. However, there are some silver jubilee celebrations ideas of gifts which are worth considering if you want to impress with your gesture.

Therefore, there are a lot of 25th wedding anniversary gifts that a couple could receive either by giving them to each other or by receiving them from the guests, but which are the most suitable for the pair? For „the groom”, an elegant silver watch is the ideal option, because it is an accessory that will never go out of style. When it comes to the gift for „the bride”, it can consist of a precious piece of silver jewelry, more precisely a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings. As for the guests, they don’t necessarily have to bring a gift, unless they want to. However, the couple will most likely enjoy any attention from those who were with them at this moment, regardless of whether it is one of the mentioned objects or, for example, a piece of silver decoration or a valuable silver color product.

One of these silver wedding anniversary celebration ideas of gifts is, without a doubt, the ideal option for your soulmate whom you love with all your heart or for the spouses you wanted to be with on this exceptional day of their lives.

To conclude, a silver wedding anniversary is an important occasion in the life of a couple, because they have the opportunity to demonstrate their love, trust and respect for each other by renewing the vows they made on their wedding day. So, in order to have a spectacular event, as you have always dreamed of, with your children, the most important relatives and close friends, you need to consider the option of collaborating with a team experienced in event planning, as WedDo Agency has.


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Winter wedding bouquet: bring the magic into your perfect day

Do you dream of a winter wedding? Getting married in the colder months can seem like a complete adventure in shaping the details. Although the main piece of any bridal look is wedding dresses, there are other essentials that, thanks to their presence, will culminate in a perfect bridal wardrobe: we are talking about bridal bouquets. Likewise, they will do so thanks to the flowers that make it up, their colors, and the style with which the bouquet is made. 

Read on and find the best bridal bouquets for a marvelous winter wedding. As you may already assume, winter brings unique and spectacular flower arrangements. This time of the year allows us to play with several elements, as we will see below, to create the most original bouquets. 

1. Winter wedding bouquet and your wedding theme


Even if you want a winter-season wedding, that doesn’t automatically mean cold and snow. Many of the winter weddings take place in exotic destinations, perfect for escaping the frosty weather in Romania. Therefore, the flowers for your big day depend primarily on your chosen location. Find below inspiration for the wedding bouquet, depending on where the ceremony takes place. Winter wedding fairytale themes are the best ones to choose from now. 

Winter bouquets for beach weddings


If you dream of a winter beach wedding, you must first decide on the magic location. You can choose a snowy beach in Romania or an exotic one in Thailand or Bora-bora. Regardless of the selected destination, ensure your bridal bouquet matches the decor. Choose diaphanous roses or traditional winter flowers such as poinsettia or amaryllis for a snowy beach. 

Your wedding bouquet can also have unusual elements like succulent plants. It will undoubtedly attract attention and will be an extraordinary bouquet. Among the trends for a winter bouquet, we find other features that will make our bridal flower arrangements original, such as pineapples or cotton flowers.

Winter bouquet for a castle wedding


Just saying the word, and you are already there – a castle winter wedding is magical, and every dream you have about it is coming true. If your theme is a wonderful princess and price kind of day, make sure this will reflect in your wedding bouquet and the flower decor you choose. 

If you and your partner love the remarkable history of Romanian castles, then a Bran wedding will be a fabulous experience. You can use all the traditional elements of the season and the place, like fir branches or pine cones. 

Winter bouquet for Christmas wedding



In the bridal bouquet, just as in the decoration, you can include typical elements of these dates. The poinsettia or poinsettia is a safe bet and very easy to get. For a truly festive look, you can also use pinecones, holly balls, or Christmas tree balls. The bride and groom can include the same elements as the bride’s bouquet and make a Christmas wink in their ties, vests, shirts, and socks.

2. Winter wedding flowers for a seasonal bouquet


Whether you choose flowers that go with the cold season or not, these designs in bridal bouquets for winter weddings have decorative elements of the season to give your wedding a unique touch.

In winter, there are also many possibilities to make the bridal bouquet the perfect accessory that will enhance any of the wedding dresses you want to wear and that, at the same time, will combine with those bridal hairstyles that you are looking at. And don’t worry, the bouquet can be in tune with what they choose for their wedding centerpieces or be unique.

Winter is easy when it comes to combining. They usually use 3 to 5 colors to make a good mix. When in the summer, five colors would not be something elegant or pleasing to the eye. Check out this palette with the primary colors and their combinations. Be bold and use metallic colors and glitter! We assure you that it will be a spectacular mix.

Although you can find any flower throughout the year today, we recommend that you choose seasonal flowers, as they will be fresher. Think not only about the components of your bridal bouquet but also about the flowers you will decorate and where the ceremony and party will take place. Remember the godmother or the witness flowers, depending on the type of ceremony you choose. 

A handy thing to remember is that brides fall in love with their bouquets so much that they no longer want to give them to a bridesmaid at the end of the party. If you keep this tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet, ensure you have prepared a smaller one, especially for this practice. 

3. Winter wedding flower ideas for your bouquet

A bridal bouquet is not composed in the same way in winter, summer, or spring. Winter even has its varieties that will delight you. Choose the beautiful anemones that we suggest are white with a dark blue heart, a splendid plant for your floral wedding arrangements for this winter.

Know that you can easily order a beautiful bouquet of roses; this flower is available in wide varieties throughout the year. This option is ideal for brides looking for a small bouquet for a civil wedding in winter with ease. 


Buttercups are also an exciting option, as are succulents, blue thistle, Craspedia, or mimosa for lovers of yellow and pink wax flowers and all species of wild mountain flowers for a beautiful rustic bouquet. Finally, be aware that despite their somewhat fragile appearance, it is quite possible to consider a bridal bouquet with orchids in the heart of winter.

Experts assure you that it is best to opt for seasonal flowers to get a beautiful bridal bouquet that will last in perfect condition throughout the ceremony. Hydrangeas are not the best choice for the warmer months, but they do well in cooler temperatures.

You can bet on a bouquet of perfect white flowers for a wedding set worthy of the Snow Queen. White is a safe bet and a great classic for winter weddings. Roses, ranunculus, edelweiss, or clematis will allow you to display a magnificent white ball scented as desired. In winter, we like to bet on light and softness, particularly pastel tones, with a slight preference for pink. 

If you want a bouquet with more sustained tones, you can choose your plants from among the different shades of blue or even purple. Your wide range of possibilities also includes original and straightforward bridal bouquets. Usually smaller or elaborate compositions with fewer flowers, but just as impressive as the others. 

Without forgetting the corsages, the flower bracelets that the bridesmaids typically wear. It is an original alternative chosen by some brides who consider the classic bouquets impractical. And although they lack the symbolism associated with the bridal bouquet, they are comfortable and light options that are just as valid.

4. Winter wedding flowers and your decor


Winter, synonymous with transformation, shows another beautiful face of nature due to its colors, settings, and long nights. Just as wedding dresses can complement the most elegant coats and capes, you are surely wondering how to wrap up your winter ceremony and reception. If you’re planning to get married this season, take advantage of that winter-evoking homey romance that wraps around your big day. Attend every celebration detail so your guests are also impressed with that magic. 

Even if you choose the same color or the same type of flower for your wedding bouquet and the decor, or you choose to combine more, think of your magic day as a whole one. You will have to decide if, with the decoration, you want to reinforce that feeling of being in winter or if, on the contrary, they want to mitigate its effects. 

The magic of winter begins in the colors. Opt for cool tones like blues, purples, greens, grays, and black. It is advisable to combine at most three. White, like the one you will surely choose for your princess-cut wedding dress, is also ideal for imprinting light and recalling snow.

As it is a time when cold and night reign, the trend is to use crystal, glass, and acrylic that gives the impression of ice and granite stone for decorative elements, as well as steel and silver wood for furniture. Thick cardboard with a wrinkled or snowy effect will be perfect for invitations. Concerning the fabrics, you can use silk for its elegance and shine, followed by cotton and polyester for table linen and curtains. The leather, fur, and canvas would look good in armchairs and cushions.

Since you are looking to pay tribute to winter and romance, accents in white light that imitate snow, ice, or stars are an excellent option, but without going overboard, so that the environment does not become too cold. Some soft shades of violet will also be perfect for creating the best atmosphere and will create subtle nuances on the elegant updo during the married couple’s first dance. 

White or pastel flowers in cool tones will add a special touch to the celebration, even if they are dried or accompanied by still life. Some species are bells, orchids, pansies, violas, wallflowers, hydrangeas, and Christmas roses, whose natural colors will achieve the desired effect. Take care that the green stems shine because they will give a lot of life. Another option is moss, branches, trunks, dried flowers, and natural fruits such as natural pine cones or with a snowy effect. 


Regardless of the inspiration received in this article, do not forget that your dreams can come true, even if they are not the ones that couples have in general. Choose a professional organizer for your wedding, and allow yourself to see your dreams come true.

Be innovative! You already know that any detail, no matter how small, will help make your wedding unique and special, so take advantage of your original wedding ideas. Yours will be fantastic for everyone!




How to propose on Christmas – A useful guide for a magical moment!

Christmas is a special and a lovely holiday that many people love, due to the fact that, during those days, love is in the air and meeting loved ones becomes the most important thing. Joy is the main emotion present in everyone’s soul, and the lights, the Christmas tree, the carols, the gifts and the snow are truly wonderful and lovely. If you have thought of organizing a marriage proposal on this occasion, you should know that this is a great idea, because the magic is already guaranteed! There are several ideas that you can take into account and you will surely discover the right place, the right time and the right way to create a special and memorable moment!


1. Christmas proposal ideas – What location to choose?

The location is very important when it comes to a special moment like the proposal. You have many options available, and therefore it can be difficult to choose the right one. But in order to really enjoy the spirit of Christmas, you need to choose a location where this atmosphere can be truly felt. So, you can opt for both indoor and outdoor locations, depending on your preferences. Here are some ideas worth considering:

  • Indoor 

If you want to select an indoor location, there are several options that you can consider. Here are some special ideas:

At home

Home is where you feel cozy and comfortable – so it can be the perfect location if you want an intimate and quiet setting. You can give the engagement ring under the Christmas tree, or you can create a special story. For example, you can cook a tasty dinner and wait for your girlfriend with a bottle of wine and delicious food, and, at the end of the dinner, you will give her the engagement ring. If you want something simple and natural, you can do this thing in a quiet and simple way – maybe while watching a movie or reading a book. If you want to plan an event that includes your family or close friends, you can organize a dinner together with them. That way, the most important people in your life will be there and they will enjoy the moment with you.

At the restaurant

If you are looking for an indoor location that is different from the space you have at home, you can choose a special restaurant. Whether you choose to go to your favorite restaurant, or you want to impress your girlfriend and make a reservation at an elegant and refined restaurant, it is important that the chosen location is one of a kind. You can select a unique restaurant with an incredible view or you can choose an intimate restaurant, perfect for an romantic evening for two.

  • Outdoors

Here are some outdoor locations that you can take into account before choosing the right one:

At the ice rink

At Christmas, the ice rink is a perfect place for some fun. If you both know how to skate and if you like this activity, you can organize a proposal on the ice rink. The moment will surely be unforgettable and will turn into a happy memory for both of you.

A walk together

You can go out with your girlfriend for a romantic walk through the park or through the city. Even if you don’t have a free day or the time to get out of town, you’ll find that winter is wonderful everywhere, if you know how to find the perfect spot. If you’re lucky enough to have a snowy Christmas, you will find an ideal spot for a special walk and a special moment.

In the mountains

Winter in the mountains is really special because everything looks like a fairytale. Maybe you want to go skiing, or maybe you want to retreat to an intimate, secluded cabin where you can sit by the fireplace and connect with each other. The mountain is an ideal setting in winter, and the glistening snow on the fir trees and on the mountain ridges creates extraordinary scenery that takes your breath away. Therefore, such a location can be an excellent choice when you want to opt for a unique place, enriched with the magic of winter.

Christmas proposal

At the sea

If you are one of those who love the sea regardless of the season, you can select this location for your marriage proposal. Even though the temperatures are low and the breeze may not be as pleasant as in summer days, the scenery offered by the sea is unique even in winter. But if you want an exotic getaway, you can go to the beach without worrying about the cold! There are a lot of exotic destinations that you can opt for and which can be the ideal choice for this special moment. You can collaborate with an experienced team, which will provide you with all the resources you need to prepare everything in the smallest details. A beach proposal can be customized exactly as you wish – you can choose the setting, you can direct the moment as you imagine, you can choose a theme or you can have the most daring ideas. For example, you can make a big proposal on the beach at sunset, on a yacht, in the air, underwater or wherever you want. With the help of the team of planners, you will be able to set everything up – engagement rings, photo-video services, private beach, etc.

2. Proposing on Christmas day – Why is it the perfect moment to do it?

There are several advantages that are worth considering when it comes to organizing an engagement proposal around Christmas:

The ring can be given as a gift

You can give the engagement ring as a Christmas gift – the surprise can be even bigger in this case, because your girlfriend will definitely expect a regular gift. But, the moment he opens the gift placed under the tree, the joy will be boundless!




Enchanting setting 

The holidays come with a special setting anyway, but you can add a touch of extra magic by choosing to organize the marriage proposal during this period. Whether you want to choose an outdoor spot to enjoy the snow, or choose an indoor location next to the tree or over a glass of mulled wine, you certainly have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the perfect frame. The magic of Christmas is everywhere during those days and therefore it is the ideal time for such an initiative! The festive lights, the carols, the hot chocolate and the fireplaces are just a few of the best things about Christmas.




Harmonious and peaceful atmosphere

Compared to other times of the year, Christmas is characterized by quietness, peace and harmony. Thus, the stress level is much lower and the everyday hustle and bustle disappears in these free and carefree moments. So, the marriage proposal can be made quietly, without haste and without any additional responsibilities.

3. Christmas day proposal ideas – TIPS & TRICKS

If you want your marriage proposal to be like a fairytale, Christmas is the perfect setting! Christmas day is the most popular time to make a romantic proposal – there are many reasons behind this trend. First of all, Christmas is a sentimental holiday, because you have more free time to spend with your loved ones, while you feel the festive spirit and all the love around you. Second of all, you are probably free a few days before and after Christmas, so there will be no hurry to get back to work and you will have all the time in the world to enjoy the post-proposal feeling. However, not only the period is important, but also how you choose to do it! So if you’re looking for the best way to propose on or around Christmas, you have to check out a few interesting ideas:

Christmas morning can be the perfect time for the proposal – for example, you can prepare a breakfast in bed that will include not only some delicious food, but also a little surprise! 

If you want to organize the marriage proposal under the Christmas tree, you can hide the ring in a special tree decoration. You can create the decoration by yourself or you can put the ring into an already-made one. 

If you want to hide the ring in an original place, you can opt for a candy box or a bouquet of flowers. You can replace a candy with the engagement ring or you can buy a bouquet of roses

You can organize a treasure hunt, building clues and challenges that must be solved to discover the treasure. Even if it could be a little difficult to create it, the result will be really special, and your girlfriend will be delighted, especially if she likes to solve tasks.

If you like to follow the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, this may be the perfect time to propose. Your girlfriend will be surprised by the fact that the kiss will not be the only proof of love placed under the mistletoe! She will surely be amazed and delighted – so don’t hesitate to choose this option!

If you want something simple and you’re out of proposal ideas, you can insert the engagement ring into an advent calendar. You can also make a personalized advent calendar – you can do it yourself or you can talk with an artist who can create a unique object. Also, there are customized advent calendars that you can buy. Maybe you want to propose on Christmas Eve, or maybe you want to wait for Christmas Day – whatever you choose, an advent calendar will give you the perfect solution for a double surprise!

You can opt for a unique experience that comes together with the actual proposal. For example, you can choose a winter sport or a Christmas themed experience. Maybe you’ll choose a fun carousel or a dog sled trip. There are a lot of possibilities that you can try – all that matters is to make sure that the moment will be truly special and unique.

If you are not very good at speaking, you can choose other types of ideas that involve writing. For example, you can write Will you marry me? in the snow, or you can place a note in the Christmas tree. You can also prepare a delicious dessert that you can decorate accordingly by writing the marriage proposal on it, or you can create your own Christmas decoration that you can secretly put somewhere in the house.  

Regardless of the method you choose to propose in marriage, you can also add a Christmas card that will be emotional and special. You can write some words or you can write a romantic poem – you have complete freedom to be creative and write something that will impress your girlfriend. Be honest and write something that comes from the heart – you won’t make a mistake!



In conclusion, it is your decision if you choose to propose around Christmas or even on Christmas Day. There are multiple advantages that are worth considering, but also creative ideas that you can implement. Think about whether such a moment would please your partner and, if the answer is yes, organize everything carefully in the smallest details. You will definitely be able to create a unique setting and you will be able to create special and unforgettable memories, which you will remember forever as the moment when your relationship went to another level. Christmas is a wonderful holiday, full of magic, love and peace, and during this time everyone feels happiness and joy  – therefore, there is no better time than this to make an original and unique wedding proposal!


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