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We invite you to your wedding, as you have always dreamed of! SEE OUR SERVICES

Our story

It all started with the desire to mark love stories with a “different wedding”, a non-conformist event, unforgettable for you, the bride and groom

WedDo Agency is a cool vibe that breaks away from the idea of traditional weddings and challenges you to experience the “new”, the feeling of being with your loved one in a very special place, of joining your destinies in a unique way.

Start of the agency is based on the principle that at your own wedding you can be relaxed and enjoy special moments. That is why the role of WedDo Agency is to take control of the planning of the entire event and to come up with optimal solutions for any unforeseen situations. By using the services of a professional agency, it can offer you moral support, but also real support from the moment of the first meet until the wedding day when the last guest leaves. Thus, there is no need to stress and get frustrated in the end, as happens in classic weddings.

"WedDo Agency turns anything you want, even the impossible ones, into reality!"

Over the years, we have encountered some of the funniest or most challenging situations, and the experience of many weddings abroad has shown us how important adaptability is, so that you have a carefree wedding. WedDo Agency comes with solutions to meet your needs and real benefits for the choices you’ve made. We make your wishes come true for your big day!

If you have often dreamed of joining your destiny with your loved one in an extraordinary place, we, the WedDo Agency team, help you to be like in a dream, and you to be invited to your own wedding! Although marriage abroad may seem difficult, we are with you and take care of absolutely everything. Regardless of the country where the marriage takes place, we consider planning the religious wedding officiated by the priest, the civil union and obtaining the necessary documents for issuing the marriage certificate recognized by the Romanian authorities and establishing the set-up of the after-party. With WedDo Agency you won’t leave the beach unmarried!

About us Weddo Agency

WedDo Agency is an agency that plans not only real outdoor weddings on the beach but also other types of ceremonies, including: turnkey weddings, marriage proposal, engagement, romantic dinner, beach divorce, yacht ceremony, cultural wedding, underwater ceremony, symbolic ceremony in the “air” and same-sex symbolic ceremony. We are an “open-minded” team that fits any preferences you have so that your moment is a fairy tale and you have a completely different wedding.

How are we different?
Beach wedding in Crete
Professionalism and passion

We know that each couple is unique and together with you we are dedicated with professionalism and passion, so that you do not take care of a wedding at a distance, but to be relaxed and leave everything to us. Every beach wedding has an original concept depending on the personality and the specifics of the bride and groom, and together we make that dream come true.

Customized TOP services

The key of planning a dream wedding is adaptation, and WedDo Agency offers customized services, from planning, coordinating and organizing a complete wedding to any other type of ceremony or specific aspects. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by planning real weddings, not just symbolic ones. In addition, the suppliers we work with are to be tested and certified and the consultancy we offer is unlimited.

International recognition

WedDo Agency provides national and international coverage for bureaucratic processes. The experience of international planning of over 500 weddings recommends us to offer you quality services and real benefits. In addition, the agency is in the TOP 100 most valuable companies in Romania in 2019, according to Financial Journal.

Destination Wedding Planner of the Year at Prestige Awards London 2021
Our team

About us, the WedDo Agency team, we like to say that we spread the positive energy. We are happy and busy on the beach, but serious and professional in planning a wedding as you dreamed. For love of exceptional weddings, the WedDo Agency team is constantly developing by participating in specialized trainings and international conferences! It is essential that we are up-to-date so that the offered services are at quality standards!

In addition, for us, mutual trust is a “must,” and the values ​​that define us every day are: respect, freedom, emotion and humanity. These are the milestones of WedDo Agency’s market existence and collaboration with you, the bride and groom!

About Ioana Selner - Founder & CEO WedDo Agency

For the love of the sea and the desire to create a trend of beach weddings, Ioana Selner came to start the concept of #nuntapeplaja, an idea that today means an international business, WedDo Agency!

Ioana has the experience of over 5 years of seaside weddings and over 500 real marriages performed internationally. Thus, her passion and constant work have led entrepreneurs to international wedding events, including as a speaker, and today she is in the “Top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs for Central & Eastern Europe”, according to the Elite Business Award.

As an award-winning and externally recognized business woman, Ioana Selner continues to set national wedding trends and grow internationally. So far, the founder of WedDo Agency has planned weddings in various countries such as: Greece, Dubai, French Riviera, Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, etc.

“Ioana is a person who dreams and believes with the same intensity.”

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