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Same sex wedding ceremony, candles - Beach wedding in Andros SEE DETAILS

Andros Wedding

Beach wedding in Andros

Have you met your soul mate in an unexpected way, have you fallen in love, and the next step is to join your destinies forever? What would it be to run away from everyone, to be alone on an intimate beach and to say your vows in the company of the music of the waves and in the glow of the sunset? Yes! Yes! Yes! You may have a fairytale wedding in Andros, hosted by WedDo Agency!

Andros - customized wedding on the beach of the Cyclades Islands!
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Andros Wedding Weddo Agency
Andros Wedding
Weddings in Andros

This destination is generally recognized for its natural beauty, but also for the history of the place. Andros is an island of refinement, an island where you really feel that you are in the Cyclades area and from the moment you get there you will fall in love with this place. 

Andros is a favorite destination of couples who want to get married in a special atmosphere. Many were amazed by the island’s springs, but even more pleasantly surprised by the green slopes with landscapes you expect to see in the Aegean Sea area. Located in the northernmost part of the sea, Andros can boast of cold waters in summer, picturesque houses and wonderful landscapes for the wedding photo album.

Andros Wedding
Beach wedding in Crete Weddo Agency
Andros Wedding
Your beach wedding in Andros, planned with creativity and professionalism

If you want to get away from the unusual and plan a romantic wedding away from everything you know, turn to WedDo Agency, and we can create a wedding event that exceeds your expectations! Our ace is passion, and what complements it is professionalism. We are here to make your wedding ceremonies look like as a fairy tale and, just as importantly, to give you the opportunity to live the joy of the moment without stress and worries, even if you are away from home and what is familiar to you.

Andros - the ideal wedding place for you

Beautiful beaches in Andros

The beaches on this island vary greatly in style: from beautifully landscaped beaches, popular, to wilder areas, “protected” from prying eyes. Whether you are looking for a private location or a spectacular place to bring your wedding guests, the WedDo team can also advise you on this choice, so that it suits the couple you are part of!

Eating on the island

Sure, you want a wedding that has delicious menus, right? Then Andros is exactly what you were looking for. Here you can try specialties such as croquettes with pumpkin flowers, keftede, ripe eggplant, froutalia or makarona. Other foods you can taste, if not at the wedding, at least during your honeymoon, would be lemon flower jam, soft or hard cheeses and capers in a jar.

Things to see on the island of Andros

This destination is perfect for travel lovers and those who like to explore. In Andros there are many signposted trails that lead to valleys, waterfalls, various mountain villages, abandoned chapels or secluded beaches. If after the wedding you want to stay on the island and venture to this place or even take photo sessions with your loved one, you better not miss the Contemporary Museum of Art, the nautical museum, the springs of Dionysus, the Dipotamata Valley or the Panagia Thalassini chapel.

Start your marriage in a dream place, with a professional team!
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